Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 22, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Bless you, beloved children. I am Mark. There is a great need in your world, a need for love. There is a great disharmony in your world because the power of love is not evident in humanity to any great degree. Instead, humanity continues to strive and toil for material benefit and security, believing that this is the way to happiness and contentment. Yet, when a soul is bereft of love and when that soul knows not how to receive and understand the great power of love, then the foundation from which your societies stand in the world are flimsy indeed.

My beloved friends, it is time that there be a great shift of awareness of priorities and of desire from those material concerns to the concerns of the spiritual. The great and most powerful blessing of all is to know the great gift of God’s of Love. For many in the world it is difficult to go to God because there are great biases, ignorance, misunderstandings, and fear of who and what God is. But rest assured my friends, God is Love. God does not judge and God does not condemn. God does not bring suffering to the world. These things are a projection of humanity upon God. These things come from the actions of those of you on Earth and are not intended to be. Rather, all are intended to live in harmony and love together with the inclination to bring support and encouragement, help and upliftment to your brothers and sisters.

Do not let go of this hope, my friends, as the coming year brings many challenges and some hardships and difficulties to the world. You must go to prayer. You must discover God, the Love of God, the blessings of God, the power of God’s blessings to overcome all obstacles, all fears, all ignorance, all strife. God’s Love is transformative. God’s Love heals. God’s Love awakens the soul. This is the message that the Master Jesus brought in his mission. Still today, he works tirelessly to bring this message to spirits and mortals alike. Seek God first and foremost. Seek His Love and all things shall come in its stead. All blessings will be given. All knowledge and wisdom will come. Great peace and understanding will come. The capacity to love all without judgment and with great joy will come with this great gift of Love.

Awaken, my beautiful brothers and sisters. Awaken to this Truth and you will find a great journey ahead of you, a beautiful awakening to your own soul, and the great potentials that lies within it. There is much to be given, beloved souls, but first you must ask, first you must desire, first you must be humble and open yourself to this gift. God asks nothing more of you, but to be open to receive and to allow this gift to have its effects within your soul.

May God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in His Grace and Love. God Bless you. I am Mark. God bless you.