Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 23, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. You are all such earnest souls, taking so seriously God’s invitation to awaken your soul. It is that desire, the intensity of that desire that will bring your soul’s awakening. As you continue to pray for the Father’s Love, so the effects of and blessings of this Touch from God will awaken you to all that is true and all that will inspire and open the vast landscape of God’s Truth and existence, His Universe. It is an incremental thing, as we have told you time and time again, my beloved brothers and sister. It cannot come all in one great wave of awakening and being. Your being needs time to integrate, to adjust, to open and acknowledge these aspects of yourself. When you come to God as you do and desire some true experience or understanding with Him, you do receive this Gift within your souls but it will take time. It will be a journey to awaken and understand and fully realise these experiences. 

Much awaits you, beloved brothers. You feel, you see, you sense, you come to that place of Grace with God. Your step is firmly upon the Divine Path. There is no need to be concerned or worried as to your soul’s progress, rather, to be enthusiastic, to be committed, consistent with prayer to receive the Father’s Love, to know this Gift as a surety and a Truth in your life. All else follows from this. All else will come from this. 

Your progress is much swifter than you think. There will come times in your life when there are great openings, surprising, full and rich with God’s Touch of Love. These times will come again and again, more swiftly than the one before, and will come to awaken greater depths of Truth and understanding within you. To be patient, to have faith, to pray, to be in the Grace of God’s Love, these things must be your mantra, beloved souls. This must be the foundation of all your efforts. 

As you continue to walk this path, so, God’s plan for you will unfold and all will be in harmony. You will know a great joy and peace, a wondrous awakening and a knowing of Truths, deep and powerful. God’s Love is this and so much more, my beautiful friends. Continue on your journey knowing that you are upon the right path, that there is nothing that will obstruct you of any consequence. But there is indeed the need to be clear and focused and intense upon your desire to receive God’s Love. 

God bless you, my brothers and sister. God bless you dearly. I am your teacher Augustine. I walk with you. Know that where we can, we assist, we inspire and we guide. Our love is with you, all of you. God’s Love continues to pour upon you ever more. God bless you. God bless you. Augustine loves you.