Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 10, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God is gathering you together, beloved souls. I am Jesus. I come to assure you and encourage you in your efforts together. Indeed, God will bless you all mightily as you come together in this way. God’s intention is that you will forge the bonds and strengthen the bonds together, that you will feel unified and you will begin to trust one another, all of these individuals who have struggled and made their way along the Divine Love path. 

Now it is time to unite, to be a formidable body of love and light in the world, and to put aside any differences. For those differences are minor and are not important. What is important is the intention and desire to work together as one body, to work together in harmony with the Will of God and God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. This gathering is also a test. Are each of these individuals who come, able to overcome their biases, their fears, and their judgments to come together in love and peace and harmony?

It is also an opportunity to bring great light into the world as you pray together in harmony, in unity. As you gather together and utilize the great gifts of God’s love that reside within your souls expressing this truth in prayer, seeking the blessings of God, then indeed great blessings will shower down upon you and through you. You will be a great lens for the light to proliferate in the world. 

It is important that each individual who comes prepare themselves, so to be in that state of readiness, eagerness and peace. When God calls upon each of you and all of you collectively, then you are prepared to do His Will and bidding, to be that channel of light that you so wish to be, to be that channel of love for one another and for the world.

It is a test, beloved souls. It is also a great opportunity for each of you to gain insight as to the power, beauty and light that you carry together and that you carry singly. That this may be affirmed as you come together, as you pray together, as you speak together, as you break bread together, as you do all these things together, and do so in love and harmony. 

My beloved and beautiful children, my disciples, my brothers and sisters, God lays before you a tremendous opportunity to bring greater light to yourselves and to the world. Do not squander your time, but make good use of it. Progress within it, releasing those biases and those things that inhibit the progress of your community in the truth of God’s Love. Be loving brothers and sisters to one another. Know that as you do so, as you are this light, you do God’s work, and you support the mission that I began so many years ago and continues to be a part of the consciousness in your Earth. May you bring that consciousness to the fore so that many may know of it, may experience it, may understand the power of God’s Love to transform and heal and bring greater light.

All these things are given to you, beloved souls. God blesses each of you abundantly. God is ever eager for these blessings of flow. It is for you to be receptive, open and prepared, putting aside all that would inhibit, all that is of the human condition. Coming together in this Circle of Light, insulated from the human condition and open to all that God may bless you with.

May you be uplifted, my beloved brothers and sisters. May you find your way to this place of light. And may all that God intends be realized and added to each of you. My gratitude for your efforts is great, beloved souls. My desire that each soul who participates will be changed and deeply blessed by the Love of God. And that we shall gather in hosannas and tears of joy and love and awakening to the great wisdom and understanding that the soul will bring as you are touched deeply by the hand of God.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and friend Jesus and I love you. I shall most certainly be there with you, as will be a great portion of the Celestial Kingdom. We will gather with you and make your declaration of truth to the world. God bless you. God bless you all. I love you.