Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 15, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

May God bless your souls deeply, beloved souls, with His Love. As conditions change in your world, the barriers to God are dissolving. God is creating the conditions necessary in the world that more of your brothers and sisters may have an experience with God, may know the longings of their own souls, may feel the blessings and Touch of God. This is God’s great blessing upon this Earth that is your home.

As these blessings come forth and the conditions that create such barriers between humanity and God are broken down, there is also a response in your world where humanity continues to be challenged by the material world. This too will intensify. So on one hand you have great blessings from God pouring upon this Earth and on the other hand you have great challenges manifesting in your world.

Why is it that the world is changing in a material sense in a way that makes life more challenging for many of you? It is because as God intends for humanity to be closer and in greater alignment with His Great Soul, so those conditions that are created by humanity, the material mind, the energetic conditions of the mind, and the actions of humanity are being challenged by the Divine expressions of God upon this Earth.

A balance must be struck. Conditions that are not in harmony with God must dissolve. They are not so readily dissolved because humanity persists in expressing and reinforcing these conditions. As there is a great resistance from your brothers and sisters to implementing great change in the world, change that will bring greater harmony to the material world and all that are within this world, so there is suffering, so there are great shifts and conditions in your world that are pushing against humanity and humanity’s resistance.

This pressure point between the souls of men and the will of men and the Creation of God and the Will of God will continue to create great challenges in your world. Yet, in the end, a balance will be struck. In the end, humanity will come to know peace and know their true selves, their true natures, their purpose for inhabiting this world. All will come to light as God intends, for the truth to come to humanity, the Truth of God’s Creation, the Truth of God’s Love, the Truth of God’s blessings, and the Truth of the human creation and all you have created in this world that is of the making of men rather than the Will of God.

Through the turmoil, through the challenges, through the changing conditions of your world, there will come an insistence upon greater harmony and an awakening to all that which is not in harmony. This wakefulness must come, an understanding from each individual soul that is not altogether complex nor difficult to attain but it has been hidden for so long that it is difficult to pull away the curtain of ignorance and apathy and error so that all may be exposed, and humanity may learn of these wrongful endeavours and actions that are contrary to the Laws of God’s Creation and indeed the Laws of Love.

This continues to be the case in your world as God continues to pour His blessings upon you creating a tension, a need for a shifting of consciousness, of striving towards light, love and harmony and letting go of those conditions which have so long burdened your world. So each day will bring its blessings to each one of you. God’s blessings pour upon you as it does for all of humanity.

You, beloved souls, are taking full advantage of these blessings in your prayers, your openness, your desire for spiritual upliftment, for soulful awakening, for change in your life that is in greater harmony with God’s Laws. So it should be much easier for each of you to reach God as these energies ignite the possibilities, the opportunities to be with God, to receive His blessings, His Love. I urge you to pray fervently. I urge you to have great faith in this awakening, this great blessing to the soul, to long for this, to make this your most evident thought and desire so that you may open up the door to the great flowings of Love and Light and healing that are meant for each one of you.

Do not resist within your mind. Put aside your concerns, your fears, your doubts, your pain. Come to God to be embraced, to be healed, to be loved. In this way, you will become the forerunners of what is meant for all of humanity and a great example of His gifts and intentions for each soul upon the world. It is yours to choose as always, yours to examine, to contemplate, to pray about, to be in alignment with. You will find your way. You have many angels who are with you, assisting you, calling you forward, helping you to come into alignment with God. Utilise the power of prayer, beloved souls. Utilise the knowledge of the truth that each of you carry. Express your deep longings to God and all will come in good time, in deep blessings, in great joy.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and my love is with you. My love, my prayers, my desire that you will all be uplifted and reach into the great realms of light which God has prepared for His children. God bless you. God bless you, dear ones.