Spirit: Elijah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 23, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessed souls, I am Elijah, prophet of old. I have come to affirm that you are all in the Light of God’s Blessing in the Hand upon you, that you are all enveloped by God. That within your souls is a great light, within your yearnings and desires and efforts to reach for light you have been blessed many times. And in this Blessing, in this Light that grows within you, you are becoming God’s instruments to bring greater light to this world. Know that God has affirmed a blessing, has sanctified a change within your world so as to bring greater light to all who dwell upon your world. In this affirmation, in this blessing, you have all been touched deeply and within your souls know deeply that you are a part of this change that is coming, that you are all meant to be in alignment with God’s Will, in the flow of all that is meant to be in your world.

None of you will be left behind in this great transition from darkness to light. None of you will be confused or have those feelings of grief and aloneness and pain that is often with many in your world. Instead, you will be uplifted beloved souls, uplifted into high conditions of light where you will be able to see with your own eyes and know with your own wisdoms and souls, what is meant to be in this world. Each of you have drawn together to the Circle of Light. Each of you within your souls know that you are meant to be together in mutual love and support in this great effort to be uplifted in light, to be in harmony with Truth, to be a channel of love in the  world. So God has answered the prayers of your souls. God has brought you together. God will continue to bless you and uplift you. God will lead you upon a path that will bring to you greater blessings, greater light, greater insight, greater truth, where love will reign supreme within you and love will be the emanations of you.

Wherever you may be in the world, whatever conditions may come in this world, you will know the uplifting blessing of Light from God, His Love pouring upon you, His Love entering within you, and you will find yourselves in deep communion with God. God will open the avenues for you to be with Him, to be in alignment with the Great Source of all. In this alignment, God will open many channels for you to be instruments of Light, channels of Truth, blessings, comfort to many. This will come in surprising ways, beloved souls. This will come on the heels of your prayers and your desires to serve in love all of your brothers and sisters. As you continue to rise up into these conditions of harmony, Light and Love, so the outpourings of Light and Blessings must naturally flow from you, for this is a Law. The condition that you bring to yourself, the condition that you strive towards, the condition of Light that God brings to you must flow forth through you into your lives.

Be aware that this is your focus: to bring Light to the world, to bring Light to yourselves, to bring Light to those you love, to your families, your loved ones, all in the world. You may do so in prayer, you may do so in action, you may do so in thought. You may build a great condition of love within you through your prayers to receive this Great Gift of the Divine Love. And in this you will learn to love yourself and to love others so that love will flow, love will heal, love will uplift, love will bring great comfort to many, and love will bring Truth to all. This is the power of love, beautiful and beloved souls. This is what is meant to be in your world, in all worlds, that the power of love may ignite great Light, great peace, great harmony amongst you and within your world.

Acknowledge the power of love. See that this is what you all seek, that your souls continue to yearn and to be acknowledged in love. So you will come to know this in greater measure as you continue to walk this path towards God and come to know yourself upon this path, an awakening, a sure knowledge of your beautiful soul and God’s Great Soul. To see all of creation with the eyes and knowings of love is to bring great joy to your conscious self, to your soul.

May you come to dance in life, knowing the wondrous music of God in His Love, to be in this joyous rapture, this true knowing, this awakened conscious self in relation to all that is Harmony with love. May God bless you and pull you ever closer to this realization, this awakening, this knowing, where joy will reign supreme within you. No matter what conditions you encounter, you will know the steadfast, wondrous expression of love within your soul, joyfully expressed in the world. May God bless you upon this journey and keep you, keep you in the Light of all Truth and all Love, of all goodness, of all grace, of all Truth, of all joy.

Blessings to you beloved souls, I am Elijah and I am with you as you continue to struggle in a world so disturbed and so struggling in darkness and error. You have come to the Fountainhead of all that is of Love. Shall you drink deep and know this Truth. My love is with you. I bring a blessing for you all, for God wishes for you all to be uplifted beloved children, to be awakened, to know your true selves in great love. God bless you.