Spirit: Archimedes
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 24, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

Greetings from our side of life. May God bless you deeply within your souls. My name is Archimedes and I was a philosopher and scientist of ages past. I continue to grow in my development as a soul aligned with God, absorbing all the experiences and blessings that come as an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom.

I have come to explain to you some of the dynamics of your present situation in prayer for there are many things that are happening as you gather in this way, so very unique and different from the ways in which humanity has gathered in prayer in the past. Yet, in this difference comes great opportunity and possibility of utilising your efforts together for your mutual benefit and for the benefit of the world. 

It is good that your prayer times are planned and executed in the way that they are, for this affords us the opportunity to do our work which is of a great scope and nature. It allows us to develop, to bless, and to assist you in your own spiritual awakening. There are two main features of the work that we do together, my beloved friends. Firstly, your prayers for Divine Love allow for a higher condition, one that is beyond the Earth plane and therefore, attracts the angels into your midst and also serves to open you to the gift of Divine Love as the Holy Spirit does it’s work blessing you all in accordance to the scope and depth of your desire to receive this gift.

I would urge you all to be attuned to your souls and come to a conscious realisation of the depth and breadth of this desire that resides within your souls. For as you do this, then you experience deeply the blessing and the upliftment of this gift of Divine Love. I know you all have your challenges in this regard, to consciously go to that place deep within you. But indeed, as you continue in this practice together, you will find that you will experience more deeply as you repeat over and over again with earnestness this experience of prayer.

It comes even to those who are entrenched deeply within their minds. It must come. It must break that barrier between the mind and the soul and bless you with a conscious awareness of God’s Touch upon you. This is the Law in action and cannot be contravened, only ignored because of the power of your minds and the focus of your minds. Yet, within you is a deep desire, a willingness, an exercise of faith that opens the door to God’s Touch upon your soul through the mechanisms of the Holy Spirit which conveys the blessing of Divine Love into your soul.

I wish to explain other aspects of your prayer circles together. Because you have designated a time to do so, it affords us the opportunity to build a structure which looks like a great swirling ball of light. This structure has the purpose of connecting all of you together as you pray together in this way. Protruding out of this structure, this light formation, are tubes of light, small portals if you will, which connect each one of you into this structure. Many of you have a sense of being together in a circle. Indeed, in some way this is true, for you have been hooked up so to speak to this great mechanism that integrates all of your energies and spirit bodies in this mechanism. So when you are attached then we add various energies, various blessings into this sphere and it pours out to each of you. There is a reciprocal response from your spirit body which adds to the energetic signature of this sphere.

So you share together various components, aspects of your own spirit body, with others through this mechanism. You are not depleted in any way but you gain an extra blessing that comes from each one of you towards each other. Also, the great healing spirit guides who come to assist you all are involved in this dynamic. So they add healing energies, lights, components that benefit you all. For those who have powerful portals in their homes, they add a great deal to the vitality of this sphere and are well-connected to it. So we urge you all to pray that you may have the blessing of a portal in your home, for this too assists the work that we do.

In this work, as the development of your gifts come forward, your psychic gifts are awakened and honed through this superb mechanism that we have developed. I must say, this is not an ancient art but one that has been developed recently in the history of humanity in order to assist you all in various parts of the world to come together in a closer and more dynamic way. 

The abilities that we in spirit have are great and we are continuing to develop and invent new mechanisms by which we may work with you all on the Earth. It is important at this time to make greater efforts to help you to come to know your own selves and your own capabilities and to work with one another even though you are located around the globe. So these mechanisms are powerful agents to ignite your development and your sense of connectivity with one another.

Many blessings flow forth which would be difficult for me to explain at this time but I must say that we are very pleased with what we have accomplished to date. We are very pleased that you all continue to be consistent in your prayers and be with one another in loving rapport and prayerful desire for it is in this harmony that we are able to work more effectively. In this beautiful way in which we draw you all together, so many benefits come to each of you.

Indeed, we reach many others through you through the power that is built in this way, through God’s blessings that come to empower our efforts and yours for the benefit of humanity. There is much that is accomplished in this way. Even when you come together to chat with one another, you are building a bond and we are connecting you, so to speak, with this great mechanism and our collective efforts. Nothing is wasted, my friends, nothing is wasted. All is utilised for the benefit of yourselves, your families, the many who are connected with each of you, and for the world in general.

If we could have many more powerful circles like this in the world, we could affect the atmosphere of your Earth plane to such a degree that humanity would be uplifted from darkness into a measure of light. We will continue to exercise our abilities and those gifts that we share to these ends so that in time, the Earth may indeed be a place of light and harmony. When this is accomplished, our communications with you all will be clear and given easily as you are all awakened and developed and able to perceive these more subtle aspects of life.

Much is given to you, my beautiful friends, because you are willing to receive, you are willing to be together in this loving atmosphere. It is the power of love that empowers all that we do and all that you do to bring light in the world. Continue to pray for this gift of Divine Love which transforms and heals and brings great benefit and power to the work that we share together.

My love is with you all, beautiful souls shining bright, beautiful souls together in unity, beautiful souls who are open and allow the interchange of light and wondrous energies and blessings, one to another, God to all. May God bless you. I am Archimedes. I am happy to speak to you today about what is transpiring as you pray together. God bless you. God bless you, my friends.