Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 5, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you, beloved daughters, your teacher Augustine here. When we compel you upon the Earth plane to seek for the highest, what does that mean in your life? How does it manifest in your life? When you seek God, are you not seeking for the highest? When you seek to be a light, are you not seeking to be the brightest light, to be God’s channels of love in the world, and to follow God’s guidance as you traverse this world?

God will not bring you into conditions that are treacherous and dangerous. If God does so for a particular reason, then you will know and feel the protection around you when you enter into those conditions. Thus, you are doing God’s work when you do so under guidance, with the flow of love always present, with the Hand of God upon you. When you willingly enter into the darkness, when you say within your mindful capacities, “I shall enter therein, for I am not afraid.” I say this is naivete, and it is folly. For we ask our instruments upon the Earth, never enter into a dark condition without the intent to purify. 

Indeed, you have many gifts, beloved daughter (E). You see and feel many things that others do not, and you have a great empathy for those who suffer. The question I ask you, beloved daughter: are you meant to fix those individuals who are suffering, or are you meant to be God’s instrument to help, to assist God in blessing that individual and your angel friends to minister to them? If you are to be God’s instrument, if you are to establish and maintain your rapport with your Celestial guides and workers, then you must be in the highest condition, you must seek for the highest, you must be in the light.  

You are not required to entertain the darkness in order to understand it. This you have seen and felt and experienced for yourself. There is no need for understanding. Though, of course, each soul you encounter has their individual journey, and many suffer in their unique and horrible way. But are you in need of enlightenment regarding their suffering? They may reveal to you their suffering. They may share their pain with you, and this is a gift that they give to you. But I would urge you not to enter therein, willingly and willfully, into the condition of another who is suffering in this way. Rather, when you enter into a relationship with another for the intent of healing, it is important that you ask for guidance, protection, love to flow, and to be content with the ministrations that will happen through you and around you.

You are educated enough, dear daughter. It is easy to see the conditions of your world, for you live within this world. All that is needed is for your eyes to open, your ears to open, your understanding to open to what is in this world of yours. Indeed, there are many complex conditions, many dark forces and influences. And you are to be supported and endorsed in your desire to be an instrument to combat the darkness. Each in their own way will do so, and you have a particular gift and purpose in combating the conditions of your world. Do not eagerly push forward, a mindful desire for more experience when dealing with these dark conditions. For it is not the wisdom of the mind that you need. It is the wisdom of the soul that you must nurture and push forward in your ministrations with others. 

You are called to work with those who suffer, and this is admirable. Indeed, you carry the responsibility for your own conditions, who you are at any given time, the light that you carry, your actions and thoughts. I urge you to educate yourself in this regard, to monitor your own thoughts and conditions, and to be dedicated in prayer that you are with God at all times. In this way, you become a powerful instrument to neutralize the darkness. Whether it be with an individual that you are communicating with, or whether you are walking through the world, you may be a powerful instrument to neutralize the darkness. Have faith in this, dear daughter. Have faith in your capacities, the power of your own soul, and the light that resides within it in order to bring healing and peace to the world. 

There is much work for you to do. Yes, there is much information for you to convey to those who are ignorant of these conditions and the power of them. Yet, I urge you to be in the light always, to not entertain these conditions. It is not necessary to empower you with information and ability so that you may neutralise the darkness. This is the shift that you are seeking and feeling within you, a change that must come. Now is the time to be in prayer, to come with great honesty to yourself in recognition of your own condition, to build the light within you more powerfully. When you accomplish this, my beloved, dear daughter, then the next step, the next phase of your work will begin. 

But first, you must prepare yourselves. Prepare yourself within your soul, within your mind, your consciousness, so that you are truly a light, pure, beautiful, the flow of God’s Love intense, that which will irradiate all darkness and dissipate it. You must truly be that rock, that light and font of wisdom and compassion. For this is a description of God’s instruments upon the Earth. You are and will be that individual, and follow the path that God has designated for you. Do not hesitate, do not ruminate, but come fully within the Grace of God. In this way, all things shall come. All knowledge, all guidance, all healing, all that is a flow of your gifts manifest in the world. It comes with your soul expanded in God’s Love, and it shall manifest this way. Not in a mindful way, but in that beautiful, humble, glorious light that is your soul in relationship with God.

God bless you, beloved daughter. You are earnest. You desire the truth, and I am earnest in giving you the truth. So I have spoken as plainly as I might, so that you may understand and comprehend the way of the soul. God bless you, beloved daughter. Know that we are close and we shall be, as long as you wish for us to be. As long as you seek the highest Truth of all, then God shall be close and all that is good and of light shall be yours. It shall spread out to those you love. Your life shall reflect the Light of God. God bless you. I am your teacher, Augustine. I love you. God bless you.   

Dear Ones, I would like to add more context to Augustine’s message received this morning (July 5).  It came as a personal message for our beloved and exceptionally gifted friend, Elaine Cheung, following a long conversation and Elaine’s personal prayer. Elaine has exceptional gifts to help individuals release dark spirit attachments.   She was seeking Divine Guidance regarding two invitations she had received:   one was an invitation to work as a coach/instructor with her mentor in a new global university her mentor is developing.  Her mentor is not on the Divine Path.  The other invitation was to take an inward, spiritual journey by using ayahuasca, a hallucination-inducing plant that has been used for 100’s of years by Indigenous healers and shamans.  This drug has been rapidly gaining popularity in the west amongst counsellors, healers, and therapists. Augustine speaks plainly and clearly.   Elaine is happy to share her personal message with you all.