Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 18, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Seretta Kem. May the Grace of the Father’s Love continue to bless your souls awakening all the beautiful gifts that are within, bringing you to a conscious realization of how precious you are to God, how His Love continues to flow and touch your souls.

The work continues, beloveds, the work of bringing the Truth to humanity, the Truth of Love. As you know and see, you are drawn and called together to various places in the world as God’s work continues to unfold. Often you travel with a sense of mystery and not a clear understanding of why. Yet when you are at a particular place, whether that be near or far, do you not see that God uses you in deep and effective ways to bring the blessings of His Love, the Truth of His Love, the Light of His Love to your brothers and sisters? 

You continue to long for more gifts, more openings, deeper understanding, greater awakenings of your souls. This is indeed your soul’s longing to be closer to God. In this way, the gifts and expressions of the soul intensify and deepen and awaken. As natural as a flower unfolds, so your souls and the gifts of your souls unfold in Love. This will continue. You are all continuing to grow in the Father’s Love, awakened with the Touch of His Love within. This will continue to flourish and thrive in the Light of God’s Touch upon you, His Hand resting firmly upon each of you. God’s intentions are being conveyed to you in one fashion or another. His intentions are reaching your souls. So I advise you, beloveds, to listen. Listen to your souls. Listen deeply. Listen with reverence and desire and faith at what your souls have to tell you, of what God wishes conveyed to you through your souls. 

The mind is entrapped with its various ideals and paradigms of understanding, trying to make sense of the wisdom of the soul, trying to make sense of God’s intentions for you. Because you have faith, because you have the strength and sure knowledge of the power of your own soul, you are allowing this information and guidance and inspiration to come forth into your conscious self. This is true strength and with this strength must come the resolve to follow the guidance that comes and to accept the intentions of God in your lives. In this way you step closer to your goals. In this way, when the gifts that you so desire are awakened and manifest in your world, you will have the wisdom and knowledge and perception to utilize these gifts in the way that they are intended, to express them in accordance to God’s Laws and in harmony with His Will. 

Well, you are all being tested, my beloved friends, with each day. With each day, God lays out the possibilities and the invitation to express your souls in ways that are inspired and guided within the flow of God’s Will. Each of you to some degree or another is hearing and knowing what is given. But you cannot merely recognize this guidance. For with every ounce of guidance given there must be an implementation, a realization of it in order to bring it into the world as a real thing, to express the capacities of your soul in the material world as closely, as powerfully, as lovingly as is possible. 

This is your challenge, beloved souls. At times, it is met readily and easily and at other times it is a great challenge. Your souls find God’s Will somewhat confusing at times for to connect this information between your soul and your mind is a true test and a true challenge. To bring the paradigm of the mind into harmony and alignment with the true knowledge of the soul is your daily test. For those who live in this world of yours, it is much easier to be engaged in the material, to allow your minds free reign, drifting from one thought to another, one focus of attention to another, being distracted, being led by the desires and predilections of the mind. But God has asked you and is guiding you to a new way of thought and action, of being in the world. It is for you, beloved souls, to enact this new way, to incorporate it into your lives in a way that brings harmony, depth, and greater joy to your lives, to bring love into everything that you do, to bring the wisdom of your souls and apply this to all situations in your life, to be channel of Love for all you meet.  

This sounds simple in its concept, but as you well know, it is difficult in its implementation. But your challenge, beloveds, to step forward, to be strong, to be attuned, to be faithful, and to be a true child of God. As you continue to master these challenges and allow the capacities of your soul to be expressed, faculties honed and true, then these gifts of which you have worked diligently towards their fruition will be granted and expressed through each one of you. But you must be worthy, beloveds, you must be worthy. You earn this place, this status of being an instrument in these ways in which you so desire, by applying these truths with each moment of your life by not giving it lip service but true expression. 

You indeed mark your progress, beloved souls. You indeed know within yourself, how far you must travel in order to be in alignment with the Will of God. Yet God continues to encourage, to bless, to send His angels to assist you in this awakening of Truth and its expression in your world. I tell you that you will never be abandoned. You will never be alone as God will always be with you. We are deeply committed to each one of you and your particular path in life. For each of you is an integral part of God’s plan and will find and realize your place in that plan in the years to come. So I assure you, my beloved friends, that you are indeed upon the correct path, that you have indeed progressed, that you are indeed discovering the capacities of your soul as God continues to bless your soul with the great Touch of Love that awakens all. 

Continue in your efforts, beloveds. Continue to seek, to grow, to question and to grow some more and to express your souls, no matter how rudimentary this may be. Step forward, beloveds, and express your soul’s guidance and desires and blessings and gifts, the beauty of your soul in your life in all that you do. God will continue to open those ways and avenues so that this expression may grow and broaden and deepen so that you may be used to touch many souls, inspire many in your world and in our world for many watch you. Many see your light and are drawn. It is a great work, a great work. You are being prepared and you will find your way. 

May God bless you upon that journey and keep you in God’s stead and blessings. My love is with you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem and I love you. I love you dearly. God bless you.