Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 18, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

Bless you upon your journeys of at-onement with God. I am your teacher Augustine. I come to encourage you to bring forth the emotions of your soul combined with the intentions that you have to receive the great gift of Divine Love. For as you combine these forces within you and direct them to God, so they penetrate through the earthly conditions towards the Great Soul of God. In so doing, it ignites a response for God’s great intervener and instrument for the conveyance of His Love. What we call the Holy Spirit then comes in response to these prayers and infills your soul with God’s Essence, His Love. 

These are not complicated matters, beloved students. These are matters of the heart, deep and abiding parts of your soul seeking to be with God. It does not require complex thoughts, or rituals, or even efforts in your service to others. In essence, it merely requires your desire, an expression of the soul seeking God, seeking at-onement which the soul has been created for. This individualized expression of God’s Creation, which is you, seeks to be reunited with God and to know a deep and intimate sense of belonging to God, of being with God, of expressing oneself within the great dance of life that God has created. 

Yet, over the eons of time humanity continues to elaborate upon the simple desire of the soul, to make for itself something that the mind may be inspired and comforted by. The soul in all its simplicity is very wise and knowing. So it is for you to step aside from the ideas and inclinations of your mind and go to that simple place to rest within the arms of God. This God gives you willingly. God does not put strictures and tenants in front of His gift of Love. It is unceasing and merely requires that you desire and long for this gift. 

In this way, all the things of your heart, your mind and your soul’s expression upon this world of yours will find a harmony, deep and powerful, that will unite all of these aspects of yourself and be expressed in all it’s beauty and potentials. You will come to know the harmony of God’s Presence with you. You will live in the warmth and Grace of His Love. In this Grace, you will know what you must do in life, for the wisdom of the soul will inform you and the Will of God will inspire you. You will find your way through all the complex conditions created by man for when God guides a soul, these conditions part and you find a road that is straight and easy to follow. 

Seek not to clutter your mind with many thoughts and speculations, dark emotions created by the yearnings of the mind which are so very different than the yearnings of the soul. Put these things aside, beloved children, and know that the in truth and love the Way to God is simple and direct. The yearning of your souls expressed through your heart, your love for God, will bring all that you require upon this eternal journey towards at-onement, fulfilling the true desire of your soul. 

May you be blessed upon this journey, beloved souls. May you come to know your true selves deeply, intimately, powerfully and know all the blessings of God. May God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and I pray with you, beloved souls, I pray with you. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.