Spirit:  Augustine
Medium:  Al Fike
Date:  January 8, 2021
Location:  Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings of Love continue to rain down upon each of you, my beautiful and beloved friends. I am your teacher, Augustine. Indeed, we in the Celestial Kingdom continue to observe you upon the Earth and we continue to comment upon the darkness upon your Earth, and we do not judge you, beloved souls. We do not feel within our hearts, for we are incapable of such feelings that have the coloration of judgement, for we cannot judge; we do not possess a mind that is capable of judgement. Within us is a redeemed soul and our material mental qualities and aspects of our being which we carried within the Earth plane, are now fully absorbed into our souls, creating a different sort of consciousness.

But indeed, we must communicate through various instruments and channels in order to reach you, for this is what you desire and this is what we in the Celestial Heavens desire to do. In doing so, we must utilize the language and words within the brain of the medium and in some cases, that form of communication, that language, may take on more of an Earthly condition than that of the Celestial condition. So you have an amalgam of the mind of the instrument and the soul of the Celestial channel, and considering the conditions that may be prevalent within the instrument and how that may come together with the soul who is wishing to communicate, it will reflect a level of truth, but not pure truth. It is not possible at this time, to bring pure truth to humanity, instead, you receive a semblance of truth. We are pleased when the quality of truth comes through that is easily understood and absorbed and accepted. But when you are challenged by a particular message, may I suggest that you bring it into yourself and observe your own inner feeling and discernment of truth. Not your mindful reaction to it, but your sense of it that comes from that deeper place. For, this will give you an awareness, an insight, some wisdom and capacity to discern truth within any message.

Each of you has this capacity. Each of you who are willing to go beyond your own judgements and mindful considerations to that place of the soul, will come to a semblance of truth that is of your own. It is not necessary that you agree with one another in your experience or perception, what is important is that you add to yourself a measure of truth in any message given by we in the Celestial Heaven. This is our goal, our desire that you accumulate within yourself a measure of truth which you may live by and express in the world. We have communicated with you from many different perspectives, angles, words which you may take in, or not.

You are human. You live within what we are fond of calling, the human condition. Because of this, often you are subject to mindful perceptions and judgements of the words which are shared through a medium. It is not our intention to foment discord, but our intention is to bring forward truth. And to bring forward the truth requires a delicate interaction between the medium and the Celestial Spirit.

This is not always successful or 100%, as you would call it, in its accuracy. But you may rest assured that for the most part, what is given has a measure of truth. You must accept this situation, that communication in this way, as imperfect and is subject to the influence of the mind of the medium and the capacity of the medium to convey in accurate terms, that which is intended to be communicated.

We are well pleased with this medium. He has indeed developed well in his skills and ability to be our instrument of communication. But I cannot say that every word spoken through this individual, this beautiful soul, is entirely accurate or credible. For, this cannot be in your world, so influenced by the conditions in which you are all immersed within. But I do not encourage you to criticize the messenger nor the message, if you do not agree with what is within it. Rather to take what you can from what is given and be assured that as you continue in your soul’s progression, God will afford every way and means to communicate to you truth.

The greatest source of truth for each individual soul is in their alignment and efforts to reach God. In this way, they are solely responsible for their own journey towards truth and understanding. This is a great challenge for each one of you. Each of you receive snippets of information, a sense of something, you perceive something, you may even receive a message on your own. But I warn you that your capacity to know truth and to receive truth is limited by your soul’s progression and those ways that you focus your consciousness, your gifts, that which you are capable of utilizing in order to communicate with God and with us.

Do you not see this within your own lives and limitations that you carry in order to facilitate these communications? Do you not see that all is flawed in your world? It is not in complete harmony. You are not in complete light. Your souls are not redeemed fully by the Father’s Love. So I urge you not to judge what comes to you personally or through another. Rather, to have faith that on your journey towards God, you will come to know truth that will abide within your hearts and souls in ways that will inform your life, those decisions that you make and the perceptions that you have.

We utilize what channels that we have and we are exceedingly happy with the opportunities that are given to us to communicate with you, knowing full well that these communications are flawed. But in this way, each of you have a test, and that test incites you to go within yourself to truly discern the truth. Until you do that for yourself you cannot judge another’s perceptions or experience, nor can you truly know for yourself what is valid until you attune yourselves and are sensitive to that place within you which validates and elaborates upon whatever message, whatever words are given which are intended to incite deeper perceptions and deeper knowings of the soul.

Continue to pray for the Divine Love to enter your souls, awakening  perceptions and attuning the aspects of your soul which are able to discern and know truth, the truth from God, the truth that you may live by and stand by in the world. Yes, it is easy to judge another but I say to you, each of you must look within and come to whatever conclusions you may come to, to affirm and strengthen your journey towards truth. For much can come with the awakening of the soul, and is this not our journey together beloveds, to awaken our souls more fully through love, through knowing our true selves and loving our true selves and loving one another? And so we will each and every day. Know that we do not judge you and we encourage you not to judge each other but to accept that each of you are challenged, are imperfect. But in this, this does not restrict the flow of love that is available to every soul upon your world. It is only you that can restrict this by the workings of your mind, the judgements of your mind. It is only you who choose for yourself upon that journey of love.

May you choose well, beloved souls. Know that our love is with you, that we continue to make great efforts to uplift you, to bring you to truth and to allow you your own journey which, at times, can be circuitous indeed. But it is your journey towards truth, towards soul awakening. So it is and will be because this is the Law, that each individual soul must walk their individual path towards light and truth and love. We walk with you beloved souls, but we do not force any soul to partake of light and love. It is for them to choose; this is the Law. God bless you, beloveds. Our love is with you all. We are with you all. I am Augustine, your teacher and your friend upon this path. God bless you.