Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 1, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Augustine. God’s Love blesses you my beloveds. It rests upon your souls. Drink deep this gift, drink deep. For you are correct in your assessment that when you come together and pray together, there is a powerful blessing of Love. You help to create the conditions here that facilitate the opening of your souls to receive this gift of Love. As you continue to come together in this Circle of Light, know that we will accompany you each and every time that you pray together, that we will pray with you, surround you with our presence and assist you in your yearnings and efforts to be with God. 

There are not many places in the world where this is possible. Yes, there are many churches and institutions and places where prayer takes place, but because of the conditions of this world and the way in which prayer is expressed, intentions of prayer, what is desired in prayer, there are indeed blessings from God in these conditions, but they are not such that the Divine Love is so readily available to you, beloveds. 

It is important to take into account this condition, what you’ve created together; your weekly efforts, your openness, your dedications to God. This place, as will many places that God has touched with the gifts of Portals and Light, this great Lattice that God is creating in the world, these things will assist you in the future. These blessings will come to uplift you and uphold you in challenging times. Remember this, that you build a foundation in this place with your prayers and your intentions. That you walk in Light and bring your Light, not only to this place but wherever you go. As your soul carries the Flame of the Fathers Love and as your soul continues to awaken in this gift, so you carry this Light and it touches many as God uses your Light and uses you as a channel of Love. 

Now, in the coming week, you will be engaged in efforts with those who are making great effort to come to this place and be a part of this Circle of Light. We will do our utmost to help facilitate these times together, to bring a special blessing and energies to this Circle so that we may come close, very close indeed, utilizing the conditions that are here, utilizing this Portal of Light and helping to educate and teach those who have come for this purpose and for those who will benefit in the coming times when you publish these messages that are to be relayed through this effort. 

So, I wish to encourage you, beloved souls, to make efforts in preparation for this time. For each time of prayer will be blessed. Each effort will bring and bear fruit. This is our desire as well, beloved souls. To continue to open the door of Truth for those who are willing to walk within, to hear, to be inspired, to apply the Truths that are given. To help  awaken your souls so that you may truly integrate and understand what we give in these words. For it is not the words, as you well know, it is the power of the awakening within, that at times is pushed forward into your consciousness through the words that are given by we who guide you. 

Understanding of Truth comes in many ways, but the source is always your soul and that source is ignited by the Touch of God, His great Love pouring in, awakening the faculties and chambers of your soul, bringing fresh understanding, deep insights, the capacities to truly understand the blessings of God and the Nature of God, and the nature of your life in this world, the nature of your own being.

These important Truths, these important answers to your questions, are not just meant for you alone, but for many. We are hopeful that the numerous blessings and messages that have come through of late, may be compiled into a publication that will be shared. Indeed, we continue to work together in these efforts to educate the soul, to help each and every individual in this world to come to understand, in a clear way, the beauty and wonder and magnificence and intricacies of the soul. A soul that is in rapport and deeply connected with God, the Source of all, receiving His Essence, the Divine Love, bringing the changes and the transformation of the soul, awakening the many dormant and hidden faculties of the soul, allowing each individual the opportunity to truly know their potentials, their gifts, and to add to their lives these blessings and awakenings, to enhance their lives with the power of love, changing and eliciting deeper awareness and capacities to love. This is a spiritual path, beloved souls. This is the very nature of a spiritual path: to bring forth the potentials of each created individual filled with many things that are not yet understood. So, on this journey there is an awakening, a clearer understanding and an expression of what is hidden within you. It is the power of Love that ignites these things, that brings about the clarity, and the mists of misunderstanding clear from your vision so that Truth is revealed.

Each of you, as you continue to walk with God and seek in your own ways to know Truth, will come to these realizations in good time and in harmony with your own evolving soul as you grow and accept these changes within you, these awakenings that come. So God will show you with each step and each moment what can be, what you have within you; such gifts and blessings, such power and beauty, such creativity, such ability to understand and have deep insight into the Truths of God’s Creation. It is a magnificent journey beloved souls. It is a journey that is not wasted. Every moment is precious. Every inkling and insight leads to another and another, until the great picture, the great tableau of Truth is revealed. In this comes a deep joy, a fulfillment, an awakening, a sense of elation and accomplishment as the soul becomes a real and living part of your being. 

As your soul awakens, as your soul brings to you a new reality, a beautiful gift, a vision, and capacity to understand the complexities and wonderment of God’s Creation, to love and understand yourselves, and all your brothers and sisters and all that God has created; a sense of love and appreciation and understanding that brings a deep wisdom, a deep, deep sense of the Truth. 

The power of God’s Love, my beloved friends, is indeed the great beginning of a soul’s journey to God. You have found that beginning. You have come to know its spark and Light and flame and warmth and it has brought you a measure of peace. It has given you some insight. You have utilized the knowledge that you know to bring wisdom to your lives and to help you council others. You continue to deepen your insight and to come to understand all these mysteries of the Soul of God, of the Universe. It is a journey that will never end, beloveds, an awakening that continues to expand for all eternity. This is your future. This is your destiny. This is that which God intends for each of His children, to receive and to know and to be.

May God bless you upon that journey, and know that we are with you. We continue to uphold you and that we love you. God bless you and may His Love continue to pour into your souls and bringing you all that I speak of in its glory and beauty, peace and joy, love, love unimagined, love expansive, love that heals, love that gives the vision of God. 

God bless you, beloveds, your teacher Augustine. I am always happy to be with you and to support you upon this journey of awakening. God bless you. God bless you.