Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 21, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher, Augustine. So the tides of change are washing over you my friends. So you are having to adjust and contemplate your purpose as God’s channels of Love and to reassess the conditions in which you are living for they are changing rapidly, are they not? Remember that God works with you every day. Every moment is an opportunity to be a channel of Love and blessings for another. It is a matter of being in a state of grace, of prayer and receptivity to God’s guidance.

Yes, your gifts and your expressions of service will change and evolve as your souls grow in the Father’s Love, this is inevitable. But I urge you, beloved children, do not dwell on what might be but dwell upon what is at the moment so that you do not obstruct the flow and Grace of God working through you for the benefit of others.

Today is the day for service. Tomorrow will be another day. And so it will go. You will build this great structure of service that is your life, your expression, guided by God through your daily prayers and efforts to be in harmony with God and know God’s Will. You do not need to build a great edifice in this regard. Merely a humble structure will do. For in that humility you are led and that others come to you because they sense your expression of comfort and love and acceptance towards them.

If you build a lofty structure, an idea from which to teach and to express the Truths of God, you will miss the point beloved souls. It is not intended that each soul go out into the world expressing something that is grand and recognizable to others. This is the mind urging you on, telling you that you must be important, that you must have that air of authority, that you must teach something that is different and will bring notice to you.

These things are of the mind. Of course, you must acquiesce the mind and incorporate the mind’s ideas into what the soul knows. But this collaboration between mind and soul is what you must hone and know well. In this time that you have in prayer and contemplation of being alone and separate from others, bring this to your hearts, beloved souls. Bring the understanding of this collaboration, this harmony between the soul and the mind into clear focus so that when you are able to enter into the world again, you will have a clear understanding of the footsteps that are coming and that your mind will not distract you with worry and fear and wonder. Rather, the mind will feel comforted that the soul knows and that God knows and that you will be guided accordingly, day by day. This is what is important, beloved souls, day by day.

As you gather God’s Light and Love to you, as you walk with clarity and faith and strength, as you communicate with others in these devices upon the wire bringing comfort, gathering together to draw the blessings to you and to others, day by day, you will come to know your true selves, your souls that are eager to come forward.

My daughter (M), your sense of something different, is a sense of the soul emerging within your consciousness. In this, all will be different. All will come to clarity and understanding. You will not feel ambivalent nor fear, nor doubt, but you will come forward with a new strength, a budding strength that will be evident as you walk in the world.

Humility will temper your strength and confidence. Love will permeate all that you think and say and do. God’s Hand will be more firm upon you and guide you thus. Your guidance will be clear, dear daughter, as it will for all of you. Your sense of purpose will emerge and will be evident with each day that comes. There will be no confusion, no speculation but a clear knowing and understanding. This must come as you continue to pray and seek the Father’s Love and guidance, for it will come and emerge as you continue in this prayer and vigil while you are isolated.

Utilise this time well for this purpose. We will guide you all, beloved souls. We will help you to come to these deeper realisations and understandings. So the mind must be patient and open. The soul must be diligent in its desire to receive the great blessings from God and to be in harmony with God. So much will come to you in these times together, in these times alone, in these times when you are reaching out to others. Much will come.

We are very close to you now considering the situation that the world is in and continues to evolve. We are very close and work with you every moment, beloved souls. Even if you are unaware, we are working through you to reach many souls. This is a time of great seriousness and suffering, confusion and fear. It is important for each of you to be strengthened, to awaken further, to be clear in the Will of God, knowing that this is the road you must take: listening, listening to God’s Will, to God’s guidance and expressing this clearly through your souls.

Though the mind may speculate, the soul already knows. As long as you are willing to allow your soul its clear expression, all will unfold in powerful and beautiful ways, in ways that are blessed by God, in ways that reach many in love and comfort and healing.

Take advantage of your time, beloved souls, in prayer. Take advantage of God’s guidance and serve others in prayer and words of comfort and truth. May the Love of God flow through you. May His blessings flow through you to many for it is the blessings, the gift of your beautiful channel of Love that will reach many and is far more effective than any words you may speak or service, physical actions that you may take. It is that gift, that flow of Love that is key to all that you do and say. It is the key that touches the souls of others.

In this way, humility is important, to understand that it is God working through you. It is God blessing others through you. It is God utilising your gifts and instrumentality to reach others. I urge you to contemplate these words, my beloved and beautiful charges, that you may see more clearly what God’s intentions are, what is meant to be within God’s plan and God’s unique plan for each of you.

May God bless you with greater wisdom and knowledge and love. I am your teacher, Augustine. I am with you as you continue to journey and to serve and to speculate. I am with you and am eager to help, to guide and inspire and will do so with every opportunity that is given. God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher loves you dearly. God bless you.