Spirit:  Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date:  March 11, 2019
Location: Meyersdale, PA

We thank you for coming together, for creating this Circle of Light that has brought blessings and love and encouragement and truth to your brothers and sisters. Although God sends you upon your individual roads, that journey in life, in His loving care for you all He brings you together in these cloistered rooms of love with the hopes that you will bond in love, that you will share your wisdom and your love with one another, that you may help one another upon those journeys, those singular roads of life.

In creating these bonds and sharing in this experience of God’s Touch upon your souls, you forge a network of love. You add to this Lattice of Light in the world. You strengthen this lattice with light and love. This construction of light that is being built requires your efforts, your prayers, your love to strengthen it and expand it. So when you encounter another, though they may not espouse the same philosophy as you and some of their thoughts are in error, beloveds, reach out to them. Incorporate them in this Lattice of Light for if they are of light, they are needed. If they have a gift, a contribution to help humanity to be raised up in light, then why would they be excluded from this great network and this great plan for the salvation of mankind?

Do not judge others because of their perspectives. Instead look beyond the mind to the soul. Let your soul perceptions may awaken a sense of love, compassion, joy, recognition of another soul struggling and striving towards light. God encourages each and every one of you to embrace your brothers and sisters, to allow His Love to flow through you, to be that example of this highest of truth, to receive this gift of God’s Love. In this way, you do God’s work, beloved souls. In this way that you have come together, each of you walking your unique paths, having your unique experiences and perceptions, have come to blend these elements within you with your brothers and sisters. This brings a gift and great strength to your souls and your perceptions. Tolerance, love, compassion expressed from one soul to another creates light and helps to re-enforce this Lattice of Light.

Allow yourselves the gift and the blessing to open to another in light and love. Wherever you may go, God will guide you to be with another, to accept and love another upon this journey. This may be for a short time or for a very long time. It matters not. It merely matters that in the moment that you give love, that you accept and embrace. Though there may be differences, and there always will be to some degree or another, that you put aside that which is not in harmony with your own thoughts and allow the flow of love to embrace and encapsulate your connection with another. This is God’s work.

The judgments of the mind are not of any consequence, my beloveds, in regards to doing God’s work. I would suggest that you release your judgments allowing love to flow, allowing differences to fade into light, allowing yourselves the gift of truly seeing another with the eyes of your soul. In this, may the other see you and your light, who you are. In this way, the bonding of humanity in love will happen, one to another, one to another.

Wherever you go, beloved souls, God lays before you an opportunity to bring love, to allow the flow of His Love through you to those you meet. It is part of each day, this great opportunity. In some way, you may bring light with each day. You build light in this world with each day and allow the Will of God to manifest through you into this world that is so in need of light.

As you pray for this gift of Divine Love, so you strengthen your own light. So given effort and choice, you allow those barriers within your mind to fall away and be a pure and beautiful channel for God. This is your challenge and your invitation for all those who aspire to walk the Divine Path, that they may release all barriers to love and be a channel of love. In this way, you will be protected, blessed, uplifted, and there will be harmony, healing, peace and joy. May you acknowledge this gift of life and all that comes in this flow of experience and love and truly be God’s Channels of Love.

Thank you, beloved souls, for making the effort of coming together in this way. May God’s blessings continue to pour upon you. You are each unique, beautiful souls and are loved dearly by God and by we in the Celestial Kingdom. May you continue to express your unique qualities, the beauty of your souls, and all that you are in this world. May it all be of love, a beautiful, scintillating reflection of love bringing such unique beauty and light to the world.

Thank you, beloved souls. May God bless you deeply. I am Andrew. I love you. I love you. God bless you.