Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 30, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

May the Grace of God’s Love continue to infill your souls, increase your light, bring to you all that God wishes to bestow upon each of you. As I look upon this Circle, it is like a necklace of light. Each one adds their pearl of light to this beautiful Circle. Together you shine brightly, shining up unto the spheres of spirit, calling the spirits forward who are curious and who thirst for the light. So your efforts together create a beautiful atmosphere in which those dark and those within the grayness of the lower spheres may come and feast their eyes upon the light, warming themselves within this Grace and Beauty that God is pouring upon you all.

So much of your work, beloved souls, goes unrecognized and unseen by most of you because you do not yet have the eyes to see, the soul development to know that you work upon both sides of the veil. Your efforts, your times together, when you travel to other countries, when you are part of other Circles of Light, there are many, many souls in spirit who are drawn, who come to be blessed. So, your efforts, your dedication of time, your prayers and your desires to serve, not only serve yourself and those close to you, but serve many whom you do not know.

So I ask you, beloved souls, to consider when you come together in this way, that there is far more to this effort than you realise, many layers to the work that you do and the prayers that you give to God and the blessings that God brings forth to you, reverberating out into the world, reverberating out into the world of spirit. This vibrating light that goes out in waves, reaches many and that you sacrifice your time and your efforts with faith and good will to assist in accomplishing this great blessing for many, brings to you a great deal of attention from spirit.

Though you may be not so well known in your world, you are very well known in the world of spirit. When you gather together in this way, though I know you are excited and enthusiastic about your efforts together, your Circles of Light, I tell you that there is a great reverberation through the world of spirit when these gatherings are about to take place as many are drawn. The word spreads and much comes of it. Around you there are layers upon layers of seating for the many. At times it is as vast as some of the stadiums you have in your world. With the work of the higher spirits and the Celestial angels, we make it possible for you to be heard and for all to observe what is happening within these Circles of Light.

So I say to you, when you dedicate your time to these efforts, it brings a great blessing to many and much more than you realise to yourselves, as God’s instruments and channels of Love. I do not say these things so that you are focused upon what is happening all around you. It is not necessary. But I say these things to reinforce your desires and your efforts together to bring Light and Love to your own souls. For, as you do so in the blessed situation that you are upon the Earth plane, this makes possible many blessings for spirit and for your loved ones and those close to you and even for this world.

As I have said, it is multi-dimensional. The light reverberates out in many directions touching many souls. This is part of our plan and God’s plan for the salvation of humanity, to bring more of these Circles of Light to the world, to open more of these opportunities and conditions to the world. It is like when the clouds obscure so much and all of a sudden there is an opening and the sun shines, so that is what it is like when you pray together. You open the conditions of Light so that many may feel the warmth of God’s Love, witness the power of God’s Light and Touch.

You do many a great service, beloved souls. May you continue to serve in this humble and beautiful way, knowing that all about you is Light, that you are surrounded by the angels, that you are part of a great effort and plan to assist many who are in darkness, into the Light. May God bless you upon this great effort, all of us. May we continue to work together in harmony and be God’s servants for the upliftment and reclamation of many souls in your world and ours.

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you. I am Andrew and my love is with you all. God bless you.