Spirit: Ezekiel
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 21, 2024
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

May the blessings of the Father’s Love be bestowed upon each one of you, beloved and gracious children of God. I am Ezekiel, prophet of old. One who has been in the spirit world for many, many centuries. One who has been in the Celestial Heavens for many, many centuries. I come to encourage you to speak the truth, beloved souls. To speak the Truth of God’s Love. To share this knowledge with your brothers and sisters unabashedly and clearly, for the time grows short. 

Indeed, what work is more important and more crucial at this time than to bring the Truth of God’s Love to humanity? To shout to the rooftops, to share with compassion and wisdom with your brothers and sisters what is, indeed, the greatest and highest truth of all, that they may know as you know. That they may experience as you experience the great gift of the Father’s Love that is for them, for you and for all. It shall not be withheld, but given freely and abundantly to those who wish to receive it. 

Your purpose, beloved souls, is to inform your brothers and sisters of the choice that God has laid before them. Will they choose at-onement with God, or will they choose to walk the road that is of their own making and desire? It is for you to inform them of this choice. It is for you to explain to them, to all, that the road may fork either right or left, toward God or away from God. But they, in their ignorance, have no idea of this choice. They do not see with eyes of the soul. They do not understand with feelings that come from deep within. They are consumed by the surface thoughts of the material world and lack the understanding and knowledge of deeper truths. Have compassion for your brothers and sisters, my beloveds. For without your loving ministrations, without your willingness to speak, without the efforts you might make, guided within the flow of God’s Will, will these children ever come to know the vital truth of this choice, of this Love that God wishes to share with all?

What else is more important? I know you are reluctant. I know in this world there are many who would turn their back to you, would judge you. I say to you that every effort you make, every time you listen to God’s promptings and the promptings of your own soul and the truth that lies within it, that you are blessed, that you are blessed mightily. When that time comes that you slough off your mortal coil, you will be well satisfied that you have made that effort. You have spent that time. You have listened to that prompting from God and responded with love, with truth, with compassion and with wisdom. 

Do not waste your time, my beloved and beautiful friends of truth, but step forward. Step forward and speak. Step forward and be the example, the teacher, the light in the world. In this, God will provide many opportunities and possibilities for this. It is only your mind that is reluctant. For your soul eagerly desires to minister to your brothers and sisters as God’s instruments upon this earthly plane. Listen, listen to what God has to say to you. Express the truth that God has given to you. Be the light that God has created within you. All with the blessings that come with His Holy Spirit touching your soul, awakening it with His Love. It is a powerful blessing, a powerful message, a powerful destiny that you carry. God has given to you all that you require to be His instruments, to be that spokesperson of His Truth, Love and knowledge. 

Will you shirk your responsibilities, beloveds? Or will you carry forth the Will of God through you? It is powerful. It will lead you to many if you allow it to do so. If you allow your souls to truly shine, and if you put aside your reluctance, worries and cares of a mind that has been injured, a mind that has had many experiences of rejection, a mind that is fearful. As you have prayed often, may the mind of your soul take precedence and lead you forward. In this, you will have the strength, the courage, the knowledge and the wisdom to step forward as you must, and do so in harmony with whatever condition and environment you may encounter. With whatever individual that may come upon your path, God will put the words within your mouths. God will teach that dear soul the truth as that soul longs to know it. 

As is the case in your world, so many block this knowledge with those conditions of the mind. I say to you, as you have been prepared, blessed and powerful in the love, you have the capacity to negate these blocks, those reluctant minds that you encounter. For your presence and the love that flows and the light that you are, will overcome any of these obstacles. I encourage you to speak, teach and carry the words of the Master into the world. Carry the Will of God into the world and be that light, beloveds. Be that light that you are meant to be.

May you be blessed mightily in the Father’s Love. May you be the prophet of truth. May you be willing to grasp this plan and Will of God in your life. May you be truly blessed in peace and in love, for it is here for you in abundance. Never shall it be withdrawn from you, but will be given in abundance, given without hesitation. It is only you that hesitates, beloved friends. It is only within you there is fear. Allow God to take that fear from you and replace it with joy, with confidence, with peace. 

In this, each day will be a blessing. Each day you will know your purpose, God’s Will for you in that day. You will accomplish much in the time you have upon this Earth. For as I say, the time grows short and the work is great. My beloved friends, be a part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity and do so with sure knowledge that God wishes that you would step forward and take your place within the flow and purpose that God has intended for you.

God bless you, I am Ezekiel. My love for you is great. My love for you is deep. My love for you is that of God and His Love for you. For are we all not a part of this great love that is shared, that flows and touches soul to soul, person to person? Humanity is to be blessed in this way and you are to be the conduit, the channel of love for this. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you in His Love. God bless you. Thank you for listening to me today. I am glad to be with you in this beautiful light, this beautiful place. God bless you. God bless you.