Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 10, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May the Father bless you greatly, beloved souls, I am Jesus. I come. I come to be with you in prayer. I come because you seek love, you seek upliftment. I come because you are my beloved, beloved brothers and sisters who carry the lamp of truth into the world.

Know that you are part of a great family that seeks light, that seeks alignment with God, that each of you are precious within this family. Each of you are known by God and loved by God. Each of you are known by us in the Celestial Kingdom and loved by us , for we see our beloved brothers and sisters who are growing and maturing in love and will someday join us within this precious and beautiful kingdom in which we dwell. The gift of at-onement with God is your destiny. The gift of the transformation of your soul is very much alive in each one of you as you carry the Light of His Love, as you walk in the Light of His Grace. Beloved souls, know how precious you are. Know how much you are loved. 

May this be the cornerstone of your life, this knowledge and truth alive within you, expressed with every breath, that you truly recognize your place with God, that you see that each time you pray and ask for the reception, the inflowing of this Love, you are one breath closer, one step closer to at-onement. This effort is the highest aspiration of your soul, as your prayers when expressed through your soul’s longing, reach God directly and are powerful in what they ask of God. When you pray for yourself and your soul, so God responds with His Holy Spirit. When you pray for others, so God responds by sending His angels and bright spirits to assist and to convey His blessings   of healing and comfort and love. When you pray for the world, so you empower God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. All of your prayers mean something, beloved souls, they have a power, a power to bring change, a power to bring healing, a power to grace light upon this Earth of yours. 

Know that a sincere prayer will bring direct response. Know that the love budding within your soul expressed through you will bring comfort and healing to many, though you may not know who is being touched and how that blessing is effected within them. Know that with prayer there is a response. With prayer and love there is a power of light and transformation and healing. You are given this truth; I implore you to utilize this truth in your daily life. Utilize it for your own upliftment and for the transformation of your soul. Utilize it for your families and loved ones and all those around you. Utilize it for the benefit of your world that suffers and is in deep imbalance. Utilize it to forge your relationship with your Creator so that you may indeed know God more fully, more deeply, more profoundly with each day that passes. 

God is eager for you to forge this clear and wondrous connection with His great Soul. God wishes for all the bounty of His blessings to pour upon you, to pour upon all that is your life. For, these bounteous blessings will transform all and bring greater harmony to all. It is prayer, beloveds, it is the longing of your soul. Allow yourself to feel this, to know it, to exercise this longing directed towards God, and you will find that many things will change, much harmony will ensue and greater light will be yours. A joy within your heart will grow and grow and you, no matter what circumstances you are within, will find greater harmony and joy.

 Beloved souls, I come to you to speak this simple truth; that love brings love, that with love there is light, that with light there is greater harmony. It is the great mantra of truth. Bring yourselves into alignment with this truth. With each day, may you consider this a priority, a focus, to seek the love of God, to be within the Love of God, to express the Love of God in whatever you do and all that you are, that you may be in alignment with this truth, and so you will be uplifted. So the conditions in which you live will be transformed and you will know deep peace, beloved souls, deep peace and joy. Is this not what your heart seeks and your mind longs for; deep peace and joy? Your soul knows this and experiences this. As the love of God grows within it, so the deep peace and joy wells up within you and becomes a beautiful expression of who you are. 

Beloved souls, we walk this path together. We are linked by this truth. The power of love within our souls make us all children of God and loved accordingly. Beloved souls, I am with you. May His blessing of Love pour upon you like a cascading waterfall of light quenching your soul as it bathes within these Living Waters and brings to you the replenishment that your souls hunger for. You are loved. You are loved deeply, and I love you, each of you. I am with you. You are truly my precious, precious friends upon the Earth. God bless you. I am Jesus and I walk with you always in love. God bless you.