Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 04, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

May the blessings from the Creator be yours His love flowing into your soul so that you may be transformed from these mortal conditions to that place that is immortal and filled with such potential and light and love. I am Orion. Much change is coming to each one of you. As I had mentioned, there are many working with you and in the process of their efforts, there will be opportunities coming your way and the need for adjustments and  changes to your perspectives, your focus and your efforts. For a plan is not realized unless the players within it are willing to take their part within it and to act the role that has been given.

 There are many expectations that are laid upon you, beloved souls. Not things that would be incompatible or out of harmony with you but it still requires your willful acceptance and desire to be a part of this thing. We influence and guide others upon the Earth plane to be in alignment with this work and thus we wish for you also to be in alignment with this work and this plan. When you are aware and are joyfully accepting changes and opportunities that come your way, then this makes it much easier for us in our efforts and ministrations on your Earthly plane.

Oh, if you could see the complications, the maneuverings, the efforts that we make to influence and to help bring about that which is intended by the Great Creator and part of His plan, then you would be astounded as to the intricacies of these movements, the complexities of our engagement with humanity. How we continue to bring about the compliance of those around you and around us so that there is a material realization of these plans. For we may have various ideas and we may be guided in various ways, but in the end these things must have their material expressions and outcomes. If not, then why would we be a part of this effort, guiding you as we do, bringing ourselves here at your disposal? Our desire is that all will flow in harmony and grace, in light and love which is your desire as well. So we are certainly in alignment in this way. The great challenge for us is that guidance does not come directly to each of you. You receive input and information but indeed your mind interprets and reforms these ideas to conform with your biases and mental processes. Thus, there is often an imprecision to your enacting of the guidance that is given. And so we must be patient or try again, or adjust to your actions and efforts. We are wise enough and perceptive enough and observant enough of your Earthly conditions to understand that the outcomes will not be as planned precisely but rather, a semblance of what we planned. Yet this is enough to encourage us forward and to help us all move forward in the outcomes of these plans. 

Yes it is like sculpting a figure, and rather than smoothing and refining this figure, it is somewhat rough, but the image is there and the idea is present, if not rather incomplete. When we work with you on the Earthly plane, at times, the outcomes are what we desire and at times they are not. But we are truly engaged in something that is moving forward, that continues to unfold, that is beautiful in its scope and direction. Yes, it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to work with you all and to work with others upon the Earthly plane. So that in time, light, true light, will come to your world, love will manifest, harmony will be realized. It is a slow and painstaking process. It is imprecise as I say and often we need to redo or recalibrate what effort we have made in order to adjust and come to that place that is desired. Such is the way of your world. But you are growing. Your souls continue to expand in the love of God. You are seeing differently. You are adjusting to those changes that are coming upon you in your life. Your perception has shifted and the soul’s perceptions are more evident in your thought processes. We continue in our efforts to bring great change to the world. We continue in our effort to help you develop and become those magnificent instruments that you can be that are truly a part of the potential that lay within you, and so, progress is being made. 

I merely wish to emphasize and encourage you to be open to adjustments, to changes in thinking and approaches so that you may be more flexible in the process of these developments and changes that are coming, and be true to that which is within you that perceives and knows the truth. Do not follow blindly those things which come as an impression or idea. Rather, test them and in testing, you may find that you may adjust and recalibrate your perceptions of what is coming into your mind. This is how you may be more receptive to our guidance. Because, as I say, often the initial footprint of that which we give is quite imprecise. So adjustments are welcomed and often necessary. Have faith that we are indeed moving forward. We will continue to do so, each day a step, each moment, each breath, a possibility of further light of progress. 

Continue with your prayers. This is so very important, beloved souls. To be in alignment with God is the foundation to all of this. To be true to your soul’s desires is the key to greater perception, knowledge and action. Seeking to be of the highest and an expression of the highest, and to be an instrument for the highest will get us to our goal. We are coming closer and we will continue to step forward. We thank you for your efforts, beautiful friends, children of God. And may you be awakened. A fullness of this awakening will bring greater depth to that which you have been given, taught, and experienced on this path. God bless you, my friends. I am Orion and my love is with you all. God bless you.