Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 7, 2024

I am Seretta Kem regarding mediumship. I wish to convey this message to those who are gathering in the near future seeking to open their gifts and explore the possibilities of mediumship being developed and opened within them. Mediumship in it’s  fullest definition  engages all aspects of being within the individual. There is a physical component, there is a spirit component and there is a soul component when it comes to being truly engaged at a higher level, shall we say. Mediumship in this regard, receiving the messages and communication from the Angels of the Celestial Heavens, is of the highest level possible. 

What you experienced the previous day ( in Sydney Australia) is a high calibre mediumship but it is not Celestial and you are both correct in your assumptions that this spirit was of the sixth sphere and indeed a beautiful and bright spirit ( Silver Birch) who has brought forth may teachings to help those on this earthly plane and to inspire them greatly in their spiritual pursuits.

Our goal as Celestial Spirits is somewhat different. We wish to inspire the soul. Many of our messages, although intellectually not particularly stimulating, from the soul’s perspective and the soul that listens, there is great inspiration and great upliftment. Thus, it is often difficult to recruit mediums to speak in the way that we wish to speak because they crave intellectual stimulation and they walk the path of the natural love spirit. Your readership as well, those who take in the messages, are often somewhat limited in their understanding of the message because of this very impediment. 

Every form of mediumship involves aspects of the material brain that are opened and developed in order to make possible this form of communication. It is a common experience amongst those who are in the developmental stage to feel that there are sensations within the head region and the brain that are unusual. It may feel like operations are taking place and in fact, this is the case. Of course, we are operating upon your spirit brain, but that has its effects upon the material brain. This is the precursor and fundamental beginning of development. It does not mean that every individual will feel these sensations, but it is a common experience. I will say that every individual will have procedures done upon them in order to help facilitate communication from spirit. We invest a lot of time in developing all aspects of the individual in order that they may be ready to receive communications from us through them.

 As we have stated often in the past, the forms of communication will be unique to each individual and even though the fundamentals of these communications are the same, the outcomes can vary greatly. Some may only hear a communication from spirit that is given to them telepathically and therefore, they are the only ones who are aware of it. When they further develop their gifts they may receive through impression, information that is relayed as it is given, one phrase or sentence at a time or they may write this down as they receive it. There are those such as this instrument who are well-versed in verbal communication. Although this, too, takes some time, practice and development. There are those who may have, what you call, physical mediumship where there is a manifestation that is quite palpable, having a physical form to it. These individuals make for very powerful healers, but also may manifest material things and cause other material demonstrations of spirit communication. This is a rarity but it does exist among mortals. 

It is important that attitudes are for the highest outcomes and that mental conditions are of a positive nature, not indulging in negative and dark feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions. How can we who have a purified soul make a proper rapport with an individual who is consciously indulging themselves in conditions that are not of love, light and purity. We understand that you are human and that you do not always choose that which is of love, light and purity. You can be forgiven for this if it is not a common occurrence. But you must discipline your minds. You must be in that place of positive attitude, loving refrain and beautiful light if you are to attract the highest. 

There are components of the spirit body that are engaged in mediumship. Although this aspect of mediumship is not so demanding that, as you have heard from others who walk the path of the natural love medium, that they must have certain diets and refrain from certain behaviours, etc., in order to be in alignment with the spirit who wishes to speak through them. This is not an important component in Divine Love mediumship but as with the mind, good physical strength and health can exert a positive effect on expressing good mediumship.

You have within you a beautiful and powerful gift. That gift is what you have accumulated through your prayers for Divine Love. The power of that light that generates in your soul, the power of your connection with the Creator of all, the power of love within you has a great influence upon the spirit body. In some respects, it ameliorates any transgressions of diet, consumption that is purely of a physical form because this light, this love that exists within you contains a great neutralising force. 

I’m not suggesting that you become lax in the discipline of your diets, both physical diet and mental diet, but a strict regimen is not altogether necessary. The most important aspect of the form of mediumship that we wish to encourage and develop within you is reliant upon your prayer life and your commitment to receive the Divine Love within your souls. The consistency of this, the frequency of this, the intensity of your desire for these blessings of light go a great distance toward successfully developing the gift of mediumship within you. 

It is a somewhat different path than many take who wish to be mediums. Many individuals are satisfied with any form of spirit communication that may come their way. Many lack discernment. Few have any clarity as to what they’re engaging within, other than the thrill and excitement of having some form of engagement with a spirit. This is a common occurrence  among many mediums. Thus, you get rather low level communications, but these communications often bring great comfort to others who are seeking affirmation of life after death, affirmation that their loved ones are doing well, so that these mediums have an important role to play. 

I do not mean to denigrate these individuals but there is certainly a ceiling as to how far they can go with this form of mediumship. Indeed, it is far easier to communicate with spirits who are within the earthly planes than it is to communicate with Celestial Spirits who are far above these planes. The individual must be well-versed in the development of their soul in Divine Love. This is the very foundation of any beginning of this form of communication. The individual must see for themselves, acknowledge and recognise their own personal soul development and awakening. It must come as a clear insight, a sense of their own personal soul light and condition. Without this foundation, it would be difficult for us to communicate consistently or with any depth. 

Without this understanding and this state of being, what may come through the individual may have some truth and some validity in terms of teaching others about the spiritual world and path toward spirituality, but it would be difficult to address the soul of others through that individual as a conduit for our communications. For we use your soul as a lens to bring through that light of love and truth to others. If that lens is malformed and not clear, the communication will be distorted and cowled by this lack of clarity.

My beloved friends, when you embark upon this process, this development, opening up this gift, it requires another level of commitment and desire from you. These things are not readily given for there is a great deal of investment of time and effort on our part in order to help you realise these gifts. It requires an equal investment of time and effort on your part in order to be in alignment and in harmony with the process. We have all the means available to us to open up these gifts within you, beloved souls, and we realise that you are imperfect instruments, for you are mortal and you are young upon your path toward at-onement with God. 

Yet, the key and most important fact is that you desire, that you wish for this gift to open within you, that you wish to be in service in this way, that you wish in your communities and your Circles of Light within those communities to be an instrument that will help support, uplift and educate those within your circles and those with whom you communicate with and speak with. We see this as a very valid and important part of our mutual endeavours to open humanity to the Truth of God’s gift of Love and all that this entails.

My beloved brothers and sisters, are you prepared to commit yourselves in this way? For if you do not follow the prescriptive route, then you will open yourselves up to many forms of influence and spirits that are unwelcome. For when that door is open, you will be subject to a great bombardment of spirits if you do not prepare yourselves well and subscribe to the need for protection and understanding what protection entails. We will protect you and we are committed to protecting you. Yet, when your mind and desires are led astray and you enter into other conditions that may not seem particularly wholesome or different from this Path Divine, then you open yourselves readily to these conditions. We seek for those who are fully committed to the Divine Path and who do not have a tendency to be led astray into other philosophies, ideas, conditions and influences of which there are many in your world and the spirit world. 

It is a delicate balance, having all aspects of your being in alignment as I have spoken of. Having your desires and your motivations in alignment with ours and with the Divine Love and its Truth. These things are very important indeed. I wish for all of you before you come together, to contemplate and ask yourselves, “Am I truly in alignment with this or am I coming to be a part of a group for merely what may be the sensation of what may come and the gratification of being together with my friends in an environment which I desire to be within?” This is not adequate motivation, beloved souls. It must come from deep within, a true desire, a desire that says, “I am capable of being a medium, a channel for God, for my angel friends, to help and benefit my brothers and sisters on the earthly plane. I wish to dedicate myself in love toward these goals. I wish to be in alignment and seek for the highest blessings as I desire to be that instrument, that beautiful channel for God.”

Being God’s channel, an instrument for God, these motivations and desires are important, but this particular gift which you wish to have opened, has its consequences. It is well known that the price for mediumship is greater sensitivity. It is also greater sensitivity to spirit and to spirit influence. It is also greater sensitivity to the earthly conditions. It is greater sensitivity to your loved ones. To all aspects of your life there is a sort of rawness that comes with your feelings, emotions and thoughts, certainly in the beginning as you test out this new way of being in your life. In time you become more mature and able to cope with these conditions. Yet, in the beginning, this sensitivity is, at leas for some,, somewhat shocking and challenging. You must be prepared for this and you must understand that it is part of a journey, a process of becoming a mature instrument, one that is capable and one that is not so vulnerable to dark conditions that they find it difficult to enter into the world and travel in this world in many respects and ways that you may do so as an accomplished instrument such as what this individual is doing at this time. It took time for him and it will take time for you to become mature, a mature instrument, to become able to cope with the conditions and the sensitivities that are a part of this form of instrumentality.

We will be with you every step of the way. We will walk with you. We will surround you. We will protect you and we will show you the way. God will bless you mightily upon  the road for those who are brave enough and strong enough to withstand the forces of darkness, the conditions of your world, the temptations that are part of this world, even the temptations that come with open mediumship. When you are able to overcome these things, then you become a formidable force for light, truth and love in the world. Yet, it does not come easily, my friends. It comes at a price and it comes with an expectation that you will seek for the highest, that you will dedicate yourselves to service and that we will work together in harmony and peace and indeed, joy as all of these aspects of mediumship come together, coalesce within you and express themselves in the unique and beautiful gifts that God has given you. Much will come to you, my friends, much in the way of experiences and insights, of visions and revelations of what you call downloads and blessings, all predicated upon the blessing of God’s Love.

You are in for a great adventure, something so extraordinary, so beautiful, that when you are in the midst of it, you will jump for joy. You will come to realise the breadth and depth of God’s creation, of God’s world, God’s universe and the many aspects of it that you will begin to explore and come to know. I salute each of you who is willing to take this journey, who are willing to open themselves up in this way, who have taken that brave step forward and are willing to come forward in the way that is required. I love you, each of you who are to become this band of beautiful lights, channels for God. We shall meet soon, my friends, and we shall explore these things further as we pray together, as you continue to be developed in the way of mediumship.

May God bless you, beloved friends. I am Seretta Kem and I shall be with you each step of the way as will many. You will find yourself surrounded and deeply blessed. I look forward to that time as I am sure you do as well. Beloved souls of truth, God bless you in His Love. God bless you deeply, beloved friends, until we come together, until we come to realise just one more step toward the awakening of your soul and the awakening of your gifts. God bless you. God bless you all. My love is with you.