Spirit: Tahlia
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 10, 2019
Location: Meyersdale, PA

I come with a healing blessing for you. I come to tell you, my friends, that you must be strong.  I come to tell you that there are great changes coming for each one of you, that this comfortable life that you live will be affected by the storms that are coming on the horizon, that there is much you need to do to prepare yourself, beloved friends. You need to be strong, prayerful, and attuned to the Creator. God will use you in many startling ways, unanticipated ways to help your brothers and sisters through these changing times, through the transitional times.

All will not be lost, my friends. Rather that which is not in harmony with God’s Creation and Laws, will fall away, giving opportunity for great and deep inspiration and openings of guidance and understanding that will indeed preserve a semblance of comfort, of life that is in harmony with God, and give rise to much that will enhance your lives but still be in harmony with God’s Laws, a great healing of the Earth, something that many have been praying for, a deeper wisdom for those who are willing to listen. Again, many have prayed for this and for love. Love will anchor you and stabilize your lives in a world that is constantly changing. Love will renew your hearts. Love will open the channels of understanding and truth. Love will strengthen you and bring to you what you require to weather the storms and to bring wisdom and what is required to build anew.

Your world is a dynamic and changing place. To assume that all will stay as it is, is naïve. You have seen in your own lives how changing conditions have helped you, assisted you to learn, to grow, and to strengthen in wisdom and love. So it will be with all of this Earth, wherever you may be, whatever place the soul may reside, there will be change and there will be healing. In time, a deep peace will cover the Earth, a lasting peace. All the threats and inhumane conditions that have been created over millennia will fall away and be absorbed in the changing conditions that are coming. Those who are willing to awaken to a new era, a new time, will move forth in the world and bring truth and bring what is needed in wisdom to help recreate this world that is more in harmony with God and less a reflection of the human condition.

This comes, my friends. You see things changing before your eyes. You sense that the old is no longer applicable and the day is coming and flowing upon you and reaching many places in your world that have been shielded against God by the human condition. And so these barriers will be removed. These conditions will dissipate and in their place will come inspiration, love, wisdom, light. Have you not all been praying for this, my friends? Praying for the world to awaken, awaken to God, awaken to their true destiny, awaken in such a way that they may live truth and know deep love? This is coming.

So we work diligently to awaken you, my friends, as the precursor to that which must come and will come in good time. Know the change is coming within you, each of you. Know that there is a great shift of thought, of perception, of understanding, of knowing your own true self. In this way, you will understand what is coming and be able to interpret the signs and show your brothers and sisters. Why? For what purpose is this great change that will disrupt so much? It is a gift and a blessing from God.

You will be joyed as to the outcomes. You will accept that which is difficult in the transition and do so because within your heart of hearts you know that this is what is right and meant to be in this world. So we strengthen you, my friends. We inform you and we bless you. We heal you and bring all the resources of heaven to bear upon you in such abundance so that you are prepared and readied for what is to come.

May God bless you on your journey of awakening. May God give you all the resources that you require to be able to navigate the changes that are coming and help all whom you love, all that are in your life, and many more who will be asking and seeking truth and understanding what is coming.

God bless you, my friends and I am Tahlia. I will bring you my strength to assist you where it is needed. Many, many more, many, many more who reside in the Celestials will be working with you. God’s plan unfolds and God’s plan is great. God’s plan is insurmountable by the human condition. It will be overcome by love, by the Touch of God, by the power of grace, by the power of the natural world to right itself. Many, many elements are conspiring to bring change. It is not punishment. It is merely a response to God’s Will, your prayers, the need for healing and balance. God does not allow His creatures and creation to overrun the natural laws that He has in place. There is always correction and balance coming in order to circumvent the power of humanity given the gift of free will.

Remember the power of your own choices, my friends. Remember that everything you do has consequence that you may choose with wisdom and love, that you may walk in grace, that your footfalls may be gentle, that your actions may be of love, that you may follow the grace and wisdom and truth of God’s creation and love for you.

May God bless you, my friends, bless you deeply, bring you strength, show you truth, and shower you in love and light. God bless you. God bless you, my friends, Tahlia, my strength and love are with you. God bless you.