Spirit: Prof. Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 26, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Greetings and blessings from our side of life, I am Professor Salyards. Though you have not heard from me often, I wish to say that I often participate in your Circles and that I am very happy to do so. For though your numbers may seem small, I wish to assure you that there are many on my side of life who attend your Circles, and of course many angels are there with you at this time and at all times that you pray in this way.

I wish to speak a little bit about the two pathways and how they are manifest in your world in regards to those who seek spiritually, and it seems greater numbers are venturing out into different avenues of spiritual exploration and understanding. Many of those avenues are in alignment with what we call the natural love path. For understanding this pathway and all the ramifications of it is more interesting to the mind and brings mindful satisfaction to many, and there are many teachers of this path providing a great variety of explanations and ideas as to what true spirituality is. I must say that that which is being portrayed as truth often is highly influenced by the imagination of the speaker and very much influenced by those spirits who walk what we call the natural path and are giving information from their perspective and from their experience. 

Yet as one walks the natural path, it is the mind of these individuals that is stimulated, those who speculate and see from this perspective the journey of the spirit within the spirit world. Indeed these individuals are assisting many of those of you on this Earth plane, and providing some valuable information as to where this journey of life is headed. But as you well know, many of you, certainly in this Circle, understand that there are two pathways to heaven, and heaven is plural not singular. There is the heaven of the natural man, that heaven of the purified and perfected individual who has gone through a great journey of purification, of learning and soul growth but has yet to be transformed by the Great Love of God, the Essence of the Great Soul of God so that they indeed may progress further than that of the natural path heaven in the sixth sphere. Beyond the sixth sphere is the seventh which is the doorway to heaven, the Celestial heaven. Many walk both paths at once, especially many upon this Earth plane, for they have had an experience, they have been touched by the Love of God and their souls have been stimulated by this experience and there is some motivation within them in a conscious way to carry on with this journey towards soul awakening. But because you live upon a plane that is so very much influenced by the mind and motivated by the mindful considerations, very many follow these desires and motivations as well. 

So you have in some ways, a harmonious journey carried forward through understanding both paths, but in some ways the focus is split between these two understandings. This is somewhat unfortunate because the higher path, as you well know, is that of the Divine Love and one’s direction towards at-onement with God. And this path does not engage the mind as much, nor is the individual motivated by mindful explorations. Rather, they walk upon a path that is of love, a path that awakens love, that nurtures love and brings the great expression of love, for the soul is fed by God’s Love. 

As one continues to pray for this gift, the soul expands and awakens and is transformed by this great and highest gift from God. Upon this path of soulful exploration and development, the intense development of the mind and the explorations that the mind directs one towards, are not so important or satisfying. For the soul thirsts for God and as one continues to awaken in this soulful search for God, then the focus remains in prayer and supplication to the great Source of all Love, our Heavenly Father. As one continues upon the Divine Path, because of the ways that the soul opens and is transformed and is awakened, those mindful considerations that those upon the natural path are eager to explore, come naturally open with a fluidity of God’s Touch upon the soul.

 The soul who walks upon the Divine Path misses nothing in terms of their development or experience, but the approach and the journey is different. For many upon the natural path experience a great deal of reinforcement of information, of intellectual stimulation and of energetic experiences which are of the psychic nature, and these things are indeed intriguing and attractive to those of you upon this world, this Earthly plane. It more readily gives proof of the spirit world and your own spirit body and of course opens up the mind. There are many upon this Earth plane who are eager for such experiences and such verification of their own capacities and abilities and so they are more interested in these experiences and thereby not so interested in those feeling experiences which come with the soul. 

A great dilemma is often faced by those who walk both paths. Some are eager to integrate the two, to bring both ideals and perspectives into one, and I say to you my friends, that this is a very difficult procedure and not one that is fully satisfactory for those individuals who wish to understand both paths in a deep and satisfactory way. No, it is better to choose, my friends, it is better to choose, because divided energies indeed will be contradictory in time. For it is important that one focuses upon one or the other in their journey, and there is always time when one may choose to change their focus, but I do not suggest that you may delve into both without being confronted by the conflict that comes with this dual exploration.

For those of you who are dedicated within themselves to seek the Divine Love of God and to awaken their souls more fully with each prayer, it may seem a slow process and unrewarding to your mind. Let me say that there will come many rewards, deep and satisfying, joyful and expansive, where one may see the truth from the perspective of the soul’s mind, awakened and full of deep perceptions and understanding. I urge you to commit yourself upon the Divine Path if this is what you wish to do, and to consider prayer. It is prayer that will open the floodgates of knowledge and truth and love, and these things will come together as a great blessing from God and you will know what it is that you seek. 

You will want for nothing my friends, you will come into alignment with the great flow of God’s Love, His Benedictions upon your souls, His Touch of comfort and warmth and grace and beauty filling you up, bringing you to grace and peace. These things God offers to you and these blessings that will come and will come for all eternity, are greater than that which may come upon the natural path where love is purified and human, where knowledge is that of a more material nature and that perceptions may be keen but are limited.

I thank you my friends for listening to me today, to speak upon this topic, to explore with you the possibilities of the soul and the limitations of the mind. My prayer for you is that you may indeed walk upon the Divine Path and know all the glories and wonderment and fulfilment and joy and love that comes with this one gift given by God to bring humanity into at-onement with His Great Soul. God bless you my beloved friends. I am with you and I will speak again on spiritual matters. God bless you. I am Professor Salyards and I am indeed an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom, a man transformed into an angel by the grace and wonderment of God’s Great Love. God bless you my friends, my love is with you. God bless you.