Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 25, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. You have a great opportunity at this time in your lives to focus more upon your communications and understanding, connections with your soul, since your lives have become quieter, less engaged in the material world outside of your homes and smaller circle. This quietness is a great advantage to your explorations of the soul giving you time in prayer, giving you time to contemplate, to be with God, to be with your own thoughts and to be in harmony with God.

I urge you to take advantage of these times that are given. They are precious indeed because there will be times to come where God will fully engage you in this work in which you will be greatly needed. So this breather, as you call it, in your life is preparation time so that you may engage in this work with a deeper understanding of your own selves, with a deeper and conscious recognition of God. For how can you teach these Truths if you do not know for your own self the validity of the soul’s consciousness of God’s Presence, of your own true and deep relationship that involves the interaction of all of these elements?

As you pray further for the gift of Divine Love, so the capacities of your soul awaken and the capacities to understand deepen and you become more attuned to all of yourselves rather than to have this great imbalance that has been struck by humanity for so long between the mind and the soul and God.

It is time for a new way of being in the world. It is time for all of you to forge the path for yourselves, to allow this new awakening, this new dawning age of deeper Truth and awareness and love to be your experience and personal avenue and way of expressing yourself in the world. God beseeches you to come to know Him. God beseeches you through your souls. Each of you feels that yearning, that invitation of desire to some degree. It is important at this time to acknowledge this and to nurture it, these heartfelt, soul-felt desires to come close to God.

In this way, all will be answered and all will be given. There are those of you who understand this well and continue to allow this awakening, this channel of Truth, this channel to God and His love to be a focus in your life. There are those of you who have great trouble to make this so, yet within your souls is a strong desire, an unmistakable desire to be in this relationship with your Creator.

So it is for you to acknowledge, to yearn, to practice, to be in harmony with this flow of Love that allows you to awaken and is uplifting you into deeper and greater awareness. Make this your focus in your day, beloved brothers and sisters. Know that we will be with you to assist you in this process of awakening. Much is coming. Each day brings something new. Each day brings greater blessings of God’s Love. Each day your eyes open a little more.

Do not revert back to the material way that is so prevalent in your world. Continue to nurture the spiritual, the soulful, the way of God. In this way, all that God means for you to be and to do in the world will manifest. Without your focus and dedication and faith in this unfolding process of awakening, you will not come to that place, that point of the fulfilment of your purpose in the world. It is always a choice, beloved souls. You are given a great invitation and many opportunities and have been taught and uplifted, surrounded in Light, protected by God, nurtured by God’s Great Soul to your soul.

These things are given because you are and will be an integral part of God’s plan. So, what is given will continue to flow and the intensity will be greater and greater as you continue to open yourself, to make that choice for God to awaken your soul with His Love. May you come to realise this is the greatest choice and also the greatest challenge in your life. This is what is next in your life. No matter where you are at this time in the stages of your life with your families, with your careers, with all those things that are a part, an essential part of living in your world, know that if you make God your priority, if you make sure that there is time set aside for God and to have this awareness of God in your consciousness as much as possible, then all of these aspects of your life, these necessities, will come into harmony with God and will be guided into harmony. You will be inspired. You will be guided towards what will be the greatest benefit for you, for your families, for your life, and for that aspect that is yet to emerge which is your purpose in serving God and serving your brothers and sisters.

I know that some of you are frustrated with a lack of tangible experience in this regard. But I say to you, you must have patience, forbearance, trust, and faith that you are in the flow of God’s Will and Love, that God will guide you to that place. The awakenings come. They will come unbidden. They will come in surprising ways. They may come when least anticipated, but they will come. These openings will awaken many aspects of your soul so that that which you are confused and unsure of today will be dispelled and in its place will be clarity and joy and a wondrous awakening of the deeper aspects of your being.

Have trust, my beautiful, beautiful charges, in how and when God opens these gifts for you. Have trust that this is a journey that is meant for you. Have faith that God’s intentions for you are always pure and for the betterment, the greatest betterment of you and all those around you. Be joyed that you are on a journey, that this journey is magnificent, intricate, and powerful. Each of you are well-ensconced in this journey, this flow of awakening and you will indeed find the answers. You will indeed come upon deep and profound experiences with God, that all that your soul yearns for will be given; the answers, the connection, the awakening, the wonderment, the joy, the Love. It is awaiting each of you. It comes deeper and deeper with each day and will be a magnificent flowering of your true self, your soul.
May God bless you in this journey, beloved souls. Know that we are with you always, that you will indeed find your way, that God has His Hand resting upon each one of you. With His Hand upon you is great protection, many blessings, great openings, and a sense of joy within your soul. God bless you on this journey. I am with you as well, your teacher Augustine by your side. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you. Augustine loves you all. God bless you.