Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 4, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I come to you beloved souls, I come to acknowledge that you are truly my brothers and sisters upon the Earth and carry the Truth of God’s Love within you. I come to say that I am joyed that the truth of my mission is finally well-established upon this Earth through each of you and through those who are coming to awaken to this Truth. I come because you have opened that door of Truth. Just a crack of Light flows through and it shall open further, allowing greater Truth to flow into your world, and into the dark spheres of spirit, this Truth will manifest. I come to show my Light, to show the power of God’s Love through me, as your elder brother leading the way to the redemption of your soul, leading the way to the New Birth that is the transformation of your soul in God’s Love. 

I come to celebrate with you this gift from God that is His Love, and my wish is that when you designate days of celebration, let this be the key component of that celebration. I come because I am your brother and I walk with you, beloved souls. All the days of your life I shall walk with each of you who proclaim the Truth and live the Truth, as this great Light of Love awakens your soul and shines forth in the world. 

I come to call you beloveds, call you upon this road, this road of redemption, this road of service, this road of love, this road of truth, that you may reach out to your brothers and sister and show them the joy and the wonderment that is God’s Touch upon your soul. Each soul who desires this touch shall know the great benefits, the great joy, the great peace of God’s Essence residing within their souls, awakening all that is within, bringing a true understanding of life, of purpose, of direction. For each of you are destined to find your at-onement with God, and in that destiny will flow all that is required, all the truth that you desire to know, all the joy that is possible to feel.

All the power and glory and beautiful gifts that lay hidden within your soul will emerge as a bouquet of flowers in dedication to your love to God. All awaits you beloveds, for you have found the truth truly, and you are walking that path to greater truth, greater knowledge, greater love. It is yours for the asking. The great bounty of God’s Love for you awaits your call and your prayer to receive these gifts, as God’s tribute to His children. In this tribute, may you call out to God in joy that you are truly loved and know this from the very depths of your soul, that you are truly loved and known by God. 

May you love one another as I love you. May you be with one another as I am with you, an expression of this Truth manifest in the world, your souls awakening and responding to God’s Touch, reaching out to your brothers and sisters with this great joy and love to uplift humanity. For this I call you, to uplift humanity and bring this powerful but simple Truth to the ears of those you know, and those you do not know, as God will use you to bring His Light forth to inspire the soul to seek for this great gift. All will unfold in this great plan for the salvation of humanity, and each of you are called to be a part of this plan, to allow God to work through you, to inspire you, to motivate you, to bless you as you step forward and dedicate yourselves to bringing light to the world. 

You are my disciples and as such, you claim a special place in my heart and great benefits to you as you forge ahead, putting aside all doubt and fear, placing yourself in the great will and flow of God’s desire to heal humanity and uplift humanity so that harmony may once again come to your world and all worlds. For this harmony will strike here upon your world and this flame will cleanse all worlds of spirit and bring the great tide of love and truth to humanity. Whether they be in the flesh or in the spirit, so they will be touched and will be given the choice to receive this great gift, for they will know of this choice and be put within the great wave of love that they within their souls, will recognize and come to acknowledge, given their desire to do so.

May God bless you on this journey, beloved souls. We walk together. A great uprising of Love flows forth upon the Earth to bring the healing of humanity, to bring truth to all. We walk together hand-in-hand, brothers and sisters all, upon the journey of awakening and knowing God, as truly we must and can know His great presence in our lives. May you be blessed this day, beloveds. May you be truly blessed this day and inch further to greater truth and joy and love. God bless you and keep you in the great flow of God’s Will and Love for all. Peace be amongst you, beloveds. Peace, healing, Love, for each of you a gift from God. God bless you. I am with you. I am Jesus.