Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 10, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am your teacher Augustine. May God’s Great Love continue to flow into your souls, each of you yearning, longing for this blessing. As you continue upon this journey of discovering your own soul, rest assured that each of you have angels with you that are assisting you and protecting you and guiding you upon this journey. How many do you think in your world are so blessed? How many have clearly chosen the Divine Path, the way to at-onement with God? How many have a desire recognised by the mind that originates from the soul to seek this at-onement, this blessing, this journey? Few indeed, few indeed.

Though there are many who do not fully comprehend this journey as you do, they have a desire in their soul and, at times, pray forth this desire to God seeking this gift which they do not see as you see it, but indeed, their souls are responding to God’s clarion call as the dear daughter suggests in her prayer. So few understand clearly the choice that is available to all of humanity. Yet, you have come through all the snares and obstacles and errors that stand in the way of so many in your world to come to this place of clarity.

We urge you to continue to seek out this gift. Above all, seek out this gift in prayer. For you are never alone, beloved souls. You are diligently cared for and blessed and uplifted in light. We, the angels of Heaven, have dedicated ourselves to your welfare. No matter where you are upon this path, no matter your gifts, perceptions, ideas, and understanding, you are cared for, you are nurtured, you are loved.

God will continue to pour His blessings upon you provided you are open and willing to receive and have a deep desire to so. As you dedicate yourselves to this path of Truth, you will continue to have the benefits, the blessings, and the compensations that come with this choice. This will last for all eternity, beloved souls. You will be blessed. You will be shown the way. The path will open clearly, unequivocally, and beautifully to the Light of at-onement with God.

Though many of you feel you have stumbled upon this Truth, that somehow you have made your way here, I tell you that in your soul that longing has brought you here, has brought you along this path, that God knows your yearnings, your desires, your thoughts. Every moment of your lives is known by God. God seeks every opportunity, every crack within that armour around your soul to bring His gift of Love into your being. His Love for you is so great, so complete, so wondrous that no matter what you have done in your lives that is not of love, not matter those flaws within your character and thoughts of error and thoughts not worthy of love, you are forgiven by God. God’s Love continues to flow towards you, uplifting and seeking to uplift and heal you from the darkness.

Every soul in your world carries the burden of error and have indeed expressed thoughts and emotions and expressions even of the soul that are not of God’s Love but are of the human condition. Without God’s great efforts, without God’s great yearning for you to come into at-onement, such possibility of receiving His Love would be greatly diminished. You may believe that it is in reading a book or having certain beliefs and ideas and words within your mind that this gift is bestowed. But in truth, this gift is bestowed because you have yearned it to be within you.

This is the flowering of that seed within your soul that God implanted at your creation and God has nurtured thus far and is pleased that deep within you has been a response. Deep within you, that seed has germinated and pushes forth through all the conditions of the human world to reach God. So, God responds to this great effort of the soul to receive this gift.

Remember, beloved souls, when you encounter others, those who walk the world unbeknownst of this gift, unaware of the yearnings of their souls, that the important work is that God will use you as His channels. God will use you as a Portal of Light reaching the soul of that individual, enticing the soul to seek that gift that God wishes to give.

Though the words of prayer and the ideas of prayer, are important, and I do not wish to say that it is a contradiction, but I wish to inform and to encourage you that it is the breaking open of that seed within the soul, that part so deep and so important that wishes to find fulfilment, that wishes to be with God. This brings you to God andt brings every soul who is willing to acknowledge this yearning to God.

So, I encourage you indeed to speak of these Truths but also to understand that even an unspoken communication from your soul to another, from God’s Soul through you to another is an important part of this work. As you continue to journey forth as a soul enlightening with the Father’s Love, so this beam of Light, this reaching forth from your soul to another will intensify and will bring a response. Often the individual which you are communicating with or even gazing upon may not know why they feel something with you in your relationship together, something different, something compelling, and in some cases something that is disturbing. But you will walk in the world eliciting these responses from many souls.

You are, in this way, a part of God’s plan for the awakening of humanity, for the transformation of your world. Your prayers, your heartfelt prayers make a difference because they reach out as I have described to other souls. I urge you to pray for their awakening, that God may put within them a true desire to receive this Truth of Love.

No matter your present beliefs and ideas, each of you has a soul that is alight with the flame of Truth. Each of you, as God’s instruments and channels of Love, will make your mark in the world, will be used in these deeper ways and flows of Truth and Light, of healing and Love, comfort and peace. These things will flow through you, beloved souls, and reach humanity.

Continue in your prayers. The more that you can pray and be in that state of Grace with God and ask to be used as an instrument, a channel for God’s Love, many more souls are reached. At this time, where there is so much fear and concern and changes and difficulties, it is your efforts that will help quell the fear of humanity, the confusion of humanity and bring peace and the help of God to inspire them and to aspire towards Him.

May God bless you on that journey, my beloved and beautiful friends. You are truly blessed. Remember this. It is not that you are special in the eyes of God for this does not exist. God loves each and every soul equally, but you have been deeply blessed and designated as God’s channels of Love. With this, you carry a deep blessing and a deep responsibility. May you continue to carry on in the world as His channels. May you continue to express Truth in every moment of your life, your light shining bright, the wisdom of your soul flowing forth to all in this world.

May God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine continues to love you dearly and teach you as I may as you continue along your journey of awakening, of knowing the true force and wonderment and glory that is the Divine Love within your soul. May God bless you and keep you in Light. My love is with you, beloved and beautiful souls, my love is with you. God bless you.