Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 28, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, brothers and sisters of the Earth plane. I come once again to speak of spiritual matters and truth so to inspire you to come to light and love and God in order to nurture your soul and prepare you for the next step on your journey of life. I am you brother and friend Jesus. I continue to have great love and focus upon those of the Earth plane, for this plane is a most crucial step in forming the beginnings of one’s journey to God. Every soul must in some way upon some path come to God in time. Whether you do so on this earthly plane or come to understand this journey when you transition into the spirit world, your souls will invariably draw you to God, for God has created within you a soul that knows God, that can know God deeply provided it is awakened in His Love. 

You begin your journey upon this Earth plane with innocence and with the burden of the conditions of this earthly plane which every soul must encounter. In accordance to their free will and the conditions in which they were born into, they become influenced in such a way that much of their thinking and motivations are determined very early on as  those formative years of childhood are indeed powerful. The experiences of those years lay the foundation of the attitudes and desires of the individuated soul.

Unfortunately, few escape the dark and unloving conditions of this world completely, for there is some influence or experience or training that will restrict the mind and therefore, the soul in its journey. In an ideal world, as you would call it, there would be nothing but love, acceptance, and opportunities to open to truth. But, because of the very nature of your cultures and ways of life upon the Earth plane developed over thousands of years of human experience, the format by which a child may learn and grow is deeply defined by the mind and the expectations of each cultural paradigm. So it is difficult for the child to escape from these things. 

Yet, there are strong souls, souls of light, souls with great purpose who are born into the Earth plane and feel a calling, a future that is meant to be for them. Yet, often this is indistinct and unformed within the mind of the child. But, as this soul continues to progress upon the Earth, often these feelings of purpose, this sense of destiny comes forward and motivates that individual so that they may be inclined towards spiritual matters, that they often open their minds and their souls to it. If not to God, at least to spiritual teachings given by others. These you know of as seekers, seekers of truth.

Many of who I am addressing at this time are indeed seekers of truth for they have come to find the truth in the power of God’s Love to transform the soul and bring one into at-onement with the Great Soul of God. Each soul in some way has this desire to seek God. Yet, because of the rigours of your earthly life, few have come to recognise this desire and act upon it. But, there are those brave souls who continue to seek, to put aside the inhibitions that have been laid upon them in childhood and seek with an open mind and a desirous soul to find the truth.

For those brave souls who do so, they will be blessed. They will indeed in some way find the truth to satisfy the desires of their soul and those restrictions of the mind. Thus, the chances of a soul coming to pure truth without the mind interfering and contaminating this understanding are very slim indeed. Upon your Earth at this time, one may count possibly less than a hundred souls of all the billions of souls on this planet who are to some degree in harmony with the truth so that they are not influenced by error.

So you see this possibility is a great challenge to be fulfilled in truth and to live truth in the purity of light and truth. For those of you who see the great challenge that this brings in regard to the Truth of Divine Love to the world, often they appreciate how difficult and how overwhelming is this task. Yet, great resources are given to those who are willing to not only live the truth but to express the truth to others in the world. 

There are thousands of angels waiting to assist mortals in this pursuit and in this effort to liberate humanity from error and bring the simple truth of Love to their conscious selves, to their souls. God has brought vast resources of blessings and energetic conditions of light to your world in order to assist humanity in this struggle. Though the mind is a powerful thing, the soul is even more powerful. 

It is unfortunate that the vast numbers of humanity on this Earth desire to live a life that skims the surface of consciousness and does not go deeper where the soul resides. There are those in your world who continue to uphold the light and be a bright light within themselves and in their lives. Many feel isolated, feel separate from their brothers and sisters because of these differences in attitudes and perspectives. Unfortunately, many of these bright lights do not know God well. They have done great works and efforts upon themselves to clear away the dark energies and encrustations that they carry and therefore their minds have a purity and an inclination towards love, the natural love, but they have not yet come to the power and the beauty of God’s Divine Love. 

It is for those who aspire to teach and to bring this truth to others, to seek out those individuals who are of light and who are seeking fellowship. As you seek these individuals out, know that we are also influencing them from our side of life and that God is guiding them. I would assure you that in time they will find their way towards light, that there are many who are seeking at this time, many who feel restless, who have difficulty accepting the norms of society and feeling content with these standards and paradigms of thought.

The time for spiritual revolution is upon us, brothers and sisters. The time for awakening is upon us. The time to come to understand the world from a radically different perspective is now, for as we have spoken of in the past, great change is coming to your world, change that will shake every individual to its soul, change that will challenge all of you, change that will bring greater harmony to your world but not necessarily greater harmony to the world that man has built for the natural order of this world must be maintained and re-established in a way that harmony exists and will be sustained.

It is, within each individual soul, an understanding of this and an appreciation of this, for much lies within the soul that is of truth, of knowledge, of wisdom, but it is for each soul to struggle to release themselves from the error in which they live and abide within. This is the source of the struggles of which I speak, the challenges that are coming. God is imploring each individual soul to step out of their slumbers and their erroneous ways so as to see the world afresh, to understand the great beauty and miracle that is our world, the earthly world, as God created it.

With this awakening, which is inevitable, either it will come with the desire of the soul acknowledged or come with the changes of the world that will force humanity to see. So there will be an awakening. Some will awaken as one awakens from a deep sleep, feeling refreshed and alert. Others will be jarred awake from the conditions that will force them to do so. It is for those who are willing to be awoken, those who wish to see beyond the illusions of the human condition to that of truth will indeed find great light, great affirmation, great support upon their journey towards greater light and truth.

In this awakening, which is meant for all, will come a desire and understanding that they must serve their brothers and sisters with love, with support, with wisdom and with deep compassion, for a united humanity will indeed recover from the powerful forces of change which will bring intense shifts within the very structures of humanity. Those individuals will be the strength, the wisdom, the eyes, and the ears of the world. Many will come to rely upon these individuals. Many will be in great need for truth but they will feel more lost than they already are, for in this wakened state, they will feel more acutely all that is not in harmony in their world. There will be great grief, disturbance, fear, anguish, confusion for most who are asleep and are still children within their spiritual selves, they will feel very vulnerable and find it difficult to come to their own souls where comfort may be given from God to them.

So it is for the children of light to teach the children of darkness. It is their calling. It is the fulfilment of that deep place within them that God has called to serve in light. So they will find their way. Their gifts will emerge. Their souls will open. God will pour upon them vast blessings and through them will manifest many things to affirm the truth to the lost ones.

There have been prophets who have forecasted this time although they call it the “end times”, the “end of this world”. In some respects, they are correct because the end of man’s free rein upon the world in such a way that their dominance is destroying their very home will come to an end. Those who do not accept that they must be humbled and come to their true selves either through the blessing of the natural love or the Divine Love, will suffer greatly and many will pass into the realms of spirit. For those who accept light, who come reflexively to the light, will be empowered to build a new world that is in far greater harmony with God than it is today.

I have said before that peace will reign upon this world and so it shall for many years hence. I assure you, brothers and sisters, that many of you who hear my words and accept them and the words of truth uttered by others and the Touch of God given to each one, will come to be the beacons of light, will come to give through their gifts and their awakened soul that which is needed to heal the world, to heal humanity, and heal its relationship with the world.

Yes, these are crucial times indeed and dynamic in their nature and the power that comes to bring change and the possibilities that emerge as life on Earth is in great flux. For those who have open souls willing to be guided, seeking for the highest, that which they need to not just survive these changes but to thrive within them will come forth from God. God is preparing each soul to come forward and to express their great gifts and be a clear channel for God’s blessings of Love. Within these souls will come the recognition of God’s Will within their lives, moment by moment. So they will be guided forward and given all that they require to bring greater harmony to the world.

Indeed, these dynamic times bring great anticipation to we in the world of spirit and the Celestial Kingdom because in what which must transpire, comes the hope that light will reign upon your world and bring great change to each soul so that they may know light, that they may slough off the ignorance of their minds and the darkness of their souls and that they may come to know true spirituality and express who and what they are as created by God in all its wonderment and beauty and glory.

Imagine each soul expressing their true potentials, giving way to the flow of Love that comes to them and may come through them to their brothers and sisters. Even within their minds, the great capacities to understand the material aspects of your world and imagine what can be as they express their creativity in alignment with their souls with all its potentials and possibilities, there will be a great renaissance of the awakening of humanity in light, a golden era of love and harmony and peace.

These things must come. It is up to each individual whether they are willing to forgo the restrictions and inhibitions that have come with a mind infilled with many aspects of error, expressed in many emotions of darkness and fear and motivated by a lust for material goods and accomplishments. This is a great challenge for most of humanity as most of humanity does not know humility and in many ways, does not understand love, and certainly do not know God.

In times to come, there will be great opportunities to rectify these conditions and for each individual soul to come to recognise what it is what their souls hunger for and what it is that they have missed in their education and awakening as an individual. God will insure that all will be provided with the ways and means to understand the truth and to choose truth. The chains must be broken, beloved souls, so that your children and your children’s children will know a different world, will come to see the world from a different place of awareness and understanding where love and joy, compassion and wisdom will replace the degrading conditions that humanity continues to proliferate in this world.

Freedom will come as each individual breaks the shackles of error and darkness within them. Each individual will not be alone in this struggle but God will see to it that they will be supported and helped by those of you on Earth who are willing to serve and by we in spirit who will be close. Though the world will be very different, there will be some aspects of what humanity has created that will remain, for many inventions that have been manifest in your world may be utilised for the good of humanity given a shift of perspective, a reorganisation of priorities, a moderation in their use, and that they may be repurposed with wisdom. 

But indeed, much will change. The way in which you interact with one another, your economy, your educational systems, the many structures of industry and government and religion will all be transformed. That which is not in harmony with the ways of your organic world will not be useful and will disappear. All will not be lost and much will be gained as humanity opens itself to what spirits of the higher planes and the Celestial Kingdom may offer. 

Even those ideas that man has long entertained in regards to those entities from other planets will be realised and help will be given. This curiosity of extra-terrestrial life will come to a solid truth and foundation in times to come. It is like when a vessel is in distress and those vessels close to it would come to rescue, to bring their assistance. So it will be in your world that many elements and aspects of light will come and bring their assistance and love to uplift humanity.

God’s plan is great and God’s plan will bring about many manifestations and blessings to humanity while it undergoes its transformation. Think of yourselves as in the chrysalis waiting to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. So it is at this time. The time for emergence will come. The awakening, the realisation, the understanding of your true self will come as God’s plan is realised and expressed upon this Earth plane. 

What will transpire here upon your Earth will affect all the planes of the spirit world, most especially those planes that are close to the Earth plane. The dark planes and the planes of grayness and light that are close will all be affected by the events and circumstances of this Earth plane of yours. For this plane is crucial and affects all the other planes of spirit to some degree. The destruction of your Earth plane would mean that all those planes close to the Earth plane in which the vast majority of spirits inhabit would be affected in a way that will bring greater darkness to them, for this effect of destruction, even annihilation, would have a dreadful outcome for these spirits who are close to the Earth plane. So you can see why God continues to pour His blessings upon your plane of existence as it is a crucial element in the workings of life in and around the Earth. Life must be sustained and life must come to harmony.

When humanity asserts its power to the contrary of God’s Laws and Will, so humanity will be met with equal force and resistance to their will. God’s Will must prevail and God’s Will will certainly come to assert the need for harmony. So you will see this great back and forth between the will of man and the Will of God playing out upon your Earth plane in dramatic ways. As the conditions that God has expressed towards your Earth intensify, all that is of darkness will become exposed so that they may be eradicated. Each individual soul who harbours great darkness will not be able to hide from this darkness but come to recognise it for what it is.

Great powers of darkness in your world will be exposed and you will see it for what it is. These influences will become impotent in their capacity to bring greater darkness to your world. And for those who aspire towards light, they will come to know and feel the power of light uplifting them, healing them, and bringing great wisdom and awakening to them. For those many, many souls who reside between darkness and light, they will come to see the errors of their ways.  They will come to awaken and see the possibilities of light and blessings within their lives.

So the great struggle of saving humanity from itself continues to unfold, continues to be seen and recognised ever slowly but the pace of this recognition will quicken. Humanity will come and realise its own folly and thus in this realisation, will come a choice, to come to God, to come to their own higher selves or to capitulate into greater darkness. God will not circumvent free will but will bring the opportunity to choose, for each individual soul to realise that they have a choice, that in this choice will come their own personal struggles, their own personal journey towards greater light and rejecting darkness and error.

This will not be easily obtained by many upon this Earth, but indeed, as I have said, God will afford all the support and opportunities to do so. God will strengthen His children and give His children insight and understanding and truth. God will utilise each of you who are willing to be His instruments, to go forth in the world that will be of chaos and collapse and assure your brothers and sisters that these conditions are only momentary and that in time, a world will dawn and clear away the dark conditions of humanity and its illusions, bringing forth clarity and light, joy and hope. A new world will dawn as God’s plan is realised and humanity is saved from itself. The doors of truth and light, of harmony and peace will open and bring its rewards to those who are willing to receive, who are open and receptive.

Have faith, beloved souls, that all is well in God’s world and that things are not so well in the human world. Indeed, God will over-shadow the world of man so that they may see the world of God and come to the realisation that they must accept the world of God willingly, joyfully. To come to work within that world and express themselves in all their true beauty and glory, their higher selves realised as their souls come awake and are freed from the shackles of the human condition.

So it will be, my friends, so it will be. We wait with anticipation. We continue to inform you and guide you and love you. God’s Hand is firmly upon this world. The changes that God will bring will be of great wisdom and truth so that light may prevail in your world and love may be its currency. 

May God bless you as you come to realise more fully the great gift that God is giving humanity, the great blessings that are coming and have already come upon you. May you come to know joy in this understanding, truth, and fulfillment as your soul awakens and comes to know the glory of God. My love is with you, beloved souls, my love is with you. I stand with you. I walk with you. I pray with you and I love you. God bless you. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens, keeper of the flame of truth that is the Love Divine. God bless you. God bless you all.