Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 23, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

My beloved and beautiful students, I am your teacher Augustine. The many religions of this world help to comfort the minds of many, bringing to them ideas, concepts and structures which help them to navigate their lives with many moral concepts and ideas of behavior upon this earthly plane. But in many ways, these ideas put a blanket upon the soul where there is not a free interchange of soulful knowledge and truth with the mind. The predestined and ordained ideas given from childhood on, shape the experience of the individual so that they are directed in a particular way so that they are not necessarily conducive to understanding one’s soul. Rather, it is designed to bring uniformity and homogeneity to the thinking of those who are a part of a certain culture or belief. 

Yet, each individual walks a path that is unique to them and yet that unique path is often misunderstood or unrecognized because of the overlay of certain ideas and concepts, which does not allow for an openness to understanding the deeper matters of the soul. We do not wish to preach religion and we do not expect conformity and homogeneity in these groups that we speak to. Rather, we wish to inspire you to open your souls to God and in this way, you have found unity, not a great conformity of thinking. 

It is the experience of the soul with God that we encourage, nurture, and try to inspire you forward so that you have such an experience, one where you walk in a life that is attuned and aligned to God. These do not come with words and you are not obligated to certain ideas of thought and practice. Only but a few things we ask of you. The rest is up to you and your discretion as to how you will practice the way of the Divine Love. You have all the freedom in the world, all the possibilities in the world to explore God’s great Universe, all the workings of God’s Universe and the ability to come to know God’s Great Soul, to come and feel a great bond of love, of knowing, of being, in your relationship with God. In this way all truth comes. As you receive His Essence within your soul, all truth comes. Indeed the mind is eager for all the answers. The mind is eager to have its questions be answered with truth. Yet I say to you, truth comes to the soul, not in words but in knowing, and in the many ways that God has placed within each one of you, in your soul. These faculties which come alive with the blessing of love will work towards answering and informing your soul with all answers of truth and knowings of truth. Indeed it takes some time, some patience, some perseverance and consistent effort in prayer. 

So may I suggest that the time you take reading many words, seeking many answers in books and ways that are the explanations of an individual’s soul in progress towards light, that you receive but a fraction of the truth, and that you may be directed in the correct way in which you personally may find truth as God is guiding you thus, as are your angel friends. We come and walk with you to assist you upon your path of awakening. It is important that you spend as much time as you can in prayer to be with God so that God may open the way to understanding, that God may show you the way with love, for it is the power of love that opens these doors of knowledge and truth. 

God awaits you patiently and we walk with you, committed to each one of you as you journey forward. We pray with you, our light is with you, and we bring the blessings of God through our gifts for your benefit. It is a simple path, one that truly does not demand much but demands everything. For, a true spiritual path requires your commitment, a deep, abiding and consistent commitment to your own soul’s awakening and to your own soul’s journey to God. Little comes without effort and a great deal comes with faith, perseverance, consistency and love. 

If you wish to walk a truly spiritual path, then it is crucial that you open the way to your soul and put aside any emphasis on learning through your mind. Rather, put the emphasis upon your soul so that your mind may absorb the truth that comes. May you integrate that truth and bring it alive within every part of you. Yes, it is not the traditional way of learning things upon your world, but when it comes to the soul, this is not a matter of mindful reconciliation and truth, rather, it is a matter of allowing the soul to lead and guide you forward, putting aside those things of conjecture, of skepticism, of analysis, those aspects of the mind that in this regard, become a hindrance rather than assisting you upon this journey. When you begin to nurture your soul and God begins to awaken your soul and you come into alignment between your soul and God’s Great Soul, then a balance is obtained between your mind and your soul, and a deep integration happens where you may be able to teach these truths from a very deep place within you, using words that may reach many souls, being a channel of love truly that touches many souls. This is what is needed in your world at this time, for your world is flooded with thought and yet, it is love that is the great healer and teacher and unifier, and it must be love that comes and flows through you all in order to help facilitate the healing of your world, the coming of great change towards light and love. 

As always, it is your choice beloved students, but I say to you that the hard road of the mind’s search for truth is a difficult one and a long one. For those who heed my words and open themselves up to their own soul and seek a lasting and binding relationship with God to receive the blessing of His Love, they will find the road straight and short towards the goal of truth. May you find your way, beloved souls. May you release that cloak of mindful consideration and allow the expansive opening and freedom that comes when the soul is awakened in love and truth. 

God bless you beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I am forever by your side, seeking to guide you in the direction of the soul and the truth of love which God has provided for each upon this world and all worlds. God bless you beloveds. My love is with you. God bless you.