Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 14, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Matthew. God is pouring blessings of Light and Love, healing and peace upon your world. With these unusual circumstances in which you find yourselves all over this world of yours, so God uses this opportunity to uplift and bless those souls who are seeking solace and peace in their lives. The frenetic pace of your world has slowed and in this, an opening, an opportunity for many blessings to come to many souls. Already you see the effects of a changing world upon the natural order, upon all souls who live upon this world. It does not take much time to have this effect of calming, of peace, of greater harmony in your world. Circumventing all the conditions, the thoughts, the material focus that is so prevalent in the cultures of your world and so peace comes in its stead as the obligations, the pressures, and the difficulties of your life are ameliorated by these demands for safety and distance. Yet, this is just a prelude of the changes that are coming. Even with such moderate change, there is greater light in your world. So can you imagine, my beloved brothers and sisters, when there is true and dramatic change upon your world what may ensue from these changes, from the shift of conditions, of priorities, of desire, of expressions of the human life?

Yes, your prayers are important . They assist God in bringing greater light to your world. Each soul is a generator of energy. Each soul attuned to God, coming into alignment, seeking to be His channels of Love, attuning themselves to the great resonant Light of God, may be powerful channels of Light and may bring great influence into the world that will help fix the conditions of light in your world. For it has been a long, long time that your world has been in the light, rather it has been in darkness.

So you help to heal this imbalance, these conditions that cover your entire world in disharmony and darkness. Yes, there is much fear and concern for the future of humanity. So many are dislodged from their acquiescence, their condition of apathy and blindness. Yet, this is what is needed, beloved souls. For change to come to your world, all must be awakened from their slumbers. All must come to see the world from a different perspective. All must come to appreciate those simple and harmonious conditions which God has created in the world. So to see the wonderment of the awakening Earth and all its beauty, to appreciate one another and the importance of love and acceptance of one another, to support each other in times of stress and adjustment and to be a loving channel for your brothers and sisters. These things must come to realise that they are important and must be focused upon.

These earthly conditions continue to open many doors of possibilities, of ideas, of understanding. Souls are feeling their true worth. Souls are going to God in prayer. Souls are seeing the world from a different light. This is just the beginning, just the beginning of a great awakening, a stirring of humanity so that all may come into light and awareness. That God may indeed bring to each soul an inspiration bringing that soul to the realisation that they are precious and loved.

Pray for this, beloved souls. Pray that you may be an instrument to bring these realisations to your brothers and sisters, to awaken the sleeping souls, to awaken humanity to a world that can be and must be, rather than return to old and dark-filled habits that are not in harmony with God’s Creation. Your prayers are needed and we are very happy when you come together as you do in this way, multiplying the power of your prayers together in unity in a desire to bring light and truth, not only to yourselves but to all in your world.

There are many angels and spirits that are very involved and busy bringing greater light and inspiration to many. This is a time of great opportunity, of great possibility. May you continue to see for yourselves with the eyes of your souls what can be in your world and what can be in your own life that is in greater harmony with God.

May God bless you as you continue to awaken. May God’s Love continue to flow within your soul bringing the power and impetus of change and transformation and truth, bringing the joy of His Love sparkling within your consciousness, welling up from your soul, flooding your mind with all that is good and true and of light.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew and I continue with many to pray with you and be with you on this journey of soul awakening and transformation of you, each of you and of your world. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you.