Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 16, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God Bless you, I am your teacher Augustine. Life is such a tapestry of experience, my beloved friends. Each of you have experienced well your lives, have done many things and experienced many situations. You have accommodated the desires of your families, your loved ones to participate in life, to gather together, to support one another in love, to be together in this experience of life. Now you come to a new experience, a new chapter in your lives, one that brings you more internally than externally to various experiences. You’ve come to recognize the cravings of your soul and come to acknowledge that your soul desires to live, to be a part of your life and to be a part of life everlasting. So, you find yourselves together in prayer, coming together, forming another sort of tapestry, a tapestry of souls seeking God, seeking to awaken to God and to come to God in ways that you recognize and see and feel and hear as your souls come into alignment with God. 

As you come to know the power of His Love to awaken these experiences, in time you will come to live a kind of duality, that of the material world and the material experiences that come with your life and that of the spiritual world of your soul. And you may come to appreciate the differences, how your life with God brings great joy, insight, truth and love. That the consistency and the beauty of this relationship that you have created with God brings with it many joyful experiences, many times in prayer where you feel the presence of God and the presence of His Celestial Angels and in this, come insights, knowings, feelings, perceptions, and joy.

In your material life often there are challenges and unpredictability in times where you struggle, and times when you feel joyful. But as you continue to strengthen the tapestry of your spiritual life, this will overflow into your material life. It will change your perceptions and the way in which you experience your material life and bring greater joy. As your minds give way to the mind of your soul, so how you view life and experience life will change dramatically. Though it is not as if you will lose your bearings or that you will seem too different to those whom you love in the material world, or that they will be frightened or concerned. Know that this is not the case, beloved souls. It is merely that you see with greater depth and feel with greater depth. You will have greater compassion and love for your brothers and sisters and you will be able to see the struggles that they have, even those things within them that they keep from you. You will have the perceptions and knowing of their struggles and pain. When you are a channel of God’s Love, so you may help to heal those burdens, you may bring comfort, you may uplift and bring joy. So much you will be capable of as the soul awakens, and as an individual who has a deep desire to serve their brothers and sisters in love, in truth, in harmony. 

In time these two tapestries will blend together in such a way that you cannot tell the difference, that there will be an intermingling of perceptions, of feelings, of experience to such a degree that this integration will bring great joy, great understanding and great light into your lives. This is the benefit of God’s Love changing you, transforming you and integrating your soul, your physical self, your spirit self and your mental self,  as these things come together forming a beautiful expression, a wonderful gift of this tapestry that is truly you.

Know that these things come and indeed the tendrils of these two ways of experiencing life are reaching out to one another with a deep desire, a deep need to come together and to be integrated in harmony and love. So, it will come, and you will see for yourselves the wonderful creation that is God’s Creation and the wonderful experience that is your existence in this world as a material being and a spiritual being. Together, you will express a deep harmony, joy, and love in the world. May God bless you as you continue to evolve and change in this wondrous blessing and gift that God has given to each of you. 

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you deeply. My love is with you. God’s Love is pouring upon you at this moment and you will come to know the wonderment, the joy, the appreciation of your life as a gift from God. God bless you. God bless you deeply, with His Love.