Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 8, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is your teacher Augustine here and I have been with you in your conversations. The challenge and dilemma of doing God’s work in the world, this material world of yours, has been ongoing for eons of time for each of you upon this Earth is an imperfect vessel of God’s Will. Yet, within you, within your souls, is a deep desire to fulfill God’s Will through you as His channels and instruments, activating those things which God wishes to be activated through you. Indeed, these dilemmas will continue, for your world is not a world that easily accepts God’s touch upon it. Rather, it is a world that has been created by humanity over eons of time and which has developed its own course and flow of reality, as you call it. 

You are running against that course and tide. You are opening doors for an alternative to the flow of human thought and endeavour in an attempt to integrate the blessings of God into that flow. It is a difficult endeavour, a difficult service of love but yet you persist. In your persistence, you draw to you many bright spirits and angels and the Touch of God upon you. As you continue to persist so that theTouch upon you, the blessings and light, grows within you and around you. 

God is able to use you as His active agents for change in the world, for healing and for love. Indeed, much of this is under the surface and not so readily obvious to the mindful material conditions of humanity. Yet, this current that is being developed through you and many others in the world continues to grow and to flow underneath the surface of human consciousness. In time, this knowing, this conscious recognition of the power of God’s Touch, the blessings which God has to give to His children will emerge in  surprising places around the world and you will live to see the outcomes of these efforts, beloved souls. 

For some of you it will just be the beginning of a great revolution of thought, mind and soul, of motivations, directions and priorities within the world. It is coming. This is part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. For those of you who are willing to abandon those great powers of your mind, being in control, having mindful plans executed through mindful efforts, releasing this and being within your soul and listening. To be subservient to God’s Will you will find many miracles will take place, wonderful manifestations and wondrous opportunities to be a channel of blessing and love for many. 

It is a matter of faith as many of you have spoken of. It is a matter of the soul living a life day by day in faith, seeking to grow in love, seeking to allow God to manifest through you. These things are not usual in your world and so many of you feel somewhat isolated and different. But know that you have many friends in spirit. Many friends who are with you daily, to encourage you, to protect you, to uplift you and inspire you. In this way, you will find a sense of fulfillment, of belonging, of being part of God’s great Will and flow as His Love continues to be the predominant influence and effective agent in your lives to bring change, to bring awakening, to bring peace, to bring joy, as love is the foundation for all that you may do in service to God. 

With each day, God endeavours to show you the ways in which you may be that instrument, that channel of love in the world. God endeavours to awaken your gifts, those wondrous things of the soul. God helps you to integrate this awareness into your mindful daily actions. This process is not easily executed and expressed in your life  because of the conditions in your world which are contrary to many things that are of the minds of humanity. 

Yet you persist, those of you who have not turned away from the Truth are indeed the strong ones, the ones who know within their soul that you each have a purpose and mission within your material life and you are determined to fulfill it, to be it, to be in the flow and alignment with God’s Will.

Each and every day you are strengthening that alignment and coming to acknowledge the commitment that you have made within that deep part of you and accepting that God will guide you in service, in light with each moment as you pray to be used as an instrument for God, accepting  the Will of God, to be a channel of love for God and for humanity. 

These things fall into place. They may be subtle at first. You may not recognize these things in your first months and years of travel upon the Divine Path. But indeed, within your soul and within your heart, you have acknowledged and have a knowing that this is the path you must travel and that there is purpose to it and there is the unfolding beautiful expression of your souls that will come with every breath that you take in this material world and will lead you into light in the next. 

Beloved souls, I urge you on. I urge you on for you are all well-needed in this great effort to turn the tide of humanity from its old and worn ways of the mind and the will to that of alignment with God, fulfillment with God, receiving and knowing His Love and expressing that wondrous gift in many unique and beautiful ways. You will travel this path, beloveds, for you truly are strong. You truly are loved and supported and upheld in light. 

It shall always be, beloved souls, no matter what conditions may ensue in your world, know that you will be upheld in light and love. You will be safe and enriched and a great channel for truth, for healing, for peace and comfort for many. Love will envelop  all that you do and who you are for this is your destiny, beloved souls, your destiny. May you carry on as God’s children, knowing and feeling this in every fiber of your being, expressing this in every aspect of who you are, truly being God’s instruments upon this world for you are, beloveds and will continue to do so. 

God bless you. God bless you. Our love, our gratitude, our acknowledgement is for you, each beloved and beautiful soul. We are with you and will never leave. God bless you. I am your teacher, Augustine, and my love for you is great, beloved souls, truly great. God bless you.