Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 29, 2023
Location: Barbados

May the touch of God’s breadth be upon you, beloved souls. I am John the Beloved. It is important that you make an effort to crack the veneer of your own mental condition and thoughts. To seek something deeper, to view the world from the perspective of something like soul vision and understanding. For that which you see with the five senses and your own mental biases is but an illusion. For beneath these conditions and perceptions is the true state of humanity and the world. We have said many times that the world is a dark place and yet I see within this environment beauty, light, warmth and this is not an illusion but the energetic conditions of your world are far different from this tactile and material perception. 

There is great disharmony in the world, a world that is weighed down with inharmonious conditions, and energies, a world that struggles to sustain itself, a world created by God and yet overshadowed by the will of man. God will only tolerate this for so long before His interventions are applied and forces unleashed to bring a cleansing to the world. In this way, it is not that humanity will be wiped off this world or that all will be swept away. But indeed, those sources of disharmony and imbalance will be removed. Those amongst you who are able to adapt and to come into harmony with the laws of God will not be implicated and victimized by these changing conditions. You will be able to navigate the changes that are coming provided you are willing to go deeper, beyond the superficial and self-imposed solutions that are universal amongst humanity. There will be some who will survive the tumult and indeed, as we have spoken of many times, we encourage those of you to continue to grow in God’s love and to don the mantle of truth so you may see and know and understand before the crisis and burgeoning conditions of change come to you. 

You have been forewarned many times. You know that this is coming and you feel that you are on the verge of great change and indeed, this is the case and you come together in prayerful supplication to God. You seek His great blessing of love. You seek truth. You seek to change and be in alignment with your Heavenly Father. You seek many things and indeed, the pace of change for those of you upon the material plane is often slow and impeded by the human condition. Yet you have been told that great dispensations have been applied to your journey and encouraged to take advantage of such blessings from God. You have listened intently. You have prayed with all your heart and soul for the gift and blessings from God and you have been told to apply yourselves accordingly to what has been taught and given as guidance. 

As you apply these things so the sensitivity of your ears to hear the word of God, the sensitivity of your soul to feel and know the will of God. The strength of your being to act upon that sense of knowing will come as you apply these truths and seek to exercise your soul in its expression. This way is not common, the road less travelled as you’ve been told and you contradict the standard ways and means that humanity has made for itself upon the Earth. And thus, you stand out amongst men and for some of you, this is difficult and it can be lonely and yet once you go beyond this trepidation and apply yourselves with the fullness of your heart and mind and soul, you will find that you have gained new friends, not only in the material but in the spirit and you will gain a personal relationship with God. This far outweighs any benefits you might have by living a life in concert with standard practices and attitudes in your world. 

There must be forerunners to that which is meant to come to your world, those who may demonstrate and express the truth in all things, in every aspect of your life. This is not an easy task where change does not come easily to humans and yet is not the transformation of your soul continuing to awaken you and change you into something that is not truly of human nature and perception. You are on the road to becoming a Divine Angel and someday you will enter the Kingdom of God and as you well know, it is a graduated step-by-step process of awakening, healing, and transforming. Indeed, as I have mentioned you have been given great dispensations to allow you to see more readily, to see more clearly, to experience in a more fuller way that which is of God. 

And so I reiterate. The lessons that you have learned, in essence, we have given you the directions toward such a transformation, such change, the reclamation of your soul in love. It is dependent upon your free will, the power of your desire and choices. These things cannot be contravened. These things are a gift from God as well as a test from God, a double-edged sword, if you will. Where on one hand, God gives freely but on the other hand He asks for your compliance, your willingness to be in alignment with what is given. Indeed, for those who are young and begin this journey, much is given, a great deal to uplift and to protect and to inspire Just as a newborn babe is cared for, so we treat you as loving, nurturing parents who are careful to make sure that you are in the light. The child must grow and a child must stand on its own two feet in time. Progress is always part of God’s plan. Stagnation is not desirable, and yet many who walk on this path come to a point, a stalemate, in their progress and rest there often for many years because they will not go beyond that point that is comfortable and reasonable to their minds. They prefer to have one foot in the illusions of man and one foot in the Divine. This is the compromise that many make and often are unable to transgress into something more in harmony with God.

 Each of you have been challenged and tested. Each of you have faltered and each of you have made great progress. This is the way of human nature. This duality within you that must come to a place of healing and integration so that you are clear and empowered to step forward, that you have the discernment to know the steps you must take, so that the wisdom grows within you and you know what is right, what is in harmony with God and in this knowing to know the will of God for you and through you.

 Do not falter, my friends, beloved souls, children of God but be steadfast, keep your feet firmly upon the path Divine, that you may indeed be the instruments of God capable of many things, a clear channel of His will expressed in the world clearly, powerfully and beautifully. 

Each of you has been incarnated into this world at this time to fulfill a task, a purpose that God has given you. You come close to that understanding of knowing who you are and what you must do and thus we have been very direct with you, given to you guidance that is specific, explaining to you the challenges and pitfalls, helping you to understand that the journey that you take for the rest of your life is dedicated to God and dedicated to fulfillment of God’s purpose for you. In this, you will find an enrichment, and fulfillment, a joy as you truly understand what you are meant to do. This understanding can only come within you. It is a challenge that God has placed before you, to go deep within and discover the wonderful secrets that lie within, the beautiful treasures of the soul. You may truly find yourself immersed in the light, the presence of God and in this immersion, you will know the answers to these questions of what must I do? Who am I truly? Where must I go? These things will come in your personal and intimate relationship with your Creator. It is not for another to tell you or even an angel to speak to you of these things. Instead, it is the great reward for your efforts to come to God, face to face, recognizing and experiencing the ultimate relationship, that of you and God coming together in a conscious and blissful way.

These things are available to you, my friends. They are not as difficult as you might surmise but indeed, you must mine through all these conditions that you carry, all those impediments that are attained by a life lived on this world, all that which is irrelevant to the goal. When you are truly living the truth and dedicated wholeheartedly to it, knowing from the very depths of your soul the path that you must take, then the pieces fall into place and you see clearly what God means for you to know and understand and embrace. As your true self is liberated from these layers of attitude, mindful perception and biases, the error that persists because it is endemic in the world. As you find your way to God and as He blesses you with His great Essence, so these things will dissipate and so, you will find yourself in the bliss and joy of knowing of yourself and God’s Self together in alignment and harmony and joyful dance of intimacy.

So much awaits you beloved brothers and sisters. Indeed, we have said this numerous times and we have charted the way for you to find this to be the truth, for you to enter into that chamber of awareness and love, fulfillment of the soul. So it shall be for you, my beloveds, so it shall be for you. For every soul who walks this path will find its way to this place and be fulfilled in its experience of recognition of God truly with you, truly embracing you.

 May God bless you my beloved friends. We want nothing more than for you to truly experience the love of God and all of its wonders and all its light and all that can be given. In this, you will truly be claimed by God and know the depth and breadth of this claim that God places upon you as He transforms and truly makes you one of His own. The joy will be limitless, the understanding infinite, the truth that will grow exponentially within your consciousness, the love its quality and depth and breadth expanding within you until you are brighter than the brightest star and then you will continue forever growing in this love. 

May God bless you my friends, beloved children of God. So you have been given the truth. You have been explained that which is of God. You have been given all that you require to find your way and so we continue to uphold you, to speak to you, to nurture you, to pray for you. This we will not ever suspend but will continue and continue. For we are truly bonded, brothers and sisters all upon the path Divine and thus, God’s family of love and so we truly brothers and sisters, so we truly are children of God. May God bless you, my beloveds. I am John and I come to uphold you, to speak truth to you, to love you and to pray with you. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you. I love you.