Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 16, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Orion. May God continue to awaken you with that universal Love which is the Essence of His Soul so that you may find your way through all conditions and situations that inhibit the awakening of this soul of yours, this beautiful aspect of your being, so rife with potential and possibility. May you be strong enough and clear enough and in alignment with God to the degree that you may come to discover and know the great potentials of your soul as this energy that is God in His Love continues to infill your soul and expand that place within you. You will come to know different realities, levels of truth that God has created in the universe. These different dimensions will begin to become clear and emerge into your consciousness as you awaken and are attuned to them. 

In this way, you become a diverse and powerful channel for God affecting many levels of consciousness, many levels of God’s creation, those different universes within universes that are a part of the true existence that God has created. You know very little about your souls at this time,  and the potentials that lay within them. You wonder at our ability to travel and communicate and be with you on Earth. Yet, this is a rudimentary aspect of the awakening of which I am speaking. Those various levels of consciousness and places that are alive and vibrant with life. These realities are many.

You will find yourself exploring for all eternity the great potentials and levels that are available to you with a soul awakened and the faculties of your soul able and capable of becoming aware and interacting with different dimensions. In this way, many gifts could be utilized and many possibilities realized as you flow within the great wonderment of the universe, God’s creation and the infinite possibilities of it.

Yet, we get a little ahead of ourselves, my friends. I wish to comment on this so as to assure you that there are many, many avenues of exploration and experiences that you are yet to have in your existence as a soul awakened to truth. I do not mean to lead you down paths that will detract from what is now a rudimentary awakening of your soul through prayer and receiving the gifts that God has to give to you, for each soul must begin in this way. The foundations are to be set, the simple understanding of the Laws of Love, the Laws of God’s Creation are necessary before one goes beyond these simple understandings.

It is important for you to awaken in such a way that you are on solid ground for to fly off into a multi-dimensional universe would be very disorienting indeed for those of you on the Earth plane since you are so married to this solid form, this reality that you call God’s Earth but in truth is a multi-dimensional reality. Yet, as you step forward and are guided and you are clear and walk in a simple way upon the earthly plane, so these glimpses, perceptions, ideas, and awareness will begin to build. 

As you are well aware, these things begin very subtly and do not come in one great rush but will come as you continue to awaken in love and your faculties and perceptions are able to drink in all that is of God’s universe. This you may do over eons of time. You begin as simple steps, the steps of a child, but you are assured that adulthood will come and the capacities of a mature soul will awaken to these many things of which I speak and the many more things of which I cannot speak.

Rest assured that you are protected, guided, uplifted, and awakened. Your focus and dedication on the great Essence of God in prayer, in supplication and contemplation is the key to all that which is coming, step by step. Step by step, my friends, you will find yourselves opening your eyes and those scales and errors and misunderstandings will fall away in time. You will see yourselves on a grand journey of awakening. It comes with each moment in time as you exist and exert yourselves and allow the flow to guide you and to awaken you. 

You begin to see through eyes of your soul, understand through the faculties of your soul, know through the places and aspects of you that are oh so new and tender. Indeed, anything that begins life needs to be exercised and awakened and to grow. So, it will be with each of you. In your own time, upon your own journey, it will be. We are there to witness this beautiful unfolding, this miraculous awakening, as are many who are of the Light and Truth of Love.

May God continue to bless you, my friends. I am Orion and I love you. I love you so, such beautiful fledgling souls in need of so much assurance, so much to uplift you, so much love to give you a sense of well-being. These things are all available to you. God is there to give to you and make possible all that is meant for you to receive, to be gifted, to be blessed. God bless you, my friends, awaken you deeply, uplift you fully, ever higher upon this journey. God bless you.