Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 13, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Luke. The clarion call has been sounded for all the peoples of this world. To call them to action, to seek to be in the light, to express themselves in love, to awaken all the wonderful potentials and capacities of their souls. You have heard this clarion call, beloved brothers and sisters. You have had the ears and the eyes and the sensibilities to recognize this call from God. To come to that place of Light and Truth, Love and peace. For what more does this world need, but to practice and express these attributes, these things within you. For you to do so, it is important that you reach your Heavenly Father and listen and receive His gift of Love. In this way, you will find it easier to walk in this world in light, to be an expression of love, to know the truth of your own existence, your own being.

As God continues to call His children to Light, to be embraced and gathered into His Bosom, so you willingly reach for God’s Embrace and desire to walk in the Light and Love and Truth that is God’s Touch upon each of you. Do not hold yourself back from these gifts and blessings. Seek it with all your hearts and souls and yearn for it with all that is within you. For it is the one thing, the one thing that will bring all gifts and blessings. This Gift from God, the Divine Love, is what God beseeches each child in your world and all those in spirit to come, to receive, to come to be in alignment with. The great flow of His Love will embrace all, its mighty powers to transform the soul will bring you to that place or harmony, awakening, opening all the faculties and gifts, potentials of your soul.

Awaken, beloved souls. Listen and know that God continues to reach out to you, that God continues to send His angels to surround you, that God continues to make possible this Great Gift of Love, this benediction upon your soul. Awaken, beloved souls. Listen to the call and be open to all that God has to give to you and know that we are with you. We are with you. Feel the longing, know the desire that emerges from deep within you.

I am Luke and I am with you and my love is with you. God bless you, beloved brothers and sisters all. God bless you.