Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 6, 2019
Location: Waianea, HI

I am Jesus. My love for you is great, but the Father’s Love for you is immense, greater than you can imagine. So I beseech you beloved souls, to go to your Heavenly Father to seek His Love, to yearn for His Love, to thirst and strive and pray and beseech God for His Love. For this blessing is the key that opens all blessings, all doors, all opportunities, all gifts within your soul. It is the great elixir of life, of the soul, bringing new life and new possibilities as your souls are transformed by the very Touch of God upon them.

Know that we are all brothers and sisters upon this path and that you are loved dearly by the Celestial angels. But indeed, all our love combined is still not as great as God’s Love for each one of you. Know that this Love from the Source and Fountainhead of all Love is the key to your journey to God, that you will not be lost in darkness or grief or pain of any sort, but released from these conditions by the Touch of God’s Love.

This great healing of your soul continues to unburden you, beloveds, and bring you into Grace and joy. There is nothing else in the universe, no matter what has been proclaimed and pontificated upon, that can bring such blessings to a soul. This very Truth is the highest of Truth. This very knowledge is the greatest of knowledge. This very Blessing is the only thing that can transform your soul.

So, my beloveds, follow me upon this path of Truth and I shall not forsake you, beloved souls, but continue to lead you upon this journey of awakening and Truth. As you follow me, we will all set our gazes skyward to the Great Source of All, seeking His Touch upon our souls. We are all together upon this journey, brothers and sisters all, as we seek out our Heavenly Father.

May you be blessed, beloved souls, and carried and embraced by God. For each one of you have been uplifted by God. You have sought to be saved by His Love and this salvation shall be realized. May God bless you on that journey. I am with you. The entire Celestial Kingdom is with you on that road of Love. May God bless you and keep you upon the path of Light and Love and Truth that you may not be wayward upon that path but true to God, true to the Touch that enlivens the soul and awakens you all to His Presence and Existence. God is with you, beloveds. Honor God with your love. Honor each other with love. Honor your life with love.

God bless you. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Kingdom and your brother and friend. God bless you.