Spirit: Francis of Assisi
Medium: Jimbeau Walsh
Date: March 13, 2020
Location: Punalu’u, HI

I am here, your brother and friend Francis. Is it not amazing to able to see and know that things can change in a moment as they say, for better or worse? The world is a busy place and circumstances upon this Earth are causing the world to slow down. When you come to prayer in this sanctuary, this Circle of Light, you step outside the world as you allow your soul to reach up and out from the deep longings within each one of you, and the heavens open and we come to be with you. But more importantly, God in His glory is able to bring His Love into each of your souls, your hearts breaking open like a beautiful rose. Taking a break from this world, this busy world, my friends and I, we did this in a conscious way and I should say that the world in my time was also busy. There were wars. We had plagues, illness, marketplace, society.

We’d had enough of this, my friends and I. We wanted to be in Grace. So, we removed ourselves for a time. Like you, we prayed. And like you, we received. At some point, we were able to go out into the world. We brought our message of God’s Love and the teachings of Jesus as we understood them, and the simplicity of our lives and the riches that could be obtained by each soul beyond this world of materialism. It was a very simple message. We even brought it to Rome. Though there was much blindness, they could see us, they could feel the love, they could perceive our intentions, and we were allowed to carry on. I tell you these things because in some ways, this is what is occurring within your community. You have stepped away from the world to be in this prayer. Right now the world is slowing down. There is much fear, concern, but there is also much consideration of the sanctity of each life.

Many, though they may be believers in God and a particular religion, they have not considered the spirit life in any meaningful way. Many believe they have insurance, and their beliefs and their churches will take care of the rest. You, my friends, who are undergoing this beautiful transformation in the glorious Love of God, you, when you feel ready and many of you are ready, can take this Love, this joy, this Light shining above the world and beyond it, to those who are concerned, afraid, in doubt, disturbed. Your faith with be visible. Your Love, the Love of God that you possess in your souls, can be felt. As you know, when you embrace someone in love, words are not always necessary. So together we will be present in the Light and Love of God to this world. In faith we allow our loving Creator to bless all. Be not afraid. God’s Love is the peace that passes understanding. What is meant by this is intellectual understanding, for, soul perception
outshines the mind.

I thank each one of you and this one. My wish for each one is the great gift of God’s Love to lift you all up, to awaken you forevermore. We are with you here and you will be with us here, in time. With all my love and blessings, may God bless each one. I am your brother and friend, Francis. God bless you.