Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 9, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Ah the pitfalls of mediumship, they are great and there are many. Yet this designated place of service brings with it a measure of adulation and appreciation from others, which indeed motivates you on this earth plane to continue on this service and activity. We in the realms of the Celestial Heavens appreciate it as well, as it seems to be the most effective way to reach out to those on your earth plane. But the connection between us in the Celestial Heavens and you on the earth plane is a tenuous one at times as we come a great, great distance to be with you. As you have been educated regarding what is required, it is important to maintain your practice of praying for Divine Love as a daily effort, one that is sincere and deep. In this way, a closer rapport may be obtained, and we have worked diligently to ensure that this connection is alive and vital, building portals of light, inspiring and being with this instrument and others as much as possible in order to ensure a close connection and powerful protection. 

For an open channel such as this, is what you may think of as a target in your vernacular. Someone who many, many spirits in the spirit world would relish the opportunity to speak through and to manipulate. But the spirits of the lower spheres are very manipulative indeed. They wish to have access to the means by which they may communicate to earth and bring their ideas and insights to bear upon those who are willing to listen. There are many mediums on your earth plane who are instruments of such, somewhat unsophisticated spirits, who wish to communicate and influence others. To reach for the highest is not only a great responsibility but an enduring task that requires consistency and dedication, for there are few on earth plane who are able to sustain this form of communication consistently, very few indeed. We cherish those who are not only willing to be a channel for us in the Celestial Kingdom but are strong enough and consistent enough in their light and in their soul and in their daily habits so that this may be accomplished.

As I have said, there are many pitfalls indeed on this journey of service. When we give a message, one must realize that the brain of the medium has a bearing and influence upon the words and flavour of the message. Though we endeavor to bring truth forward, that truth may be coloured by a great degree by the thinking of the medium, what the medium has brought into their minds and what the medium finds acceptable and in harmony with their own thinking. It is not so much that the medium may struggle and question and seek to control what comes through as the message but rather the reflexive and inner workings of the brain will do so, in what you may call an unconscious manner.

So often we struggle to weave our words through the maze of the mind and bring through as clearly as possible the message intended as the medium continues to establish a closer rapport and their souls grow in the Father’s Divine Love. This becomes an easier task as the avenues of communication are broadened and widened and more straightforward in their functioning as our instruments of communications. So, we put forth a great investment with those who are willing to serve in this way and they are tested often, but indeed as each individual passes their tests and become more deeply committed to the task at hand, then much may flow through that individual. The flow of information which may come is clearer, more succinct and less prone to error and distortion. 

This medium has continued on his journey of service for a number of years now and has brought through many messages from us in the Celestial Heavens. If one were to sample the messages in the beginnings of his efforts to now, it would become clear and obvious that the quality of the messages has improved greatly. The passage of information through him has been greatly enhanced and is clear indeed. But I wish to also say that there are no mediums on earth who may be one hundred percent as you might call it in accuracy and in bringing through the exact message that has been intended. We continue to accept this as being the case and it is completely understandable considering the conditions in which you all live and the environment, both spiritual and mental that is predominant in your earthly plane. 

Bringing through any message from the Celestial Kingdom is indeed a remarkable accomplishment. It is not easily attained. The multiple barriers that are present for us to establish a close rapport and to utilize the brain of the medium, dealing with the various conditions that the medium carries, to have come through them a level of truth in regard to Divine Love is a remarkable accomplishment. 

In the many centuries since our beloved brother Jesus brought forth the truth of Divine Love, the number of souls who have come to clearly understand this truth is small indeed.Now that the truth has been laid out by our brother James Paddgett through his mediumship, the chances of others understanding clearly the truth of receiving Divine Love from God has become more common in your World. Yet even with this information set forth to humanity, very few are willing to listen and truly put into practice those truths. So, we persist through others, bringing another perspective forward which reflects the mindset of the medium, amalgamated with the consciousness of the Celestial Spirits so that there may be greater clarity, simplicity, inspiration, and truth through these various channels. 

Each medium will bring a flavour, a level of understanding, a particular perspective and a desire to convey truth through them. Some individuals are more suited for this task more than others. Some are very biased with their thinking, while others are open and somewhat innocent and make for a more receptive channel for us to use. 

Whatever the circumstance of the individual who desires to be a medium for Divine Love Celestial Spirits, there will be a level of truth expressed coloured by the thinking of the medium and the perspective of the medium. The words that are used, the concepts that are expressed, and the truth that is given all reflect that which the medium may convey and that which the medium has firmly set within their minds. 

There are no perfectly clear and uninhibited mediums in your world. Each has their own biases, ideas and barriers towards truth but as each soul continues to grow in the Divine Love, so the truth becomes clearer within their soul and in this way, is expressed more clearly through them. The mind then becomes a less dominant player in this means of communication and the soul comes to the fore. 

This you may see in this instrument as he continues to grow and develop with his gifts. Others indeed will do so, provided they are willing and dedicated and have made a conscious decision to walk upon the Divine Path in a dedicated way. Indeed, that dedication is within the soul of the individual. Often the mind lags behind in its understanding of this dedication and will pursue other ideas and concepts which do not reflect the truth of Divine Love but reflect other perspectives and ideas that have in their own way a measure of truth but are not in complete harmony with the truth and journey of the soul awakened in Divine Love. This is more commonly the way of the world. This unfortunately, inhibits the clear flow of information through a medium, because of the dual nature of the mindset of that individual and their soul consciousness. It does not mean that we are incapable of communicating through that individual, rather it means that they have made the route by which we may communicate and the words which we may use, more circuitous in nature so that the concepts and truth that we wish to convey may be heavily coloured by the biases of the medium. If that individual who is an open channel entertains other spiritual paths and thoughts, they are susceptible to the influence of those spirits who represent and foster these concepts and avenues of thought. This is only one of many obstructions which may be put forth by the individual living upon this earth plane and indeed there are many, not only that of thought but also those conditions which the medium may entertain during the day. Their physical health, their emotional state, the complex interaction between the mind and the soul, the mind and the body, the mind and the spirit body, and all of these many forces are constantly in motion within the individual. In this way it is unlikely that a medium may perform in an optimal way at all times, rather it is a sort of hit and miss situation which we in the spirit world must deal with on a daily basis. 

So you  may see that there are many pitfalls and many possibilities that may come through a medium who is willing to be used in this way as a Celestial channel for truth. We do not expect perfection, we do not judge those who are imperfect, rather we persist and continue to persist in helping to develop more effective mediums upon this earth plane. For it is important that those communication avenues are open so that we may bring teaching light and love to your brothers and sisters on earth. So we will persist and will continue in our efforts to help all of you walk the Divine Path and help those of you who aspire to be channels of our words and our teachings and our blessings through you. Indeed, the desire must be there and the commitment must be there. This consistency is important and efforts are needed in order to ensure a clear and beautiful channel of truth in the world. 

You are all challenged my brothers and sisters and you are all tested daily. Your thoughts, your choices, your actions, your efforts determine the quality of the message that may come through as a medium. Every moment predicates the outcomes of any message given. For with every moment comes great choice, great responsibility, and great effort for it to sustain this very important and serious commitment to be a Divine Love medium. Much hinges on these various acts of choice and action which reflect the truth of Divine Love. 

We continue to work with many and at times we invite an individual to come forward as a medium. We do not do so casually for it requires a great commitment from our side of life, a great investment of time and effort in development and we must be ensured that the individual is indeed fully committed to this venture and so the journey continues to seek out those individuals who are willing and desirous to be used in this way. There are many rewards for this effort and many challenges and as always, the responsibility lies within the individual and their desire and commitment and so we honour this with each soul, with the realization that their journey is unique and their commitment will bring a certain quality and character to their gifts. Much comes with the power of Divine Love opening many possibilities and gifts within the individual, and it is for them to find their way, to understand their purpose, to understand their own gifts, to see the way that is guided by God and intended by God, so that all is in harmony and all unfolds in truth and love, in grace and in joy. 

May you all find your way, beloved souls, upon the highest path, the path of Divine Love. May you see for yourselves the truth. May it live within your souls and may that awareness bloom within you with this gift from God that is given with His Love. You will see for yourself what is within you, what gifts may come forward, what blessings may flow and be given to others through you. May God bless you beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. I am happy to speak on this subject, for it is an important subject amongst those of you who gather together and listen to our words and aspire to live and know these words of truth as a living thing within you. God bless you beloveds. My love is with you and God’s love is available to you always. God bless you.