Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 08, 2022
Location: Blackpool, UK

Blessings to you, my friends, I am Orion, and I wish to reiterate the truth that I have spoken of, and many others have spoken of, that the Essence of God permeates the world and the universe. That blessing, that gift is available to all souls throughout the universe. It is not exclusive. It is not designated to certain individuals. It is not gifted in accordance to God’s Will in as much that he delineates between the souls of His Creation. Rather, it is given to all who seek it, whether they seek it consciously or not, it is given because within their soul is a longing, and that longing and has been allowed to be expressed towards the Great Creator of all

When this expression takes place, no matter how feeble it may be, there will always be a response. That a soul may receive this gift of love given through the instrumentality of what you call the Holy Spirit, and given freely, without judgment, without conditions, merely given as a gift so that soul may find the refreshment, the embodiment, the expansion of this energy, which is the Essence of God.

Each person you may encounter through your day has the potential to receive this gift, and your work, my beautiful friends, is to be the resonance, the signal, the bell toll, the example, the message that this love is free for all God’s children, and you may avail yourself of this gift. Indeed, as you walk through the streets, as you encounter all of your brothers and sisters wherever you may go, you are expressing this message by your light, by your beautiful presence. God is using you to express this in the world, to bring this message that is being heard by the souls you encounter.

It may not be a conscious thing. It may not come to consciousness for some time, but indeed, you have fulfilled your work by just being present in the world and being that channel of love in the world. So it is, not only in your world but in all the universe, this gift is available and will be and can be given to those who seek it.

You wonder how you may communicate this truth. How others may come to know it, for the extension of your voice into the world is not great, and yet God uses you to bless the world. God uses you as a channel, and combined with others, is a great light to bring these gifts and blessings forward to the world. 

From the perspective of your soul, which is new and continuing to awaken and develop in its gifts and capacities, you find it difficult to understand the concepts and the power of the soul, the power of how God may use you as a soul. Yet, God does so with each breath.  God continues to use the gifts that is implanted from the beginning that are awakened by your choice to receive this gift of love and are expressed, some overtly with the gift of healing, some very subtle with the gift of your very presence in the world, but nonetheless, God is utilizing you as His instruments in many ways. Ways that you cannot fathom yet, but will do so.

You will see the wonderment, the power, and the diversity of one soul in the world. One soul has the capacity to bring great blessings forth. And you have seen this in your beloved brother, Jesus, and how he influenced the world and changed the world by living the truth and being a channel for God.

And I ask you to see this example as the ways in which you may work and you may be in the world, though you continue to struggle with the earthly conditions, and you know full well that your brother, Jesus, was born with a purified soul, yet you have an army of angels with you. You have many resources available to you, including we who are from other places in the galaxy.

So you cannot compare, in this regard with your brother, but in many ways you have this great blessing of an army of angels by your side. Can you not see the many doors are open to you and many possibilities are awaiting you? And much may flow freely through you because you have chosen the highest path, the Greatest Love, and you have accepted God’s invitation to be His instruments in the world.

May you find your way upon that path, my friends.  May you express all of your gifts and do so freely, and do so with the highest of intentions that the expression of your gifts may be a reflection of the love within your soul and the alignment of your soul with God. In this way, all that is meant to flow, all that will come, will come with harmony, will come powerfully, will come in peace and joy and love. How far you may go is greater than your vision for what can be is not limited by the mind, but is awakened and opened and expanded by the soul blessed with God’s Love.

As you continue to trust and come to know your own soul, so you will see that the possibilities are not limited but expansive and great, and you will walk in the world, understanding that the possibilities of the moment are far beyond the capacities of your mind to understand. You will see that through the awakened soul such wonders will be manifest, such blessings will flow, the power of love and light will be within your grasp and expressed through your being with purity, with grace, with harmony, with love.

Each of you have this potential within you. Each of you are continuing to discover this and understand it. So you will continue to open. Your knowledge will be expanded. Your experience will be deep. The wisdom within you will blossom. The capacity to love will continue to grow with each breath as you seek the Love of God, that Great Essence that is within the universe, awaiting every soul, to be aligned to receive this great flow, uninhibited and eternal.

God bless you, my friends. I am Orion, and I thank you for allowing me to speak today. The essence of what I say is the highest truth. It is the truth that all that is in alignment and the way before you is intended to be given to everyone on your world. May you allow the expression of this truth to be full, powerful, beautiful. A light, a light in the world, a light to bring to the world. Hope, hope for the future. Purpose, the purpose of life is to be alive within the soul, awakened, resplendent in gifts, resplendent in joy, resplendent in one’s relationship with the Creator of All.  

God bless you my friends. Go out into the world and express love and be love, and you will see what God places before you. Your journey will be wondrous, exciting, full, and [lovely.] May God bless you, my friends, with His Love.