Spirit:  Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date:  July 21, 2019
Location: Burnaby, B.C.

I am Augustine, the one who did indeed teach this young child about how to progress into Light. He has done so over these years. Beloved brothers and sisters, beautiful souls all who are here, know within yourselves that you are loved by the Creator. That God yearns for your focus and prayers upon His Great Soul so that a connection can be made, an opening formed that all the blessings of healing, peace, Love and joy may flow into your soul. For with every effort you make in this world towards Light, every choice that you make towards Light, every thought that you have that is of Light benefits your soul tremendously. When you pass into our side of life, those benefits are multiplied over and over again bringing you to a place of Light in the world of spirit.

When you start your journey of awareness, of awakening, of Love here in this material plane, it is a great boon to you, beloved souls, a great boon indeed. For each soul that endeavors to walk in the Light, you can be reassured that spirits and angels of Light will accompany you, that God, if this is your desire, will truly bless you, that you will feel the Grace as this young son attests towards, within you and around you. Life then becomes different. It has meaning and depth and purpose and the questions you may have regarding the meaning of life will be answered in time. You will find yourselves in communication in one way or another with beings of Light and with God’s Great Soul.

Awaken your soul with the inflowing of the Divine Essence and you will know these things, you will know these things. Your understanding will be beyond measure, beyond anything that your mind may come to, beyond truth that is available to the material world.

This all-encompassing Light and Love, Truth and joy, comes with this simple Blessing, to receive the Gift of God’s Love. Pray for this, beloved souls, whenever you can and in whatever way suits your minds and inclinations. But open to this gift and I tell you, many, many blessings will come.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I am very happy to come today to speak to you. May God bless you deeply. God bless you.