Spirit: Lao Tzu
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 11, 2024
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you, precious souls. I am Lao Tzu and I come to give you somewhat of a lesson regarding your journey. Every soul yearns for truth. Yet, not every soul finds truth nor do they make efforts to discover truth. This is not the case for you, beloved friends. Each and every one of you is eager to know truth. You are eager to find your way to truth and you are exploring different avenues and ways of understanding these things and expressing them in your lives.

You are truly seeking an alternate form of expression in life that is not common nor is it well-known in your cultures and societies. Rather, when you embark upon this journey and find yourself enveloped in this different reality, the reality of the soul, the reality of God and your relationship with the Divine and the Divine Consciousness, then you are truly stepping out of that which is common and normal in your world. Thus, it is a challenging decision to find your way upon a path less travelled, to be that individual who in the eyes around you is challenging the status quo, challenging the established patterns and ambitions and desires in life.

As you go deeper into this new reality and you are doing so by exercising and discovering gifts within you in a directed way, then you will feel less attached to the common flow of human endeavour and more attached to the flow of your own soul in its endeavour to find truth and to be with God. As you continue to accept the emerging path of truth within you and within your consciousness, then these gifts that you seek and wish to understand will become more evident and more powerful within you. As your teachers have explained, when you practise these things, when you put your focus upon them, when you recognise your desire to seek beyond that which is so common, then you are headed in the direction of transformation, of true understanding, of true love. Thus, it comes at quite a price, my friends, the price of being somewhat singled out, unique, different in the world.

Are you prepared for this judgement to be laid upon you by your brothers and sisters, even though they see no true reason to believe that you have severed yourselves from the common path? For in many ways you have not. You are still a human living in a human world. You are still experiencing and undergoing the various trials and tribulation, the various expressions and experiences of human life. Yet, your perspective has certainly changed and your perspective has gained and embraced the love principle. Thus, those around you are benefitting from your light and your expression, yet, they feel awkward and suspicious. This you must be accustomed to and allow yourself to live your life as you see fit. For each of you is in an environment in which such freedom is allowed and indeed, those around you cannot sway you from your chosen path. Thus, you must be forgiving, loving and patient with your brethren, your brothers and sisters.

Of course the great benefits that come from this journey are many and you will experience each and every one of these benefits that are tailored to you and your unique person, your unique soul. How you experience these blessings and benefits, how you perceive the world, how it changes you and you become that unique individual, that is a soul created by God. And, God’s intention is that you will progress and expand and truly brighten in light and capacity to love. In such ways where gifts and abilities will flower forth and bear fruit in your life. This is what your souls long for, each of you. You would not be here if you did not.

So, you must be loving and patient toward yourselves and the hurdles and roadblocks that lay before you. For you are human and these things are inevitable. I say to you, a soul that seeks truth and as firm and steadfast in its seeking is a mighty blessing to the world and you are, my friends. You are a mighty blessing to the world. You are willing. You are strong enough and you are dedicated enough to walk this path of light and truth until the end of your days and beyond. You are that example, shining and bright. Though you see yourselves as weak and ineffectual, I and all the angels of heaven, see you as a budding and beautiful creation of God, seeking the nurturance, the light, the touch, the blessings that will make you strong where you may truly rise up and be beautiful as you are truly intended to be.

As you walk this path, as you become your true self, know that the angels of heaven surround you and we are eager to be close. We are eager to walk with you. We are eager to communicate with you. We are eager to uphold you and to help you understand the truth in the simple yet profound ways that your soul may truly embrace and be changed by truth, by love, by all the blessings that God has to give to you. My beautiful friends, all that is required for you to find your way has been furnished and given freely in love. It is time for you to break free of the old and tired paradigms of human thought and action and be freed within the truth and reality of God’s Love and creation.

You creep along that path, tentative and sometimes suspicious, sometimes glorious in your acceptance. But you must continue to walk steadily. Do not retract your steps but walk in love and faith, in desire and eagerness to be within the truth, to be within your relationship with your Creator, so unique, profound and powerful. It grows within your soul. You must grow within your recognition, acceptance and awareness of your soul. In this way, all these things that you desire, all those budding ambitions within you will indeed grow.

As this dear instrument has explained, the tree has many branches. As you accept the unique tree, the unique form that God has made you in, then all will flourish and all will grow in beauty and light, glorious in God’s creation, a true expression of God, in all your attributes and in all the love that is possible, in all the light that is God’s creation within you. God bless you my friends. I am Lao Tzu. Thank you for listening to me and my little lesson for you. My love is with you. God bless you. God bless you all. My love is with you and thank you.