Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 7, 2019
Place: Gibsons, B.C.

Bless you for your efforts, beloveds. Bless you for your prayers. Bless you for your dedications. Bless you for all those expressions of your soul as God touches your soul, awakening bit by bit, aspect by aspect, your souls, bringing them alive in this world. How many in your world possess a soul that is at least partially awakened? How many strive for this? How many understand what this is even, in your world? We encourage to continue you to take very seriously, your commitment to do so, to move forward in this way, to allow the wonderment that is your soul, to awaken and to be expressed in this world, through God’s Love.

There is nothing that will hold you back, beloveds, but it does require your time and your efforts. It does require that you put aside all those things that would distract and inhibit and bring you to that place where your condition and your light is diminished. Yet, within your soul is a great burning desire to be in the great flow of Love, to be close to God, to be a clear and beautiful channel of His Love.

Yes, my beloved and beautiful friends, there is a plan awaiting you. It is reliant upon your efforts and your progression and your capacity to be in this flow, to dedicate yourselves to God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. Do not be distracted, beloved souls, but continue to work to these ends. Continue to have faith that you will indeed walk upon this path of Love a great distance while you are here on this Earth. There is nothing that can hold you back, beloveds. Walk with a strident effort towards Light.

Do not allow the earthly conditions to inhibit or to delay you upon this. For, in your souls you know that there is something magnificent that is coming within each one of you. There is something beautiful to be expressed through each one of you. There is a great and wondrous plan that will unfold in accordance to your inner condition and connection with God.

Yes, we draw dear souls to you in these coming days, who are eager, who are curious, whose souls bring them forth to this Light and place, with you beloved souls. You will continue to assist others in their development, in their understanding of love and soul awakening. There is much that you may impart and there is some which you may learn from these beautiful souls who are coming.

Be true to God’s Will. Seek fervently His Will for you. Seek out the expression of your own soul’s desires and gifts. Seek to be a channel of love. In these ways, upon this journey, you will meet many souls, many who see the world differently from you, beloveds. Yet, within them is the same desire for truth, for awakening, for God. As you continue to grow in this Blessing of Love, you may be the shining example and the way forward for many. You give them hope, you give them encouragement, you give them strength, and you point the way to God.

In time, you will manifest many gifts that will make your work easier to educate, to embrace, to show the way to the Truth of God’s Love. Each day you step closer. Each day is an opportunity for you to shed some more of those conditions which hold you back and to be replaced by God’s Love.

Step forward in faith. Embrace all you meet upon this path. Be clear in your thinking, in your words, in your actions, in your efforts and prayers. May you be clear and steadfast, seeking for the highest, seeking to fulfill God’s plan for each one of you. You will see how the work continues, how with each day tiny miracles unfold, opportunities abound, possibilities are realized, love grows with every turn and every blessing.

We continue to walk with you, beloved souls, and you are becoming more aware of our presence and God’s Touch upon you. This beautiful bringing together of all these elements and aspects of your being and your life within the universe of God continues to awaken your consciousness and your capacity to know and understand the Truth, to come to know God in an intimate way where He is consciously present in every moment, where your souls feel and express deep joy and gratitude with each day.

So much is coming, beloved souls. Now, there is little in your way as you step forward and much to be discovered upon the Path Divine. Awaken, brothers and sisters; awaken to your destinies and be in the mighty river of God’s Love.

May God bless you deeply and fully, richly and beautifully with His Love. I am with you, Seretta Kem. I am with you. God bless you. God bless you. I love you.