Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 24, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Eudlo, AU

I am Augustine, your teacher. I too wish to convey my thanks to you all and for the dedication of time and effort you have put in together as a group. I want to assure you that you will indeed meet again and that we will assist you in forming a Circle of Light if you wish to do so in this place of residence. We will come as you pray and be a part of your prayers. God will of course come and touch your souls in prayer. This sort of support and prayer time together will help to grow your souls and establish a wider community of Light in your area. We will assist you in any way that we can in order to accomplish this and to bring others into the fold. The world needs more Circles and Centres of Light. It is our hope that this opportunity to establish these blessings in this place will be fulfilled and that you will indeed be blessed in its fulfillment.

May God bless you, beloved souls, upon your journeys. May God bless you in your pursuit of the awakening and growth of your soul in the Father’s Love. May you continue to seek the Truth, seek for the highest, to be within the great blessing of God’s Love. God bless you, beloveds. I am Augustine and my love is with you. God bless you.