Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 6, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you, my beloved students, it is your teacher Augustine. The power of God’s Love is your great strength and ally. It is what will give the impetus and the motion to your efforts to bring others to this truth.

I think for many of you, you face a dilemma as to how to begin in this ministry, for indeed it is a ministry and an important one to carry out as a child of the truth, as one of God’s precious children guided in the flow of His Love and His Will. So I beseech you to release your resistance to entering into the world and inviting those whom you are guided to meet and those who have had long time connections and bonds with you, that they may enter into the realm of simple prayer with you for this gift of Divine Love. Think of your beloved brother, Jesus, when on Earth. At some point he had to step through his threshold, his home, and enter into the outside world and begin his ministry. What prompted him? What was within him that encouraged him to step forward? It was the awakening of his soul and his faith in God. These things he carried, these things he brought wherever he went and trusted that God would guide him forward, that God would assist him in his ministry, in the words that he spoke, in the deeds that were accomplished as he allowed his ministry to unfold.

And so set your beloved brother, Jesus, as your example. Did he criticize others, did he correct them, did he insist on the truth, did he reject those who rejected him? He did none of these things. He merely spoke the simple truth of God’s Love, the availability of this gift for all to partake and all to benefit from. And God manifested many things through him and so He will with you, if you are willing to take that first step, if you are willing to forego your trepidation, your fears of rejection and all those human things which hold one back from the light, from the truth, from service, from love. This is your challenge, and it is an exercise of faith. Yes, there are times when you will stumble, there are times when others will reject you, there are times when you feel as if you have not made any progress whatsoever. But I tell you that every effort that you make, every step that you take, every word of truth that you utter, every loving act that you perform will have its effects and benefits for the world and for your own soul. For an individual in possession of this truth and keeps it to themselves as some precious secret has done themselves a great disservice and has done humanity a great disservice, for this truth needs to be shared, this truth needs to be expressed through your soul so that the light that you carry will reach others.

Yes, there are times when you cannot speak the truth but there are no moments in your life where you cannot live the truth. So I urge you to carry the flame of truth wherever you go. Ask God to guide you, to inspire you, to bring those souls into your midst who are seeking this great gift and you will be amazed at God’s efforts and blessings upon you. He will guide you provided you are listening and receptive, and circumstances will change and opportunities will be provided as the doors open to another one of God’s servants to bring this great gift and message of Love to humanity.

God has a plan for each one of you, and it is for you to understand, to listen, to accept, to walk in faith, to be strong, to be simple and loving so that all may flow unimpeded as God’s great river of Love washes over you and carries you forward, His Will manifest in your lives, His many blessings of Love continue to flow towards you and through you. So you will find greater awakening in these efforts and challenges. You will find deeper blessings as you wade forth into His river of Love. You will learn and grow and be more pure and a child of Love and Truth. You are blessed now and you are blessed evermore. May you walk in this truth, beyond all doubts and reticence and fear, testing the strength and wonderment of your soul in alignment with God’s Soul. As you are successful in these challenges so you will affirm the truth in your life and you will come to know greater truth as you venture forward.

May God bless you upon that journey, may you come to see yourselves as God’s children, His messenger, His harbinger of the truth. And in that acceptance and knowing, miracles, revelations and blessings will come through you and about you as you give, slowly give your life to God and for the benefit of your brothers and sisters. God bless you, beloved souls, know that we are with you always and each time you step forward, know that an angel is by your side, that you are protected, that you will be inspired and guided. Overcome yourselves and have faith in the power of your souls and all will be well, all will be well. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine is happy to be with you today and to hear of your ventures, your desires, and your efforts to serve God. God bless you, my love is with you.