Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date:July 16, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

Indeed, may the Grace of God be with you, beloveds. I come, I am Jesus, your friend and brother in the Truth of God’s Love. I come to pray with you and to be with you. So many do not understand the possibilities that come with the power of God’s Love, how it may be possible for me and others from the Celestial Kingdom to accompany you in prayer. They do not understand that life continues from the Earth plane onward, beyond many realms into that place of complete harmony with God, where His Love reigns supreme within the hearts of those who are a part of the Celestial Kingdom.

So you begin your journey, beloved souls, beyond the limitations and restrictions of your material self to that place of soul. The soul is awakened to truth, where truth comes with the Touch of God, His Love pouring in, opening the faculties and capacities of the soul, awakening the possibilities within your conscious self that God is there, and God shall guide and God shall bless and God shall transform you with His Love. In so doing, you will travel a road quite unlike any other. You will seek out God more than any other thing or aspect of your life. It will be the soul’s yearning for God that will be your purpose and focus in life.

For when you come to know God, when God touches you as He does deep within your soul, it ignites a powerful yearning and desire within you to receive more of this gift and to awaken more fully within this gift. So you will find yourself yearning for God and more than any other thing you will yearn for God. My beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, know that I come to you in prayer, I come to you because I too, am drawn to your yearning for God. For I yearn for God as well and all the Celestial Angels of Heaven yearn for God. This yearning unifies us. This yearning is a great attribute of the soul that ensures that we will drink of the Fountainhead of Love forevermore.

We are all God’s children, seeking the fulfillment of our souls. We are all in unity in this yearning and seeking together. We are all loved equally by God. Though God has created us uniquely, we are unified in this great flow of humanity that God has created and shall create forevermore. The great burgeoning flow of humanity continues to seek progression, light and love. So, we have found the fulfillment of that seeking, the great blessing of God’s Touch upon us. Together we create a formidable light in your world. Thus, signaling to all souls upon this world that indeed, the secret yearning of their hearts may be fulfilled in love, may come to them in prayer, may be a great blessing to all humanity. We stand forth as God’s examples, His lights, to affirm the truth. For each of you are a light. Each of you affirm that you are loved by God and that in His Love for you, He gifts you the great blessing of Divine Essence. 

May we walk together, beloveds, confirming and expressing the great Truth of God’s Love. May we sing hosannas to God in our appreciation, our gratitude for the gift of life, for the gift that God has given to the world, which is each unique soul. May the world come to that place of light, of harmony and peace. As each individual seeks this within themselves, may they become God’s instrument to bring greater love and harmony to the world. Each of you have great potentials, each of you can do miracles, and bring light and blessings to many. Do not underestimate the power of your own souls, but come to know your soul and own your soul in a conscious way, embracing that which God has created within you. Do not put distance between yourself and your soul, but seek to be close, seek to embrace and love your full and true self so that you may come to God wholly and completely and receive abundantly the gifts and blessings that He has for each of you.

Be truthful to yourself, beloveds. Seek to know yourself, even those things that you hide away from, even that pain that is hidden from you but exists within. All things within you must come to the fore and be healed by God’s Touch. All that you are will be transformed and awakened by God’s Touch. All that you can do will be a reflection of what God has created, what you are and what you can be.

My beloveds, you are blessed, you are loved, God embraces you and shall embrace you forevermore. So you will find your way to greater light and truth. Your capacity for loving others will be magnified a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold, as you grow in the Father’s Love. You will know great joy and happiness, beloveds, great joy and happiness being within the fold of God’s children, His beautiful children of light. Beloveds, shall we open ourselves completely to the great blessings that God has to give to us at this very moment? Shall we rejoice in love the great gifts, the great blessings that are ours? Shall we be as one, seeking His Touch, being within the grace of His Presence?

God bless you, my beloved souls. We are on holy ground and shall be blessed accordingly. My love is with you. I am Jesus and I love you, beloved souls of the Creator, brothers and sisters all. So we are His family. So we are His children. So we are each a gift from God to the universe. God bless you. God bless you all in love.