Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 20, 2020
Location:  Gibsons, BC

Bless you, beloved souls. I am Mary. I am pleased to see you gathered together, a beloved family of God’s children who are seeking the great blessing of His Love, who have a desire to be uplifted in Light, to seek the Truth of His Love, to know the comfort of His Love. I am with you, beloved souls. I enwrap you in my arms, enfolding you in love and comfort.

As we have told you time and time again, during times of difficulty, we will be with you, we will comfort and protect you for we are God’s angels, entrusted to your care and keeping. We will protect you, each one of you. We will bring the blessings of healing and upliftment, strengthening your bodies, your spirit bodies, your minds, and your souls.

The Grace of God rests upon each one of you, beloved souls. The peace of God is a mantle upon you. The Love of God continues to find its way into your souls, awakening those dark places, bringing healing and Truth and joy. If any of you are feeling alone, afraid, who are suffering, know that we are with you. Merely ask, beloved souls, merely ask for our presence. Ask for God’s Touch upon you. Seek for God’s Love to flow into your souls and that Great Comforter will be given for the asking.

As you open yourselves to God, so God will bring you along His path of Love, awakening all that you are with Love. Feel the peace, beloved souls, feel the peace that is God’s Touch upon your soul. Awaken and see beyond this earthly plane into realms of light and joy where love flows freely and all that is beautiful enwraps you all, bringing you together in this Circle of Light, making for each of you a part of the whole which is this beautiful family. Let this sense of belonging come to your consciousness. Let this knowledge that you are truly loved be a real and living part of your self.

With each breath that you take, each moment in your lives, may you sense the joy of your soul, acknowledging this Truth that it is on the path of transformation and redemption, that God’s Love is firmly a part of you and continues to grow within you. You are not alone. Know that you are deeply loved, that God continues to guide you forward and that each of you is precious, deeply loved, part of the family that grows in light and love.

Nothing will hold you from God, beloved souls. Nothing can obstruct your passage towards greater Light. For, you have come into a deep sense of faith and understanding of your journey towards at-onement with God. No matter the hardships, the conditions that may be around you that are not in harmony with God, know this, beloved souls, know that you are truly loved, protected, comforted and guided. We are with you. Our love surrounds you. God’s Hand rest upon you. You are blessed in Light.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Mary and I am with you.