Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 9, 2023
Location: Houston, TX

God bless you, my friends. I am Professor Salyards. It cannot be surprising to you that there are differences in the world for this world is a very diverse place, is it not? And, it is not a harmonious place and thus any effort towards harmony must be a difficult one, overcoming biases and barriers, thoughts, conditions, emotions, and many aspects of your humanness which cause disconnection and lack of love. Even amongst you who are close, there is disharmony and disagreement at times and yet you make the effort overtly, consciously to be in harmony with one another and this is all that can be expected. You will not agree on everything. You will not see eye to eye on everything. But, indeed, the flow of your work and effort requires a certain respect and acknowledgment of one another, allowing the differences to manifest with ease amongst you.

Beloved souls, you are being challenged everyday to walk on this earth, to be in harmony with all that you encounter upon it. This is a most difficult challenge. For it challenges your biases so that you must constantly reassess, and recalibrate your thinking, yet, within you, deep within you, is a true sense of harmony and an understanding of truth that will not let you down but will support you upon your journey. That sense and feeling of harmony and joy, that light within is unique to you as it is unique to another. So with wisdom, it is important to accept the differences: to be loving, embracing, acknowledging. 

Each is a child of God and continues to follow their own unique path. Yet, I know you make a great effort to explore the similarities that which you relate to, that which grows in a loving bond together, unifying your efforts and this is a wonderful expression of your self in relationship with others. How can you move in their world singlely and also pray to be an instrument of God in relationship with your brothers and sisters? You often contradict yourself in this regard. I know many of you wish to step back when there is conflict or disagreement or something that is different and confusing. In order to create harmony, is it not best to step forward and explore together in such a way that there is harmony. This is a sign of strength and wisdom. This does not mean that you compromise your own perspective. Rather, you allow yourself to see from another’s eyes to accept their vision and cherish that for they too are a child of God. Without the strength to step forward and to be with another in love and acceptance, then how can the world change? How can you be an agent of change in the world if you pull away because you feel uncomfortable or that the situation is difficult or difficult to understand. God will place before you many challenges and many opportunities to grow. This is the way of Divine Love. This is the way of eternal progress. 

It is important that you accept challenge as a gift, that you walk in the world as an open channel for God in love, cherishing each soul. For when you do so, you cherish God and His creation. Yet, for those of you who are sensitive, it is easier to pull back and to be alone for this is a place of neutrality and comfort. There are times when this is necessary. And it is important to be in your solitary place with God, to be true to your soul’s desires to be with God but this cannot be a permanent place, fixated on the comfort and glory of God’s touch. There must be balance. There must be a flow through the world of your light, your instrumentality touching others, being in harmony with God’s will. This flow is a joyful thing. It is a knowing that you are indeed in harmony with God’s will. It is when you venture forth into places that are disharmonious and not purposeful that conditions are very difficult indeed. You must develop discernment so that you may know when you are stepping forward in the light and flow of God’s will or stepping forward in your willfulness and desire to make happen that which is in your mind’s desire. There is often a very big difference between the two and at times, there is a slight difference. 

Discernment is a powerful tool to know your way in the world, coming to see and acknowledge the knowings of your soul, the feelings that draw you forward into greater light and purpose even when the conditions that you see yourself in are not easy ones to encounter, those conditions that challenge your soul. Yet as you work through these conditions and do so as an agent of God, you will find that in the end that there is harmony and joy. This is always the case when you are an instrument of God, even when you have a sense of failure or that the outcomes do not satisfy your mind’s expectations. Yet deeper within you is a knowing that indeed you did God’s will and you were God’s instrument, even when the outcomes that you desire to see might come later or may not come at all. A sense of detachment from outcomes is important as God’s instruments. For when the attachment is not there, you are more flexible and able to move more readily in the world. Your mind must acquiesce to the knowings of your soul and the will of God and indeed, this battle between mind and soul, that of  personal will and God’s will, dichotomies that you deal with everyday, are the implements that help you to grow and strengthen. For depending upon the choices that you make will determine the growth that is accomplished, the shift of insights and understanding that may come.

The world is a very chaotic and complex place and each individual may have difficulty truly understanding these conditions in relationship to their motivations and who they are and yet is it not love that calms the troubled waters and allows you to connect with another, no matter how different they may be? Is it not the discernment of the soul that guides you through all conditions so that you may avoid those that are not positive and constructive and in harmony with God’s will. You are no longer children. You are  becoming mature souls who have many faculties and gifts that can be utilized in a variety of ways, not only in terms of using your instrumentality at any given moment but in terms of discerning the direction you must go, the effort you must make, even the individuals that God lays before you so that you may be helpful, a channel of love. 

Have confidence in the maturity that lies within you. Be wise in your actions. Be loving in all things. Be truthful to yourself. Have integrity in the world and do not allow negativity to overshadow light. Rather overshadow negativity with light and be in the glory and joyfulness of a constant communion with your Heavenly Father. This can be accomplished but it does not necessarily require you to remove yourself from life in order to be in that state. Rather, it is in your overt actions, expressions and prayers, how you live your life, how you answer the call, how you are with yourself, as all of these things coalesce into a great flow of light and a great expression of light that will make you a formidable instrument of light and truth and love in the world. Each day is an opportunity to grow, to flex those spiritual muscles, those parts of you that are of soul to come to the fore. To be within the fluidity of God’s great river of love and will so that you are truly part of His plan. 

Be at peace, my beloved friends, and for these two dear souls who travel, every moment has purpose. Do not judge that moment with the criteria of expectation. Rather be in that state of joy, acceptance and bliss for God is blessing you deeply and blessing others through you deeply. And so it shall be every moment of every day as you continue on. Be at peace and know that the flow and the will of God is upon you and that we are with you and shall be so, for all the days of your life. We thank you for your efforts, my beloved friends. We bless you for your efforts. We are joyful in your efforts and we shall all carry on and truly be God’s instruments for light. I am your Professor Salyards and I love each one of you. I acknowledge each one of you, so unique, so beautiful, so much yearning for the truth. God bless you. God bless you in His love.