Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 13, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

May the graciousness of God’s Love be yours, yours forever, yours that is a journey that awakens, builds and grows with each prayer. I am Josephus, and I come to speak about your will, the power of your will. For you speak of God’s Will and the power of His Will to be manifest in the world. 

Indeed, the greatest power that you possess is your own will, that part of you that decides, that is engaged in life. And how you are engaged in life is determined by your will. Your will is influenced by your desires, what you wish in your life. Here you come together in this great Circle of Light to assert your will to God, to put your prayers forward to your Heavenly Father, seeking to merge your will with His Will, seeking to be in alignment with God’s Will. So you carry the decision within you. You have the choice. You are the one that will determine your future, what may come to you in your life. 

Many wish to release their will to another, to have someone else carry that burden. Yet,I say to you, this is error. For I encourage you to hold your will close to your heart, to recognise the power that God has given you to choose, to acknowledge that you are responsible for your choices, for what comes to you in your life. Though there are conditions and situations that you may not have control over, yet, with your attitudes, perceptions and capacity of soul wisdom and love, you are able to overcome all and every condition in the world. For your will is that strong, beloved souls. It is a great blessing that God has given to each of you.

Do not usurp your will and allow another to carry it for you. Be empowered by the wisdom of your soul, the desires of your heart to be in harmony with God, to be within the flow of God’s Will and God’s Love. In this way, the marriage between you and God, you will create something even more powerful than your own individual will.

Seek to be at-one with God. Allow God to work through you. Allow your will to acquiesce to the Will of God and in this way, you have reached for the highest. My beloved and beautiful friends, you have come to recognise what is possible in the world with the reality of God as you will know a joy, a fulfillment, an awakening like none other.

So, my friends, we come together here, joining our wills together. Seeking to be with God, seeking to know our Heavenly Father, seeking to know His Will and His desire in our lives. Upon the journey that we take, if we are enmeshed with God in peace, joy, knowledge, guidance, wisdom, truth and love then what more can one want in  life? What more can one truly have in a life but a relationship with one’s Creator that will guide, protect and instill within you all truth, all beauty, all joy, all love, the highest blessings for you my beloved friends? May you come to know these things in greater measure with each prayer, with each day that passes in your life and to understand the delicate intermingling of your will and God’s to forge the highest outcome of all in your life as God’s instruments, as God’s harbingers of truth, light and love. 

May God bless you beloved souls and keep you within that place of harmony with God. Harmony with your own soul’s desires. Harmony within the world. For this is what is needed. It’s needed that there be harmony to disperse the darkness, the negativity, the conditions that are so much a part of your world, but are not intended to be a part. Be that instrument. Choose light, always. Choose love, always. Choose truth, always. And in this way, you will forge such a powerful alignment with your Creator that all will be in the flow of great light and great harmony. 

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Josephus and my love for you is great. I have great respect for your efforts. I honour each of you who have come to this circle and I love each of you. For you are truly my brothers and sisters and we are family in the truth of God’s Love. God bless you, beloveds.