Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 20, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God bless your souls, I am Andrew. Each of you are connected to God as is every soul that God has created. All are connected to the great Soul of God. But many do not realize this nor understand the significance of this connection and the possibilities that this connection may bring to each soul. For this is how God blesses and communicates with you, through this light connection that is between you and your Creator. Your challenge is to clear the way, those obstructions to knowing this beautiful synergistic connection between yourself and God. As your prayers flow towards Him and His Blessings flow towards you, the ebb and flow of energies of Love, of Light, of healing and peace all bring to you the upliftment and the Light that brings a blessing to your lives. 

As you come together, you support one another in this effort to be with God, and you do so in many ways. As you pray together you create a unity, a power and longing that reaches God in a powerful way. As you uphold one another in love, so you secure each other in this Light, for you too are inter-connected, one to the other. A bond of love exists between you all, even those who are new to this circle. Know that as you continue to be within this family of love, a soul connection one to another exists and builds as you reinforce it with your efforts in prayers and time together.

This Lattice of Light that exists in the world is also a reflection of this interconnectedness. In so many ways you are a part of one another. You are children of One Light and as you receive more of the gift of God’s Love, so you will begin to see this complex web of Light that brings so many things, so many blessings to each one of you and so much between yourselves and many others, enlivening this network, bringing as a channel of God’s Love blessings forth to your brothers and sisters.

It is good that you realize the power of what you are creating together, that you have made a conscious decision to be within this network of loving souls and to be with God together. In this decision, the expression of the longings of your soul, so God is able to reach you. Where one is weak at any particular moment, the other is strong and together you uphold one another. For is not that every day is a different day for each of you? Sometimes you do not feel close to God and sometimes you feel weakened spiritually. Depending upon the conditions you are dealing with, I say to you that in these numbers you have created together, these powerful souls aligned together, you uplift all those who are in need of uplifting and you reach out to all of those who are a part of this group but may not be a part of this prayer. So much can happen in the inter-connectedness of soul to soul, soul to God. So much can be given and so much you give in love to your brothers and sisters. Continue on in your efforts, my beloved friends, and be in harmony, in loving harmony with one another. 

May God bless you, beloved souls. May you come to know all the blessings that are made available to you. May you come to know the great blessing of the Divine Essence flowing into your souls, awakening those deep soul places that exist within each one of you, strengthening the bond of love, enlightening the network of connected souls, supporting and upholding one another, being a channel of love in the world. God bless you, beloved souls, I am Andrew. I am happy to pray with you tonight. God bless you.