Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 15, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

I come, I am Jesus. I come to acknowledge each one of you here, for each is a unique and blessed soul who walks their own path towards Light, towards at-onement with God. Yet, it is the power of Love that unites you. It is the power of Love that opens your recognition, your soul’s acceptance and acknowledgement of one another as brothers and sisters bonded in God’s Great Gift of Love.

The power of Love is deep and has many aspects to it that you still do not understand, but will come to understand in time. Its ability to unify and bring harmony is the most obvious of its qualities, and yet there are many more things that come with God’s Love that you will come to know in the future. As your souls awaken, your perceptions deepen. As you come to know your true selves awakened in the Father’s Gift of Love, so the doors will open to your perceptions, the depth of the wisdom within, the power of your ability to know truth, to recognize it, to absorb it, and to express it in your lives; to be great channels of healing, of love, of compassion. These things come as this Love awakens you further. There is much to discover, my beloved friends. There is much that will be given and shown to each one of you, provided you continue to open yourselves to the great inflowing of this Love from God’s Soul through the Holy Spirit to your soul. 

So you will begin to find your true selves. So you will begin to understand what it is that is within you; those hidden treasures, those wondrous gifts, those powerful aspects that lie deep within your soul awaiting their awakening, awaiting the time when you may allow these aspects of your being to come to the fore and be recognized in a conscious way. So as you open the door to yourselves, so you will find that many things will come to your conscious self. Surprising aspects within you; gifts and strengths that you did not know you had, but will come and make themselves known. The power of God’s Love is immense. It brings deepening awareness as all within you flourishes in love. For, your soul is meant to receive this gift, and your soul is meant to express the inner aspects that are within each one of you; unique and wondrous, beautiful and powerful.

May God’s Love continue to awaken you, beloved and beautiful friends. May God’s Love be the power to change you from within, to bring you to that place of awareness so that you may be motivated to change those things around you that are not of love. To express love in everything that you are and everything that you do, is what God wishes for each one of you. For this is the way in which the world will change. Each beautiful soul awakening to its own potential through the great power of Love from God. 

May you find your way, my beloved brothers and sisters. May you know the way, for you truly do within, and may you follow that knowing, that deep desire that is your soul longing for light, longing for expression, longing for love and longing to express love. These things come with every prayer, each prayer building upon the other until you have made for yourselves a firm foundation in Truth and have come to know these things which I speak of. These things for some of you are a great mystery, for some of you who feel that you are not worthy or that you do not know these gifts. I say to you, have faith in this Truth, and the door will surely open. God has opened the door to you and it is for you to open the door to God in the way that is prescribed, in the way that is soul, yearning and feeling, knowing and expressing its true desires to God.

Blessed are those who come to the threshold of the Truth and seek to enter therein with all earnestness and longing, with all desire and faith. For they shall inherit the kingdom. They shall know the great Blessings of God resting within their souls, glowing and expressing this Great Gift in wondrous ways, so that they may truly be a channel of love in the world and bring this great Truth to others, so you will know your purpose, the path that God has laid before you, and so you will be this beautiful light that you were intended to be. All the uniqueness, all the wonderment, all the glory of your own soul, expressed and awakened with this powerful Touch from God. 

May God bless you, beloved souls, keep you in His Love. Know that you are not alone, that truly you are loved and cared for. You are enveloped by God’s Love and you are given the gift of angels who walk with you in the world. God bless you beloved souls, God bless you. I am your brother and friend. I walk with you and I love you. I am Jesus. God bless you.