Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 7, 2019
Location: Waianea, HI

I am Michael Collier. I come to return and speak to you about your work in bringing the Truths of the Father’s Love to the world. I am very pleased to hear you speak about returning to the country which you have visited which, at this time, is undergoing some crises of weather and conditions of fires. These sorts of conditions will intensify around the world as Earth changes have their effect. This is why it is important for you to return to these places, to reinforce and re-establish a sense of urgency around the growing spirituality that is necessary in the hearts of humanity in order to cope with these conditions and to deal with what is coming. So you will be needed time and time again. 

Though, as our dear and beloved friend suggests, there are always those who resist and have what you would call a practical mind in these matters. But I tell you that you will find the ways and means to do this work, that God will open doors, provided you do not push them so that they cannot open. One must be free of the constrictions of the mind. These so-called practical perceptions and attitudes of mind can be a barrier at times. The mind certainly has its place in your efforts and going about your business in this world, but the primary motivation must be the soul in connection with God. This is faith, is it not ? To walk in the world with faith, to be true to the knowings of your soul which is true to the Will of God?

So when these barriers and reluctant judgments of practical matters are put aside and one accepts the invitation of God to serve, to reach out to souls who are seeking, to allow your gifts, whatever they may be, to be active in reaching out to others, to allow God to reach through you to others, to not be shy and nervous and afraid of rejection and judgment. Though I’m sure you are aware that these things may come, this rejection may be put at your feet from those who are afraid, from those who will not look, from those who are ignoring the crying out of their own soul, but these are not the individuals that you are speaking to primarily. 

God is ringing a great bell, a bell that says it is time to waken. You are helping others to hear that ringing, that invitation by God. When you speak with all sincerity and love and joy and truth, you are helping others to hear those chords within their soul that are resonating with the bell toll of God. This is your work, to help ignite the other souls in the world who will be used by God in times to come to help awaken all of humanity. It will take a great force, my friends, a great force indeed, to help awaken all of humanity. 

There will be many forces, many currents and conditions and events within the world that will help stir your brothers and sisters from their slumbers and awaken to the Truth Awaken to the reality of the situation that humanity has created that will bring about great change and great response from not only the natural elements of your world, but all the elements of your world that are being stirred. Some infused with great Light, some responding from the conditions of darkness, some agitated such as all the many animals and creatures of this world who no longer feel the sense of the rhythms and harmony that God has created for them. This you must all take responsibility for. For the power of your very numbers upon this world has created such currents of disharmony that all of the world suffers from the presence of what truly is God’s Greatest Creation, humanity, gone awry, unable to truly see its place in the great scheme of God’s Universal Creation. 

So humanity must be brought back to harmony. There must be great change in your world, as there must be great change within yourselves, my friends. Yes, those of you who see, who have an inkling of the urgency of this situation in which you all live within, sense the immensity of the need and the complexity of the problem which you find yourselves in. So this is where you must teach and you must do for yourself, to go to God for the wisdom, the knowledge, the spiritual preparation, the awakening of your soul. In this way, the solutions will come and in no other way. For the solutions of the mind, of what humanity has relied upon for so many eons of life, cannot and is not capable of bringing the solutions that are necessary at this time. 

It is the wisdom of the soul, it is the gathering together of many souls who are in alignment with God in order to come to the understandings that are required and to see the solutions that are necessary. Perceptions of the soul, my friends, are what is needed. You all have come together in this Circle of Light to seek to hone those perceptions, to bring forward those gifts, to come closer to God to receive more of the Great Fuel of the Soul which is God’s Essence. 

When you return to your homes, my friends, you must continue to pray fervently, to continue your communications and bonds and love with one another. Strengthening, strengthening, creating a great rope that is connected to God and connected to all of you, binding you together not in a way that restricts, but in a way that strengthens and helps you all to see. For each of you has a key. Each of you has something that will contribute to the whole that will strengthen this rope that will pull humanity away from the brink of disaster. 

There are many more who will add their entwined wisdom and strength and Light to yours and help bring humanity to its sense sand help bring reality forward. Truth of what is truly meant to be in this world, not what humanity has concocted in their minds and expressed with their abilities to create. Though these things are gifts from God, this ability to think and create and to choose, but these things, when they are out of alignment with God, are not in harmony with God’s Creation. 

Humanity must learn wisdom, must learn love, must learn how to be in this world but not in a way that pulls and distorts and is violent in its means and ends to bring power and control and material success and security. It is all distorted, my friends. It is a tragedy of immense proportions. Now is the time when the tipping point comes and the resolution must come, one way or another. Whether humanity subscribes to God’s Will or not. God’s Will will be done and there will be a reconciliation of this world towards harmony and Light and peace. 

So each of you, my friends, has a great responsibility and have been issued many, many invitations to work together, to bring this Truth as far and wide as you can, to take up the mantle of Truth and speak to your brothers and sisters in love, in joy, not in fear. For fear will not bring the solutions that must come. Love will bring those solutions. Love will open the doors to greater possibilities and greater Light in your world. So you must bring love. You must bring all the capacities of love that are possible within your hearts and souls, to come forth and be given as a gift to your brothers and sisters. 

The capacity of your giving, the desire to do so, the power of your own Light and your own choice to serve humanity is important to recognize. Accept that indeed the needs of the world at this time, in these conditions in which you live, requires a great step forward in service and commitment, in allowing God to use you as His channels. Again I repeat, you are being used to strike the chords within the souls so that they may hear the great bell toll of God and act upon this. You are helping to open the doors for many. May you see yourself in this place of serving God, as the ones who are assisting God to open the eyes of humanity. 

There is much to do, my friends, and little time to do it. You may help to save countless lives with this Truth. Are you willing to walk with this Truth, to speak it, and to do so with love? To speak in the flow of God’s guidance and inspiration? To act in accordance to God’s Will? Can you give yourself to this? For it requires a great dedication, a great desire to serve in this way. It is an important commitment, a powerful choice to be in alignment with God, to not be halfway there, where you have great concern for your needs and what is convenient. No, my beloved, beautiful friends. 

The time now requires your full dedication, if you are willing. For this is a great opportunity to serve God and a serious situation in which it requires your commitment and your love, not in fear, not in obligation, not in a mental decision that says I must do this because I see that it is important. No, my friends, it is a heartfelt dedication to God that says, “I will follow your guidance, your Will, with every moment.” This is your love for God. This is truly your love for God in action. 

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. I am your friend, Michael Collier. I continue to be with you in your conversations and ruminations, your prayers, beseeching God to continually bless you. But in this great blessing from God must come a response of love and service and realization that your world is in deep despair and needs your efforts, your wisdom, the Truth that you know, to come forward. 

God bless you, my friends. May God continue to bless you and keep you in His Light, strengthen you daily and show you the way. God bless you. My love is with you. I am Michael Collier. Thank you, my friends.