Spirit: Care
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 12, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I remember those days when we would gather as you have gathered and talk of the things that you talk about, consider the issues and truths that are foremost in your minds and pray together as you pray and hear the words of the angels, as you have done. These are sacred times, my friends, times of great blessings for all of you, times when you may forge your bonds together in deeper ways, deeper understanding of one another, deeper commitment to light and truth, in service that you undertake for God. Much can come of these times together. They are important. They are a gift from God.

Open yourselves to one another, truly. Utilize this time in ways that enlighten and bring greater blessings of love to you and to one another. That glowing ember of friendship will grow stronger, brighter, will be warmer and bring you comfort in times to come. God gathers you together because God knows your needs to have and to hold one another, to be together in harmony and friendship, to share, to love, to uphold one another. These things cannot be obtained anywhere else but in a circle such as this, where love reigns supreme and God’s Hand is upon it all.

I am happy to be a part of this. I am happy that I have been a part of such circles. May they grow and prosper in your world, for, this blessing is meant for everyone. It is our fervent hope that you will help to formulate and nurture such Circles of Light in the world. Go with your guidance, speak your truth, and above all, embrace love and accept your brothers and sisters wherever you are.

Blessings to you, my friends. I am Care, and my love is with you. How sweet you are, how beautiful are your souls, how earnest are your desires to live and be in the truth. And so, with each step you take, each time you reach out to your brothers and sisters, so you come closer, so you are brighter in light, clearer in your minds and your souls, and receive more of God’s great Essence to ignite what is yet to come and be fulfilled. My love is with you. May God bless you and keep you in His Light. I love you.