Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date:  July 9, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I come comment on the statement that the Celestial Kingdom has been closed to all souls at this time. This statement is not a fact. Indeed the Celestial Kingdom remains open to all souls who are diligently praying to receive the gift of the Father’s Love and to have their souls purified and redeemed in the Divine Love. Indeed, we in the Celestial Kingdom are endeavouring to educate those on Earth and those in spirit of the possibility of receiving this gift of Divine Love.

Why would we make such efforts if they were futile and would not bear fruit? Indeed, we continue to make great efforts working towards the fulfillment of God’s plan and desire that all His children enter at some point in their spiritual journey into the Celestial Kingdom as redeemed souls sharing within that Kingdom all the benefits and wonderment and glory, love and joy that is inherent in this Kingdom that God has provided for all His children no matter their religion or culture or ideas. God desires that every soul may have the opportunity to come to know His Love, this Divine Essence that will bring the possibility of entering the Kingdom of God through this redeeming Touch upon the soul.

There is nothing holding a soul from God except that individual who turns away, who does not have faith, who is a stranger to prayer and to coming to know His Heavenly Father in this deep and personal way, where God’s Love for His children becomes evident and flows as a mighty river to all His children.

At this time, the Celestial Kingdom is filled with souls from every race and culture and religion who have come to know through their journeys, primarily within the world of spirit, that this boom for the soul is given to all. So, the cloak of ideas, of religious doctrine and dogma is shed in favour of the redeeming Love that brings such freedom and joy to every soul.

At this time, the doors to the Kingdom are open and shall remain open until God deems it appropriate to close. So each soul has the privilege and the opportunity to come to know this great Gift from God, to bring it into their souls, accepting this Gift with joy and gratitude in prayer and a deep desire to receive evermore of this Elixir of the soul.

For those who proclaim falsehoods such as these, I would suggest that you set yourself to prayer for these individuals who are deluded, who believe they have the truth, who believe that they share a vital piece of information for you all. Yet, they are deluded because they have not seen the Truth with their souls, rather, proclaimed the truth from their minds.

As I have said many times, and you are well aware, the capacity of the mind to understand spiritual Truth is limited indeed. It is merely a reflection of the soul’s knowing rather than a direct link to the Truths of God and the Ways of God. It is for every soul to come to understand the capacities and faculties of their own soul and to nurture this with prayer and openness to God to receive what is required to awaken the soul, His Love. Unless an individual has sufficient development of the soul and perceptions of the soul, they cannot possibly make statements of Truth in this way that are definitive.

Each of you continues to have one eye open and one eye closed, blinded by your minds yet enlightened by your souls. The struggle continues for each and every one of you as you come to know the Truth of your own soul and the condition of your own soul. This is a struggle, certainly upon your Earth plane, that continues to encourage you to immerse yourselves in the mindful conditions so prevalent in this plane. Yet, each of you has with you at all times a beautiful Celestial Angel who is assisting you upon this journey, helping to protect you from the dark conditions of your world, helping to inspire you towards awakening your souls and coming to know your souls in a deep way, a conscious way.

This journey continues. Each of you in your own way continues to struggle and to discern and to come to realise in glimpses and revelations what your soul truly is capable of and the Truth that may come from your soul. As you continue to nurture your soul with the Divine Love, so you will come to know these things clearly, without doubt, without ambivalence but with a strength and a faith that brings true understanding.

Why would we continue to speak to you, to encourage you, to be with you, to be your friends upon this Earth when there would be no purpose for our efforts nor your prayers? For those who think that such efforts do not exist and that prayers for the Father’s Love do not have any effect, they have closed themselves to the possibilities of God’s ministrations upon their souls and their minds. This saddens me that there are those who have a deep faith and the knowledge of the Divine Love and yet have consciously closed themselves from this Gift, believing that God has indeed closed the door upon them and upon you all.

This is folly. This is blatant error. I have come to assure you all that is not the Truth. You are all loved deeply. God’s Love is available to every soul upon this world and every soul in the world of spirit. This continues to be the case. For those of us who live high in the Celestial Kingdom and close to God, there is no indication to us that the Celestial Kingdom will close at any time soon. I would assure you that there would be warnings and invitations and efforts made to every soul to seek this Gift now or be forever more lost from this possibility. And yet, do we proclaim these things to you? No, beloved souls, we merely encourage you to continue in your efforts, to pray and pray earnestly, to be in the flow of God’s Love and the Light of God’s Touch, to open your soul to all the Gifts that God has to give to you. This bounty, this floodgate of Love continues to be open and will continue to be open for every soul to partake and to be redeemed.

For all of you who continue to pray for the Father’s Love and are sincere in your efforts to seek it and continue to do so, I can assure you that the reward of Heaven will be yours, that this blessing of Love will continue to work within your souls, its vital Light present within you bringing to you the qualities and aspects of the soul enlivened with this Gift.

Do not fear for your own soul, because you know the Truth and you are making efforts to live this Truth. This is the highest road, the road to redemption, the road to the Celestial Kingdom, the road to eternal joy and Love and Light and Truth. There is nothing greater to pursue than this. There is nothing more vital for the eternal progress of your soul than this. It continues to be the Truth, the Way, and the Light to the Celestial Kingdom.

I continue to be with you, beloved brothers and sisters, upon this journey. I open my heart, my love, my commitment, and my prayers for each of you for I love you dearly. You will continue to be my dear, dear friends in the world. God bless you. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Kingdom and I walk with you always. God bless you.