Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 16, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am Josephus. I have come to give you my appreciation for your support and prayers as these two dear souls and their friends and loved ones who come together in this Circle of Light, in this place of Light, were active in asking and receiving guidance and messages from we in spirit. 

There is much that we wish to give in guidance and in Truth for we see a great need in your world for both and for all of you to come to that place where you will trust and open yourselves to the Will of God and the guidance of Truth and the Blessings of Love so that your lives may be elevated in Light, so that you may see more clearly the road you must follow in order to bring greater Light to yourselves and to bring the expression and enactment of the Truth of God’s Love into your lives. 

God will not withhold anything from you, beloved souls. Everything that you require, even every question that you may ask regarding Truth and soul awakening, will be answered by God one way or another. There are many avenues from which God may choose to reach His children. It is for you, beloved souls, to be open and awake to God’s Touch, to God’s Truth, to God’s Love. 

Yes you all live demanding lives. You all find you are in the midst of many responsibilities and distractions and situations that take you from that prayerful place with your Heavenly Father. As long as you have the will and the desire to set aside some time to be in prayer with God, to do so in the silence of your communing with your Heavenly Father, much will be given to you. Much will be given to you so that your confusions, misunderstandings or misconceptions may be healed and clarified and brought to a place of Truth. 

This is our desire, to educate you upon the Truth in hopes that that Truth may sink from your minds into your souls, that you may absorb the essence of Truth within you and that might be your guiding light. Because it is important for you to have your bearings so to speak, to know your direction, to know God’s Will for you and to know how to operate in this world and yet be in harmony with the Laws of God’s Love. This is challenging as I have said. It is often difficult to attain a place, a level of Light, of upliftment, of higher soul thinking and deeper soul awareness in this material world of yours. So, every opportunity is afforded to you, beloved brothers and sisters, as you continue to pray and to contemplate, to ruminate upon the various aspects of Truth, to be strong in Love, to be strong in Light. 

We are with you, beloved souls. There is an angel with each one of you. That angel has been assigned to you that they may assist you upon this journey of yours towards God. You may feel their presence in your quiet contemplations and your prayers. When you feel a cloak of Love over you, a warm Light, a blessing, an upliftment, you can be sure that your angel friend, your guide, is with you and is praying with you in hopes that you may open your souls wide and feel the Grace of God flowing in, awakening and healing, and bringing deep peace and understanding to you, beloved souls. 

Yes, there is much that awaits you, each one of you. Each one has proven your dedication and your commitment to this Truth and continues to grow in this Love, continues to be enlightened in Truth both within your minds and in your souls. This can only continue and to grow. This awakening will take some time, emerging gently from your soul. Yet it will bring deep changes as your soul is transformed by the Father’s Love. So deep changes will come to your thinking and what you do in your lives, your priorities will shift. What is important to you will be in accordance and in harmony with God and God’s Love. Expect many changes, beloved souls, in your thinking and doing for this will come. This will be inevitable as you are attuned to God’s Will, as you feel the changes within, which again will shift your thinking, shift what it is that you desire and what motivates you in your lives. The power of this Love will infiltrate and change everything within you, beloved souls. 

As your souls grow in this Love, so the power of it emanates and touches every cell and atom. Every aspect of your being will be influenced by this powerful blessing from God. When you find that those things that drew you in the past no longer do so, realize that this is a manifestation of the changes that are happening within your soul. Your thoughts will change. What amuses you, what draws you, what brings you to a place of deep thinking and contemplation will shift and change in accordance to the changes within your soul. 

My beloved and beautiful friends, remember that when you feel restless and you desire to have change in your life, know that this is the workings of God’s Love within you. This is a reflection that the power of God’s Love is indeed having its effects upon you as you continue to awaken to deeper Truth, greater Love, and all the gifts that reside within your soul as they are nourished and nurtured in Love.

May God bless you on your journeys, beloved souls. I am Josephus. I am glad to come to speak to you today. Again I thank you for your love and support, your efforts to be here together in this Circle of Light and all that you do to further Light and Truth and Love in your world. I thank you and may God bless you deeply, beloveds, so that you may grow and flourish in this great Light and flow of God’s Love. God bless you. I am Josephus. My love is with you.